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Friends to Mercenaries for Hire

Friends to Mercenaries for Hire

Mar 3, 2012

Friends to Mercenaries for Hire (better known as F2M4H) can help out the team in many different ways.

What is meant by Friends to Mercenaries for Hire

Any person who has posted a request for help, assisted a mercenary on a request, or joined us at an event is considered an F2M4H.

How F2M4H Can Help

F2M4H can aid us greatly by joining runs that have been picked up and scheduled by a Merc, and by offering to help at events. F2M4H can also respond to and lead runs for certain requests that are posted on the forum. In order toensure that all runs in higher-level instances are completed successfully, F2M4H are asked to only accept requests in the WC/KT/MB/MS/DS/GH help thread. WE also ask that all F2M4H who pick up a request in the this thread, to please let the requester know that you are a F2M4H and NOT a mercenary. As always, F2M4H are welcome to join Merc-led runs in the other two help threads. If you wish to join a run, please fill out and post this assistance form.

My Wizard’s NAME is –
My Wizard’s School is –
My Wizard’s Level is –
Post # (Run I wish to join) –
I have (menu/ Limited / Open) Chat –

These forms are also located in the first post of each thread.


Benefits of Being a F2M4H

The biggest benefit to being a F2M4H is that you get to meet and help other wizards throughout the spiral. It also presents you with the opportunity to learn more about the bosses, discuss gameplay, and hone your skills in a safe and instructive way. We appreciate the company and efforts of ALL our F2M4H greatly. Since the team sees the skills of our F2M4H in action, most of our new recruits come from their ranks.

We look forward to seeing you in game and on the boards!

  • Cwizard

    Hi! I tried visiting the ‘Runs Available To Join’ section but it said the page could not be found. Please help me, as I am looking forward to helping others and it would be nice to have a ‘Runs Available To Join’ page instead of browsing your forum on Wizard101 Central.


    • Scarlet

      Hi! Thanks for looking, but we were having so much problems with that section, we had to delete it. :) Thanks for letting us know that we still had that section up.

  • Kenneth Skyrunner

    I would like to be a friend to the mercenaries. My name is Kenneth Skyrunner. I am a level 70 fire wizard. So I am a transdecent. Please reply back on how you can add me down as a friend or if we can meet somewhere on a certain server. Thank you for your time.

    • Scarlet

      Hi! Please check out our forum in Wizard101 Central here.