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Guts and Glory

Guts and Glory

Apr 23, 2014

We’ve been chasing after Morganthe for nearly 4 years now, and after seeing the destruction that she’s brought upon the world of the Spiral, it’s finally time to stop her in her tracks. You’ve fought your way into her inner sanctum, and now it’s finally time to take her on…. but she hasn’t left herself unprotected. Read on to find out exactly what defenses she’s put in place and how you can finally battle her face to face (to face to face to face).

The Galleries and Morganthe’s Lair are located in the Shadow Palace, just beyond The Hive in Khrysalis. It is here in the Galleries that Morganthe has kept the Lords of Nights imprisoned, forcing them to teach her the Song of Creation.


The Lords of Night are being contained there by a familiar retinue of Morganthe’s favorite bosses, and these bosses are eager for another chance to test their mettle in battle. So let’s take a look at what exactly you can expect from the bosses in…


The Galleries

The Galleries are divided up into three smaller areas, with Morganthe’s henchmen each watching a small group of the Lords of Night to ensure that they keep teaching her the Song of Creation. You must make your way through each gallery in order to move on to the next one and free the Lords of Night being held there. Before you begin, there are a few things you might want to do to prepare yourself.

  • Have a wand (and other gear) with decent critical block. These bosses have high critical ratins and in combination with their cheats, they can really pack a punch.
  • If you do not have a reliable life wizard with you, purchase some death dispels.
  • Even WITH a reliable life wizard, you may wish to have to life & death resist gear for the first battle.


The First Gallery

In the first gallery we again meet Ghost Dog and Kravenly! Their cheats have changed only a little, but the two of them in combination make a BRUTAL pair.


They have each maintained the essence of their original cheats from the first time you met them, though there have been some minor tweaks in order to make this battle flow a bit better.


What You Can Expect From Each Boss


  • at the start of every other round, beginning on round 2, Kravenly will interrupt to cast his natural attack on one player. His natural attack is a life DoT that lasts 3 rounds. (This is a change from his original version where he cast this DoT every round.)
  • Whenever he drops below 75%, 50%, and 25% of his total health, he will react by hitting every member of your team with a spirit or elemental blast. If one attack passes more than one of these health markers, he will attack multiple times.
    (Ie, if you reduce his health by 90% and only slightly underkill, he will attack every member of your team THREE TIMES; once for passing 75%, a second time for passing 50%, and a third time for passing 25%.)


Ghost Dog:

  • at the end of round 1, Ghost Dog will shoutgallery1bodysouland summon 1 storm and 1 fire minion to the battle circle. They will be inactive in round 2 and actively join the fighting round 3. The minions will NOT be summoned again if you kill them.
  • If you play a shield, stun shield, or mass prism, Ghost Dog will shout
    and shatter the person who played the shield. The shatter does NOT remove stun shields even though stun shields do trigger the cheat. Note that he will shatter the person who cast the spell rather than the person who received the shield, so you can still effectively shield other people.
  • At the end of round 2, Ghost Dog will interrupt to cast a death DoT on one player while shouting
    This DoT will continue hitting for several rounds unless removed. He will repeat this cheat every 5 rounds.
  • At the end of round 5, Ghost Dog will interrupt to cast a death version of detonate (deathonate) on the player with the death DoT on them.
    He will cast this “deathonate” once for every player in the battle, ie if there are four players he will cast it 4 times. He will keep casting it even after his “Poetry of War” DoT has been detonated, but it is worth noting that it will not detonate any of the DoTs left on any players from Kravenly’s natural attacks. He will repeat this cheat every 5 rounds.


Gallery 1 Strategy

  • You’ll want to have a good life wizard with you who has LOTS of triage. Between the Poetry of War cheat and Kravenly’s natural attack, triage is quite literally a life saver in many many cases. Your life wizard should triage the Poetry of War cheat as soon as possible, preferably on round 3 before Kravenly gets the change to follow it up with another DoT attack at the start of round 4.


  • If you cannot have a life wizard on your run, you’ll want to buy some death dispels from the library in Zafaria before beginning this dungeon. You should death dispel Ghost Dog on the second round of each 5 round cheat cycle, jsut before he casts his Poetry of War cheat. If you are going first, you will need to work with your team to put TWO death dispels on him, as he may use one up in the course of his regular turn.


