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From out the shadows, steps…….

From out the shadows, steps…….

Sep 9, 2013

From out of the shadows steps a new merc! With the insanity that is the Mercenaries, we have a new victim, er…, volunteer!


We have been incredibly busy this past few months with all of the new Wizard101 content. We have been watching the exploits of Prince of Shadows in awe and with after some testing, we would like to welcome our newest merc ..





It’s been really fun having him join the insanity, and we think you’ll love joining his super-speed style dungeon runs. Please stop in and welcome him aboard!


  • TwisTED

    Congratulations on being shanghaied into the Mercs. Is it shanghaied or brainwashed, I forget. Oh no, I remember now its Stockholm Syndrome. You have been around them to long. :-p

    No really, Congrats on being accepted into the group. It is something that I would like to be able to say I accomplished some day. Of corse I have to get my characters up to 90 first, and start helping in the F2M4H.

  • Daisy

    Welcome to the party! Crowds just warm our icy hearts. Shhh! TwisTED, don’t blow our cover 😉

  • sierra silver stone