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Hades: the Fast and the Furious

Hades: the Fast and the Furious

Sep 7, 2013

If you want to speed run Tartarus, we have a strategy for you! It involves a bit of planning, preparation, treasure cards, and some unique wizards. :) If you can get this together, it can be a quick fun run through Hades (even with the respawn) in under an hour.

If you are figuring out the Tartarus cheats, Katherine’s guide rocks here.

Zane, ~Lucas~, and MeganDarkheart have been having success with a chain stun strategy, which is really quicker and simple (cuts down on the animation, heals, etc.).

So, the plan is for Fights # 1 and 2 (Death Satyr and Minotaur):


Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Storm
Round 1 Stun Stun Trained Feint Sharp Stormblade
Round 2 Stun Stun/Blade Potent Feint Trained Stormblade
Round 3 Blade TC Tri Amulet feint Colossal Storm Lord or Tempest


Cerberus fight:


Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Storm
Round 1 Stun Stun Feint Fire Sharp Stormblade
Round 2 Stun Stun Sharp Tri Trained Stormblade
Round 3 Stun Stun Trained Tri Infallible
Round 4 pet feint Balance pet feint Myth TC Tri colossal Sirens


Take out Hades, Zeus, and a chunk of Poseidon at first like so:


Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Storm
Round 1 Stun Stun Potent feint Hades myth prism Zeus
Round 2 Stun Stun Potent feint Zeus sharp stormblade
Round 3 Stun Stun feint Hades trained stormblade
Round 4 Stun Stun feint Zeus Berzerk
Round 5 blade blade Mass storm prism colossal Sirens



Someone flees, comes back and:



Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Storm
Round 1 Stun Stun Sharp tri Sharp stormblade
Round 2 Stun Stun Trained Tri Berzerk
Round 3 blade pet feint mass storm prism colossal triton


that takes out Poseidon.

Refight Hades and Zeus fight in the respawn like so: (no need to myth prism, mass storm, or stuns)


Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Storm
Round 1 Vaporize Zeus Potent feint Hades Potent feint Zeus Sharp Stormblade
Round 2 Vaporize Zeus Feint Hades feint Zeus Trained Stormblade
Round 3 blade blade Sharp Tri Colossal Storm Lord


Stun = blinding light (myth), choke (fire);

So for positions#1-2, you need:

  • myth wizard
  • fire wizard
  • a wizard with a myth mastery and lots of blinding light tcs
  • a wizard with a fire mastery and lots of choke tcs

They also need pet feint, tc feints, and blades that storm can use. It helps if they don’t fizzle too much 😉 Sidhe staffs if you have them will be useful here.

For position #3, need a super buffer with trained elemental blades, feint, potent, sharp, and mass storm prism.

Finally, need a storm with about 100% damage, trained sharp, berzerk trained or tc, infallible tc, and colossal trained or tc.


For extra speed, set up responsibilities for getting dialogue and puzzles beforehand. For example,

Column #1 wizzy can get the 2 woods up top, and Maze #1 with Lion’s Tail.

Column #2 wizzy can get the satyr and the 2 woods on the way, and Maze #2.

Column #3 wizzy  can that annoying piece of wood near the minions, and Maze #3.

Column#4  wizzy can get Charon and the wood just up that minion slope, and Maze #4.


Try it out with your friends! We are still refining this method, so if you have any improvements, please comment!

Lots of thanks to Zane,  ~Lucas~, and MeganDarkheart who conceived of this strategy; $eth, Ellie Kat, crzydaisy, Prince of Shadows, Poppy RB, and EricMTGCast for refining the incredibly rough edges of this, Kane N., Jack Deathbringer, and Deatheater for being willing guinea pigs, and Katherine and her mega guide making.


Someone asked for Sample decks for this in Central. So,

Stun deckLeft side is the trained spells deck, right side is the treasure card side deck. Boss Deck is used by both players for the first 4 fights. (The insert is the gear and pet cards: gear rebirth, wand attacks, pet feint and and a pet dragonblade.) For the Hades/Zeus respawn, Player one uses Boss Deck 2 and Player 2 uses Boss Deck 3.
Buffer decksLeft side is the trained spells deck, right side is the treasure card deck. Boss Deck 1 is for the Death Satyr and Minotaur fights, Boss Deck 2 for Cerberus, and Boss Deck 3 for the Epic Gods fight. Reuse Boss Deck 1 for the Hades/Zeus respawn. The insert on the right is the gear/pet spell card deck: wand attacks from a Sidhe Staff, Amulet of the Feint, pet feint, and pet dragonblade.

Hades Storm decksUse Myth Deck 1 for Death Satyr, Death Mino and Respawn Hades/Zeus fights.

Use Myth Deck 3 for Cerberus fight and Myth Deck 4 for the Epic Gods fight.



  • TwisTED

    OK, First off I love the premiss of this setup. However something was bothering me and I couldn’t put my finger on it till I was at work wishing I could stun all the stupid people I have to wait on during football. There is one to many stuns in the last round. Stun one stuns and buts up a block, Stun to doesn’t stun and removes the block making you ready for the next round to rinse and repeat. However in the last round of stunning, there is no need to remove the stun block. That person could be Blading, Traping, Getting ready to cast a TC heal the next round and put up a Guiding Light.

    Now I hear the, “but what if something goes wrong and we need another round of stuns, we have blocks up.” The answer is: they can go back to the dual stun again, this time first stunner will not stun but will remove the block. Second stunner will stun and add a new block. You still have the same outcome. Also, I would add a couple TC stuns to the third person incase there was a fizzle in a previous round and you start a new round with blocks just so there are no blocks up the next round.

    • Daisy

      There are also times when pips fail or a stun fizzles because they aren’t perfect accuracy. So it’s good to know that there are enough buffs here without depending on one of the stunners to play another card. On many runs a fizzle, deck fail, or pip fail causes you to end up on the remove block then stun cycle by the last round you want to stun.

  • Scarlet

    You are perfectly right; if the stunners are working well, there is no need for the second stun and an extra buff might be welcome if your storm hammer does not have enough boost. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of myth stun masters fizzle, so an extra stun. The number of minimum boosts should stay the same.

    Good luck!

  • Julia Lionflower

    After a bunch of Tartarus runs with you guys using this guide I felt comfortable enough to try my hand at leading a run using it. Finally had the chance to do that today! We omitted the stuns so it took a little longer than normal, but it went super well! Thank you so much for posting this 😀

    • mercs101

      Glad you were able t d it with your own group, Julia! It’s always great to hear about people taking things they’ve learned and being able to use them on their own and with their friends. :)

  • Matthew GhostBlood

    Good Strat, I’ll use that when I get to 90 :p

  • daniel52

    fire stun + unstoppable tc = a stun tc with accuracy of 110%
    so you wont fizzle unless you get a -45% accuracy.

  • daniel52

    If your missing pet feints, the two stunners can each use a
    different (tc dark, tc balance, pet sharpened) blade to boost the hitter instead. One 70% feint trap at the boss = two 30% blades boost at the hitter. Added benefit is that it hits “all” the bosses and minions harder. Just coordinate the changes before the run.