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Free Rice Bonus Contest # 3! [Contest CLOSED]

Free Rice Bonus Contest # 3! [Contest CLOSED]

Dec 15, 2012

It is time to announce

Bonus contest #3!

M4H has been EXTREMELY impressed with how this group has been raising rice and putting in so much effort. We never imagined that the group would take off like this! On that note… this bonus contest is based on your efforts AS A GROUP and as individuals.

In order for the group as a whole to win this bonus contest,

Mercs 4 Rice must break into the Top Ten groups of all time on freerice. 


Our main contest (for Fog staffs and bundles) will close on December 21st. For this bonus contest, however, you have until midnight Pacific time on December 31st to meet the requirements.

If the Mercs 4 Rice group succeeds, we will award the following:

1. Each member who had earned more than 10,000 grains will be awarded a Staff of the Imperator, courtesy of Ravenwood Radio.
2. In addition to the Staff of the Imperator, each member who has earned more than 100,000 grains will be awarded a Dragonclaw Blade, courtesy of Duelist 101.

3. In addition to the Staff of the Imperator and Dragonclaw Blade, each member who has earned more than 250,000 grains of rice will be awarded an Amaranthine Staff, courtesy of Paige’s Page.

4. In addition to the Staff of the Imperator, Dragonclaw Blade, and Amaranthine Staff, each member who has earned 500,000 grains or more will be awarded a guaranteed code for a Crowns item! What these codes give is random – some may be codes for a few thousand Crowns. Some may be permanent mounts. Some may be items from gift cards. Some will be entire bundles. (Please note that we will not award another bundle through this bonus contest to anyone who has already won a bundle through the main contest or another bonus contest.)

We know that we’re setting the bar high – but after seeing you guys in action, we think you guys can do this! Good luck, freericers, and we truly hope that we get to award you all these awesome prizes!

  • kaleb

    :) I like this organization to help people by feeding them rice