  •  Unfortunately, Kravenly’s DoT is cast so often that there is no effective way to stop it. In this case, the best defense is a good offense. Set up for a one hit kill on all the enemies and take them down before they can do the same to you. Both bosses can be trapped, and there are no myth enemies with earthquake to worry about, so you can set up for an effective hit quite quickly.


Once you’ve finished off these bosses, head over to the Lords of Night that were forced to watch your battle and set them free! They’ll point you in the direction of their comrades over in Gallery 2. They also warn you that Morganthe is VERY close to getting what she needs to rewrite the Spiral, so you need to hurry!



The Second Gallery

In the second gallery you run into Warlord Balor and Santa Muerte, who seem to have recovered from their resounding defeats at your hands and are ready to try again! This time you may seem some cheats that you haven’t seen at all before.


What You Can Expect From Each Boss

Warlord Balor

  • At the start of every second round beginning on round 2, Balor will interrupt to cast a cheat shield, a 70% sun school tower shield, on himself or one of his allies.
  • At the beginning of every third round beginning on round 3, he will interrupt to cast a natural attack (a storm DoT) on one member of your group.
  • If Balor is due to interrupt with both a tower shield and a natural attack at the same time, he will forego the shield and only cast the natural attack.


Santa Muerte

  • At the end of round 1, Santa Meurte will shout

and summon two minions into the battle. These minions will become active on round 3.gallery2minions

  • If the minions are killed, they will NOT be resummoned.
  • At the start of every odd-numbered round, the storm minion will interrupt to give a balance blade to Wordlord Balor. On every even-numbered round, the death minion will interrupt to give a stormblade to Warlord Balor.


Gallery 2 Strategy

– To deal with the damage dealt by the frequent natural attacks, have everyone pack a heal in their sideboards. As with most fights here a life wizard is a great asset, but if you don’t have one, pleas be prepared to do some healing on your own.

– Since 70% shields are being cast and random enemies every other round, there is no practical way to keep them pierced or shattered off. In lieu of getting rid of the shields, make sure that your hammer uses Shrike before attacking and killing all the enemies in one hit. This will cut through the cast majority of the shield and leave you with an attack powerful to take them all out at once.



The Third Gallery

In the third gallery you find some new faces. Well, not BRAND new, but as you’ve just met them recently they’re certainly not old friends either. Say hello (again) to Lord Ombra and Archmagus Lorcan!!


These two haven’t had time to come up with any new tricks since your last meeting, which is convenient; not easy, but convenient.

What You Can Expect From Each Boss

Lord Ombra

  • At the beginning of every 4th round, Lord Ombra will interrupt to cast a thieves version of mana burn on the player with the most pips.
    It acts as a normal mana burn, except that the pips he steals from you he actually gains for himself! He will repeat this cycle every 4 rounds. He may cast a normal mana burn as well at any point during his regular turns, but this mana burn will not give him the stolen pips. Note: in order for him to be able to cast this spell, at least one player must have three pips. If no one has three pips, he will skip the cheat that round and not attempt it again until 4 rounds later.

Archmagus Lorcan

  • Archmagus Lorcan also usually operates in a 4 round cycle. At the end of the first round, he will summon two fire minions into the battle.
  • They will be inactive for round 2 and join the battle on round 3. Be warned that they do like to efreet.


  • At the end of every 4th round, the minions will sacrifice themselves for their master.

They will attack themselves for 7520 damage, defeating themselves, to heal their archmagus (never Lord Ombra) for 1500 health.

  • EXCEPTION: Occasionally, particularly after the very first summons, rather than calling for a sacrifice at the end of the fourth round Lorcan will attempt to summon another minion (yes, even if the fight is full). When he does this, he will trigger a sacrifice at the end of round 7 instead, and continue the 4 round cycle from there.
  • Lord Ombra will resummon more minions at the end of the first round of the next cycle.


Gallery 3 Strategy

  • Pack cleanse charm in your sideboard for those efreets


  • Count out the rounds as you go. This will help you know when to expect a mana burn, when you can expect more minions to appear (and disappear) and time your actions accordingly.


