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Halloween Story Contest Winners!

Halloween Story Contest Winners!

Oct 31, 2016

We hope you’re enjoying this Halloween day! We wanted to announce the the winners of our Halloween contest on Halloween to add to the fun of the holidays! Totally not because it takes us a LONG time to read. Totally not because of that second reason (it was because of that second reason). Anyway, on to the part everyone is dying (except for the zombies) to find out about. The winners!


But before we announce the winners (way to tease) we want to thank everyone for participating. Judging was certainly not easy, and there were a lot of great entries.

  • Grand Prize Winner: 1 Witch Hunter’s Bundle – Troublecat101 (Central)
  • Second & Third Place Winners: 10K Crowns and Goat Horns – deathysophia (Central) & Aaron (Blog)
  • Fourth & Fifth Place Winners: 5k Crowns & Either a Vampire or Mummy Costume (winner’s choice) – Souvick Banerjee (Blog) & Alex (Blog)

Another huge thanks to KingsIsle for providing the prizes used in this contest! Have a merry Halloween!