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Go Fish!

Go Fish!

Jun 18, 2015

Wizard101 is hosting another fishing tournament! In this case, you’re after one type of fish in particular… the new summer fish, “Basking in the Sun” shark! The Bashing in the Sun Shark has not yet been released in game, but we suspect that, like most seasonal fish, it will appear in all major world hubs (The Commons, Oasis, Jade Palace, and Northguard). Once we’ve collected information on this new fish, it will be added to our Gone Fishin’ guide, complete with a picture and information on its school, XP, and any tips on where/how to catch it most succesfully.



How does the contest work? Every Basking in the Sun Shark you catch today between 9am and 11:59pm Central will count as one entry into a random draw for prizes.  These numbers will be totalled per account, so you can maximize your fishing energy by fishing on one wizard, then switching to another, then to another, etc. The grand prize winner will have 60,000 Crowns applied directly to their account on Friday morning, and 10 runners-up will receive 10,000 Crowns.

Now’s the time to make use of all those energy elixirs you’ve earned in Grub Guardian. Good luck in the contest, and we’ll see you at the watering hole!


UPDATE: This fish is now in game and can be caught in most world hubs including the Commons, the Oasis, Jade Palace, and Northguard! Get fish hunting, wizards!

Basking in the Sun Shark


  • School: Fire
  • Rarity: Seasonal, Summer
  • Rank: 1
  • Initial XP: 1600
  • Locations:
    • The Commons
    • The Oasis
    • Jade Palace
    • Northguard
  • Tank: Regular Aquarium