  • set up one player for a one hit kill on all the enemies. You will want to time your hit so that it either kills during the first round of a cycle, before Archmagus Lorcan can summon more minion, or on the 3rd or 4th round when the attack will take out the minions as well.


  • It may be wise for your hammer to use a spell with a set pip cost (eg storm lord) over an x-pip spell (eg tempest), so that if they choose their attack spell and do end up being mana burned their attack will still go through at full strength.


Once you’ve defeated these final bosses, head over to the last group of prisoners to set them free! They unfortunately have some bad news for you… Morganthe has now learned enough that the Spiral is in danger, and they can only hope that you can stop her! Now that we’ve freed all the prisoners, it’s time for us to deal with Morganthe’s power-hungry ways once and for all!


Morganthe is about to get all her heart has desired for so long long, and she’s not about to let a little problem like YOU stand in the way!


Well now that she’s decided to make this personal, it’s time to show her once and for all what REAL wizardry is about.




What You Can Expect From Each Boss


Morganthe’s main cheat: Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider

At the beginning of every fourth round, One of the Morganthes will summon the great spider Morganthe to do a natural (epic spider) Shadow attack on all players. If Ice Morganthe is alive, she will do the summoning. If ice Morganthe dies, Death Morganthe takes over the summons (without any break or change in the 4 round cycle). If Death dies, storm will take over, and finally balance. This attack does 600 base shadow damage, but it will use up any shadow (or balance) blades or spears that were on the Morganthe who did the summoning, which can give it quite a kick sometimes.

In a very surprising turn… Morganthe has only a few minor cheats aside from this. She does however, have an EPIC cinematic natural attack, and this natural attack has a different after effect depending on which version of Morganthe it is cast by.


If cast by:
Ice Morganthe: each Morganthe will receive an absorb shield
Storm Morganthe: a 25% univeral trap will be placed on each of you
Death Morganthe: a -35% incoming heal ward will be placed on each of you
Balance Morganthe: a -45% accuracy mantle will be placed on each of you.

As far as minor cheats go, each version of Morganthe (except for balance, it seems) has their own small way of trying to irk you.

Death Morganthe: Reacts to prisms, mass OR single. She responds by interrupting at the end of the round to cast a two-tick DoT on herself. This DoT will be of whichever school the prism was for, to ensure that it is removed. If you happen to cast two prisms in the same round, she will let the DoT created by the first prism run out, and THEN cast the DoT triggered by the second prism. This DoT will also remove any universal traps (or traps related to the school of the prism) on her at the time. If you are using a death wizard as your hammer and need to attack her, you must have someone prism her the same turn your hammer attacks, so that you can make use of the prism before she removes it at the end of the round.

Storm Morganthe: Reacts to bubbles of any type. She will interrupt as soon as the bubble is played to cast a two-tick shadow DoT on herself. This DoT will not remove any prisms as it is not related to any particular school.

Ice Morganthe: Reacts to AoEs (aka group attacks) unless, of course, they kill her. If you hit with a group attack but do not kill ice Morganthe, she will cast a (you guessed it!) two-tick shadow DoT on herself to remove any universal traps that may remain on her.

All of these DoTs WILL affect her backlash and the power of her shadow creatures, and will trigger any universal traps on her at the time.

You will notice that every time you defeat one of the Morganthe clones, a tendril tying her to the great spider Morganthe will break, causing a crack in the glass that supports her. This is definitely not good news for her. 

Morganthe Strategy

  • Set up one wizard to take out all the different versions of Morganthe in one hit. You will likely want at least one feint on each of her. Thankfully there are no myth Morganthes, so aside from a very occasional sirens your blades will be safe.
  • Keep heals in your sideboard. Between the shadow creatures and spider Morganthe, this battle may get a little dicey at times and you never know who might end up in trouble.
  • Cleanse charm is your friend, for a variety of reasons such as weaknesses (from nova), mass infect, and the accuracy mantle.

After you’ve defeated Morganthe, she tries her best to continue her plans… but it seems she’s no longer quite as strong as she thought she was.


And with that, Morganthe finally reaps what she has sown in the Spiral. It seems there may be someone else who’s willing to continue in her footsteps… but that, young wizard, is a story for another world.