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Gold Rush! [Contest CLOSED]

Gold Rush! [Contest CLOSED]

Mar 2, 2013

March is upon us and with it comes sunnier days, spring, St Patrick’s Day… and a new epic contest! M4H’s GOLD RUSH is your chance to win your own pot o’ gold.


(big thanks for dime30 for putting this graphic together – and happy birthday!)

What do you mean, my own pot o’ gold? WHAT ARE THE PRIZES?!

In this contest, the first FIFTEEN people to submit a correct entry will receive a Pot O Gold code including….
• Gold Kirin Mount (Permanent)
• Gold Wyvern Mount (Permanent)
• Gold Pieces (50000)
• Crowns (5000)
• Sun Palace House
• Hatching Elixir
• Additional Castle Elixir
• Major Gold Elixir
plus one of the following four pets (at random)
· Death Leprechaun
· Myth Leprechaun
· Leprechaun
· Lucky Leprechaun

The following FIVE people to submit a correct entry will receive
– a Mega or Dino Bundle.

The following TEN people to submit a correct entry will receive
– a random 2 person mount.

As you can see, this contest will have THIRTY INDIVIDUAL winners. You are free to complete the Gold Rush challenge with random players, as a group with friends, or on your own, but entries must be submitted individually. Please note that only ONE Pot O Gold bundle can be redeemed per account! If you have already won this bundled code from another fansite, or if two people share an account and both wish to compete, you will be unable to redeem the second code on your account.



GIMME THAT GOLD! …. I mean, What’s the Challenge?

At 2pm EST / 1pm CST/ Noon MST/ 11am PST on Saturday, March 2, we will update this post to include cropped pictures of various items found in locations scattered throughout the challenge. (For those of you concerned, you will not need to have finished Azteca to complete this challenge. You will however need to be able to get to the world.) Your job is to find out exactly where these pictures were taken and take a full screen version screenshot of the same item.

Example clue:

Example answer:

You must then upload these full screen picture answers to either a Wizard101 Central album or to imagehostingcentral. Please ensure that your wizard’s name is showing in all pictures. We want to ensure that no one steals a picture that is actually someone else’s work. (If we have any doubts about this, we may ask to verify the identity of the wizard in the pictures.) Once you have taken full screen pictures of the items in question, please send all of these full screen pictures to Katherine_Light in a private message on Wizard101 Central. Her userpage is located here. You must be a member of Wizard101 Central in order to upload pictures and send a private message. You can send an image in a private message by placing img tags around the image’s url. To do this, left click on the image on click “Copy url”. In your private message, paste this url between the tags [img] [/img] The final line would looks something like this, minus the asterisks.


Please submit all of your photos in one entry! If you fear you’ve made a mistake, you can always submit a new entry. We will update this post as the prizes are given out so that you know what is still available.

Be aware, this contest is a marathon, not a sprint! We are not expecting anyone to have an entry ready to go within an hour or two. There are a lot of prizes, so don’t feel rushed, and don’t freak out if one or two people seem to be powering through it super fast; this should take you a while, so make sure you’re having FUN doing it!



What Do I Need to Find?

You will be looking for THESE items. Please search them out in the Spiral, take fullscreen pictures of them in their locations, and private messages ALL of these pictures (in one message) to Katherine_Light as outlined in the above sections. Remember, this is a LONG contest, so take your time, don’t stress out, and enjoy. We will be releasing clues as to the location of each clue at 5pm EST, to help you with any that may not make sense to you. Good luck and have fun!

>Your 5pm hint is: You will need to make one tour of each world of the Spiral in order to complete this challenge!

We will release more clues pertaining to each individual clue at 6pm.

 Clue: Do you prefer blue clams or yellow?



Clue: what happens when you put death spells to rest in the desert?


Clue: Don’t tread on me!



Clue: Who knew you had such a green thumb?



Clue: If you find this, it will be AMAZING.


Clue: That dog looks like a blast from the past


Clue: You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.


Clue: Be still my heart.



Clue: small fish in a big pond.

Clue: What’s a king without a crown?


 Clue: Sacred War will lead you here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below!

  • Duncan StormThief

    Nice contest, this will be a lot fun to do. I personally like contests this type :) One question about mega or dino bundle prize. Will winner choose what he want of that two, or is it random picked?
    Thx again for this contest:) You are creative as always :)

    • Katherine Light

      We have a limited number of bundles to give away, so the first three people to win in that category will receive their choice of bundle. The following two winners will choose from what remains. Hope that helps!

      • Duncan StormThief

        Yes that helped a lot :) Thx for answer :)

  • Swordroll

    Ooh – this brings back memories of the Wizard101 Central 4,000 member scavenger hunt, and I don’t think I’ve done one since.

    Obviously there’s a much larger fan base for both Central and M4H now, but I think I’ll still give it a try! :)

    Approximately how many photos do you think we should be expecting?

    • Katherine Light

      There will be quite a few. I don’t want to say more than that, but this will definitely be the longest challenge we’ve had in a while.

  • J. Shadowblade

    Someone hacked my Wizard101 Central account and got me banned. Can I get an email to send the pictures to?

    • Katherine Light

      I’m sorry, because of a discrepancy in the times listed on our email account and the times on Wizard101 Central, we can only accept entries from one source or we risk getting an inaccurate idea of when they came in. I think the best you could do is to have a friend submit for you and forward the code to you. There are also plenty of other fansites that are giving away these bundles – take a look around and you should find some contests that don’t require you to have a Central account. :)

  • Talon ShadowHorn

    If someone who prefer second prize, can he choose to get one of the bundles instead of Pot O Gold code even if he get in first fifteen?

