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Green Thumb

Green Thumb

Jan 21, 2015

On January 21st, KingsIsle introduced the first of their member benefits on live realm! From now until January 25th, members will receive DOUBLE GARDENING REWARDS!

What’s Included?

Anything you would normally get when you harvest a seed, you will now get two of. Treasure cards, pet snacks, housing items, reagents, even seeds! Yes, this means that those expensive (or time-consuming to farm) Evil Magma Peas and Couch Potato will give you TWO replacement seeds at elder harvest! This makes the gardening benefit quite a deal for members; those who have full 69-plot stacking gardens will receive a full second garden from this benefit, which translates to more than $75 worth of seeds (and that’s if you bought both your Crowns and your seeds on sale)! If you’ve got a mega snack garden that you’ve been looking to expand, it may well be worth it to invest in a membership for this perk alone.

Be careful when harvesting your plants. Double rewards means that your treasure cards, reagents, and backpack will fill up twice as fast, so be sure to make lots of room, especially before harvesting elder plants!

What Am I Supposed To Do With All These Seeds?!

If this perk gives you more seeds than your wizard can handle, there are a few options to help you make the most of this benefit.

  • If you don’t already have one, consider a stacking garden. Our guide on how to build a stacking garden can be found here.
  • Start a new character. Wizards can begin gardening at level 12, which translates roughly to the end of Wizard City. An good evening or two of questing can get you quickly up to level and allow you to have another character that will help you take care of your new seeds.
  • Have your characters who garden at max level maintain TWO stacking gardens. A stacking garden of EMPs is easy to maintain, Couch Potatoes even more so. A full stack of EMPs will take only 45 energy to care for, and a full CPs will use only 30 (both will require occasional pest control for 15 energy). A level 100 wizard receives base energy of 100, enough to care for 2 stacking gardens as long as they do not need pest control at the same time. Replanting, however, will eat through energy fairly quickly, so it would be wise to do this on a character that has full energy gear. Also an option: Set up your second garden in a second home. Since plants will not reach a new level of matury or wilt until your visit the house they are in, this enables you to care for each garden at separate times, which allows you to regenerate enough energy to care for each garden between visits. However, since you cannot have more than one of the same house on each character, this means only one garden will reap the benefits of being planted on the Red Barn Farm (unless, of course, you have a Botanical Garden from the Evergreen bundle).
    Maintaining two gardens, even at max level, can take a bit of practice. Be prepared to make some mistakes and occasionally run in to problems, especially when first beginning.