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Graveyard Preview:

Graveyard Preview:

Nov 8, 2014

We are still testing content and working on a full guide, but for those of you who want to run this now, here are some tips & info. Remember: this is only on test realm and EVERYTHING is subject to change.

The Graveyard has three fights; all cheating bosses with high health and nasty minions. This is an epic battle (and then some) but all the cheats can be managed. You may have to adjust your playing style though. Enemies here have some unique abilities like stacking blades and traps, Colossal enchanted attacks, Supercharge, spears, Bolt, as well as having the new Shadow Enhanced spells. This is the most complex and interesting combat ever in Wizard101 PvE. There are sure to be new discoveries and creative tactics developed, so this is only a start.

General tips:

Be Prepared!: Certain TCs and spells are very valuable for this instance. Make sure you have them going in. A player who is not attacking should have shatter available for the first fight. Make sure everyone has stun block or conviction. Several players should carry death dispels for the second fight, and someone should have mass triage and the ability to heal the whole team, especially for the third fight. Having a backup player with a good heal available is wise in case your primary healer gets in trouble. Designate hitter(s) and load up on buffs (especially traps) for them. Everyone should have Reshuffle available, as these fights can be long.

Update: There are now health wisps in this instance. It’s still best to have full potions.

Limit blade use. In most of this instance there are obstacles to blading. You can use some, but a simple “stack and attack” is not an option.

Traps work.
All three bosses can be trap-stacked, with the exception of Feint and Hex which are limited in the second and third fights. If you haven’t trained both tri traps from Niles, now is the time. Plant some Flytraps, bust out the amulets, and pile those school traps on.

Division of labour
. All dungeons reward teamwork, but this one more than ever. If you want to get through it in any reasonable time, everyone should have specific roles and a plan going in. Work together to win!

Be strong! If you are supporting rather than attacking, max out resist and block for the fight you are in. High universal resist is always good, and added school specific for the boss or minions is ideal. Anyone who isn’t attacking might want to use the crafted rings from Sardonyx, ward pets, etc. The hammer(s) should prioritize damage boost, not critical. You aren’t going to land crits reliably, and when your attack is blocked all the enemies will attack you. Keep some resist in your build. No glass cannons unless your team is VERY dedicated to keeping you alive.

Update: as of 13 November enemy pierce has been increased dramatically. This gives everything, even minions 40-50% native pierce, plus any additional from Aurae, bubbles, spears, etc. This means most players have effectively NO resist.  Fortify may help you if you are in Jade or other high resist build.

Forget about shields.
There’s not much time to use them, and ever less chance they’ll stay on. Don’t waste the cast.

Pets spells are NOT immune. This is bad news for those of us who often get around boss cheats with pet spells. In this instance pets DO trigger boss cheats. That means no “stealth” feints or blades, and no free heals in the second fight.

Fight one: Yevgeny NightCreeper Moon 34,465 health, with Ice minions 8k+ health.

Pile traps on the boss. He’ll respond by trying to pierce the shields you don’t have. You can blade stack the hitter, but anyone casting a blade will get stunned unless they have Conviction or Stun Block on first. Shatter the boss just before hitting. The boss changes bubbles periodically, so if you’re using one, save it for the end. Shrike &/or Infallible may come in handy to deal with minion shields. This is a wonderful opportunity for Myth wizards to use their shiny new Mystic Colossus that removes all shields.

Beware the Ice minions who love to stun, as well as occasional Lord of Winter that steals your pips. Fixed-pip attacks are safer than per-pip.

The boss uses the new Shadow enhanced attacks, and puts up a bubble for that school before casting. He’ll cycle through different schools every few rounds.

Fight two: Shane von Shane Storm, 33,300 health With Storm &/or Myth minions 7k+ health.

Pile traps other than Feint on the boss. Blade stack the hitter. If you hitting with Storm you’ll want to Shrike and/or prism right before hitting. Shane’s main cheat attack looks like a mashup of Vampire and Von’s, but is really a modified Crow that Beguiles the target. To avoid killing your own team, several players should cast Strangle on the boss for the two rounds before your attack. Make sure no one is Beguiled or they will not count as “in” the fight. Healing draws a cheat Vampire, so don’t heal unless you need to, and if you do, heal big. This includes pet heals, so a pet with may-casts may be a liability here.

if you want to Feint you can double dispel him to stop the Dark Pact he uses to remove it, but it’s hardly worth that many casts for one Feint.

Shane casts Healing Current on himself if you hurt but don’t kill him, so try to take him out in one shot.