    • Katherine Light

      Absolutely, just state that when you submit your entry. :)

  • Sestiva Lionstalker

    Did you guys get mine for the Tree of Life one? Was it correct /.\


    • Sestiva Lionstalker

      Oh, it needed to be ALL of them? Never mind. I’m not gonna do this contest.

  • Talon ShadowHorn

    I had to take a break lol Are there any winners by now?

    • Scarlet

      Yes there are! But there are still more prizes! :)

  • Duncan StormThief

    I would like just to say something here. I think its not fair to alter the rules of the contest at entry submission. I just finished with Katherine Nightsong looking for all pictures, and we did find there exactly places as was asked for in description. “Your job is to find out exactly where these pictures were taken and take a full screen version screenshot of the same item”, i did all of that. You didn’t state that picture has to be with exactly the same with details. I just submitted my entry only to get answer that everything looks fine, except that one of the image shouldn’t have heart on it. It shouldn’t matter, it is big dungeon, i took picture from the end of the dungeon, and got out. You should really specify that its not the location that matter, than the picture itself. Its the same item, same location.

    • Nesogra

      We didn’t alter the rules. If the state of the item changes it is no longer the same item, i.e. if we ask you to take a picture of water we expect water, not ice or steam. I do understand that we weren’t clear enough on that point but contrary to popular belief we are human too…

      • Duncan StormThief

        Yes i know that you are human, but the fact is that we are human too. Everyone makes mistake, but its not ok for others to take the hit for it. I think we can both agree that is mistake by your part for not clarifying the essential rule of the game, and that you can’t blame the participants for not doing what was not clearly asked. This is big time consumption contest, and it’s a lot work putted into by all participants, i am sure that m4h members also putted hard work for making this contest possible, but its not the best way just to reject entry. That entry is someones hard effort. You can’t deny someones hard work, because of the tiny detail! Do you know how that demolishing feels? For all the fun we had, when our entry has been rejected for “unclarified rules”, it’s all become just misery and agony. I have seen after i puuted entry that there was explanation of the contest in w101central. And i would be aware of that essential rule if you announced here link of the discussion on w101central. I would surely done the the right shot then, its not in my best interest to take wrong shot on purpose, and that take dungeon for the second time (not the easy dungeon, we can agree) Thank you for all of your contest, and for the hard work putting in it. I would just like to see that same kind of appreciation by your end.

        … one more thing if i may. I know that water and steam are not the same. But this is the same item. It isn’t changed at all. Heart doesn’t even have any mutual points with the statue itself. Heart or no heart, the item is the same.

        Just to be clear, i am not trying to be offensive or pick a fight. I am very polite person in nature. I do believe that constructive arguments can lead to efficient and better cooperation between parties involved in the future. I still like what you do for community and respect that.

        • Nesogra

          We’ve had hide and seek contests with decoys that look just like the hider except for one small detail before and the entries that got a decoy were rejected as well. The mistake isn’t on us, we wanted a picture of the heart and the clue even said “Be still my heart.” If the rule is unclear to you ask a question about it before the contest start. To make an exception would have been unfair to those who did get it right.

          • Duncan StormThief

            Wait a second? You wanted picture with heart on? I sent the picture with heart on! And i was denied because i had the picture with heart on. Katherine Light told me that she wants without heart on.

          • Nesogra

            Sorry, there was some mix up in translation. I thought the heart was supposed to be there but it wasn’t >_< my bad

    • Mercenaries101

      Just wanted to reply here and say that yes, we realize there were some issues with the contest wording and with this clue in particular (cropping a bit too low, not being clear with our expectations). It caused a lot of people a lot of work, and we’re sorry for that. We’ll be a lot more careful in future contests to try to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

  • John Thompson

    I thought you said that the winners would be updated. I have not seen anything updated yet or any winners.

    • Nesogra

      The winners were updated on the central thread (please read through the thread, the op will be updated after the contest is over). click here

    • Mercenaries101

      We actually don’t have all of winners yet. There are still a few mount codes available. We are waiting until we have ALL our winners to post the updates, as we don’t want anyone who is still hoping for a prize to find out who won and simply look through their Central albums to find the locations without thinking through it themselves.

  • Kenneth Skyrunner

    Katherine. I would like to meet you. Please. I want to be a friend of the mercenaries101. You guys are so cool. I want to be a part of your group. Now I just want to meet you and be a friend of you guys. I want to do all the stuff you do. Please answer back and tell me when and where you want to meet me. I am on wizard101 in the afternoon from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the weekdays. Thank you for your time. I am hoping you will please hear me out and give me a chance

    • Katherine Light

      Hi Kenneth!
      Normally we get to know people just be running requests with them. :) If you’d like to be a F2M4H, all you have to do is post on the board to join us for requests. That way we can see you in action and get to see you in game a little. Hopefully we’ll see you on a dungeon run soon!

      • Kenneth Skyrunner

        Thank for the info Katherine. I will take your advice. I hope to see you in a dungeon run real soon too. If you can, please write back on how I can post on the board to join you guys for a request. When you add a new member to your group, I hope you pick me. Please write and hope to see you in the game real soon.

        • Scarlet

          Hi Kenneth! You can check out our forum here

  • Kenneth Skyrunner

    Come to think of it, I do need help in the chancel and the trail of spheres. I need help with that. If you can please reply back on where to meet to talk about all this.

  • Lisa

    I wish I had some time off! This is my favorite kind of contest! *Big sad face*