Cast blades last. When you cast a blade, Shane blades himself. That’s OK if you take him out immediately, but nasty if his blade-stacked attack comes at you. He can also cast Sirens, so blades that aren’t used fast are at risk.  If you  are hitting with Storm, feel free to Steal Charm those big fat blades away from him.  Grabbing a 100%+ supercharge for one pip is sweet revenge  😀

Note for solo players: I may be the only person crazy enough to solo this instance, but if you do, be aware that Shane’s Beguile gets strange after you kill some minions. If there is just Shane and one minion left, he will occasionally attack the minion, which is entertaining but not a problem other than potentially wasting a trap. However if you kill ALL the minions, Shane will attack himself. That is a big problem if he is low health because he can actually kill himself, in which case you don’t get credit for the fight and will have to do it again, so make sure you take him out. Don’t let him live with low health.

If you are alone, don’t bother to dispel, just blade or aura yourself when beguiled, trap or attack when you aren’t.

Malistaire and his minions

Malistaire with his Draconian minions.
They may be any mix of schools.

Fight three, part: Malistaire and minions (semi-random mix of schools)

He’s back and madder than ever, with 50,000 health and a random mob of Draconians that can do a lot of damage, so unlike most dungeons where we try to one-hit everything, it might be better to kill the mob asap, then focus on Mali. He can not be dispelled. He will instantly remove dispels and feints, and universal blades get stolen. It’s ok to feint and dispel the minions. Stacking school and combination traps on Mali works well. Bubbles are allowed and recommended.

He also has a pet. It’s a big Bone Dragon above the arena that attacks every few rounds. It typically alternates between a Scald-like death DoT to all players and a “clear everything” like the after-effects of Earthquake, so blade only when you are ready to hit, since they won’t stay up more than a few rounds. You can trap Mali as much as you like, other than Feint. This version of him resists Storm damage, boosts to Myth, and will accept both single and mass prisms. The pet uses Mali’s blades as if he was casting.

Fight three, part two: MOAR Malistaire!

When you take down Malistaire and think you’ve won, surprise surprise, he’s still there looking innocent with one health. But before you can finish him off, he morphs to a shadow form with 99,999 health. In this form he no longer resists Storm damage, and seems not to boost anything. His cheat attack is a shift to Dragon form with a drain.

The Bone Drake cheat continues with an added mode: from time to time the dragon will look agitated and start smashing the building. Blocks of stone fall and amid this the dragon puts a 100% trap on Malaistaire. We like that part!

Handle this fight the same as the first – stack lots of traps, blade right before the hit and smash. A single target attack is fine with the minions gone. He still removes Feint and Dispels.

At the end, he reverts to his first form, again with one health. Someone keep a wand hit handy, that’s all you’ll need. Enjoy the cut scene, storyline closure, and the best drops in the game.

More Suggestions:

Blade down-the-line. This is always best against enemies that can remove blades. Everyone casts a different blade on one hitter right before the his or her attack. If you time it right (blade right after the dragon clears) you can get 7 blades on the attack in two rounds.

Bubbles stay up; use them. You can cast a bubble before the first attack and it will remain for the duration of the fight; the +35% tc or item versions are especially nice.

Try two hitters & tri traps: Consider using two hitters in the same family, such as Fire and Storm, or Life and Myth, stacking different versions of Spirit or Elemental traps, as well as your individual school traps, One player hits with an AoE to take out the mob and damage Mali, the second kills him with a big single attack. The other two players can cast different versions of Spirit or Elemental blade on the hitters on the attack rounds.

Opposite school traps: If you have opposite school players, keep in mind you can opposite trap, convert, trap, such as myth traps, storm prism, storm traps, storm attack. This can be a good way to boost teammates. If you are hitting with Fire, Ice, Life, or Death you can hit, convert, and hit again. The first hit uses your side of the tri-traps. The converted hit uses the other side. Fire can be very effective since Backdraft is the strongest trap in the game and the new Fire from Above does gobs of damage and adds more traps.

Doom and Gloom: casting a Doom before you defeat the first version of Mali causes him to respawn at lower health.  the TC version is most effective.


Mali and his Bone Drake in Darkmoor

Mali and his Bone Drake in Darkmoor

Happy hunting, and stay tuned for updates and a full guide as more testing becomes available.

  • Matthew Pitcock

    Whoa, mobs with shadow? Do they cast any shadow self (I know they don’t shrike) or do they use shadow enhanced spells?

  • Wolf FairyForge

    Was this solo?