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Happy Birthday to ….. US! [Raffle CLOSED!]

Happy Birthday to ….. US! [Raffle CLOSED!]

Jul 19, 2013

4th birthday

Thanks! The Raffle is now Closed! We decided to be Oprah (with some caveats): you get a Fog staff, you get a Fog staff, everyone gets a Fog staff!

Everyone who entered in the contest got ONE fog staff (duplicate entries were not counted) and all messages were sent. Β Congrats to everyone and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Today Mercenaries101 turns 4 years-old! It has been an eventful year!Β We became an official fansite for KingsIsle, Mercs for Charter started, KI gave us the opportunity to do a LOT more contests, saw some new worlds and a small army of new cheat bosses…. it’s been one crazy roller coaster ride! To celebrate, we are hosting The Three’s Company event, but in the mean time, to celebrate, we are holding a raffle for….

FOG staffs LOL!

Courtesy of KingsIsle, the exclusive staff of the Mercenaries.

Just post Happy Birthday wishes below in the comments today and you will be entered in the contest!

Good luck!


  • John Shadow

    Just to be clear. A third of the top half of the cake is MINE! I won’t share I tell you. πŸ˜› Love you guys! Happy Birthday my Merc Family.

    P.S. Did I win? πŸ˜›

    • benhorn

      happy birthday i love your website so much!

  • Dylan Bearblood

    Um, can I have the blueberries on the cake? (: Happy Birthday you guys!

  • Destiny

    Happy Birthday Mercenaries101! Let’s hope for many more birthdays to come as well.

  • MarkOTG

    Happy Birthday to all the mercenaries! You’ve helped me many a time and you’ve all got such great personalities, I don’t know how you manage it all at once!
    Stay strong,

  • Jacob DeathHorn

    Happy 4th Birthday Mercenaries for Hire! Make sure you don’t turn into the horse mercenaries in Mooshu!
    *eats strawberries on cake and a;; chocolate icing*

  • sophiatitanheart

    Happy birthday from my brother and I! I wish all of you mercs the best :) Can’t wait for you guys to help others “conquer the Spiral” for several more years!

  • Chris

    Thank you for all you guys have done. Y’all have helped me a TON of times, and are very friendly :) Here’s to another great year!

  • MichaelH

    Happy Birthday to M4H! Thank you so much for your help!

  • Julia Shadowcaster

    Happy Birthday Mercenaries101, I wish you to last many more years!!!

  • Anthony

    Ill Say this Again Happy Birthday Mercs101 It must feel really amazing to still be around helping Wizards & Pirates All Around the spiral for this long I am proud of where it is become today and hopefully you’ll be around for an long time.

  • Erin Nightcaller

    Happy birthday you guys! And space some cake for me πŸ˜€

  • lucyfer

    Wish you a wonderful birthday and keep up the good work
    Love you M4H :)

  • JennaRoseFlame

    Have a great birthday! I only wish the best for Mercenaries101 keep on helping the community the way you do:)

  • Scarlet Firehaven


  • http://wizard101 Mollie

    Happy Birthday

  • Justin Carter

    Happy Birthday and thanks for supporting KI and all the wizards that enjoy the game. Keep it up!!! :) Justin Life.

  • Jacob StormSword


  • william shadowblade

    happy birthday mercenaries101, and good luck to all the admins of this site that worked so hard to make this happen :)

  • Luke SoulBane

    Happy Birthday Mercenaries!!! I hope you continue helping us out in the spiral for many more years!!! :3

  • duncan

    Happy birthday guys πŸ˜€ i really love these raffles. i really die for those fog staffs. hope i get one :)

  • duncan

    Happy birth day guys πŸ˜€ thnx for holding raffes. i am big fan. i hope i can get a fog staff :)

  • duncan

    happ birthday guys. thnx for holding raffle. have a good 4t birthday ^-^

  • fiona dreamer

    yay! πŸ˜€ Happy birthday hope you have a epic birthday :)

  • fiona dreamer

    yay! πŸ˜€ Happy birthday hope you have a awesome epic day :)

  • Tabitha AshCaster

    Happy B-day Mercenaries!!!! I wish you well on your 4th birthday, and hope for many more.

  • Sierra Skyflame

    Happy B-day mercenaries! :) Congratz on 4 years of increasing success and for more to come.
    mmmm chocolate cake <3

  • Jacob Moon Blood

    Happy 4th Birthday Mercenaries

    also I want to that Katherine_Light for letting me help out on her mercenary runs

    • Jacob Moon Blood

      that is supposed to be thank lol

    • Katherine Light

      JACOB! It’s good to see you here! :) I love having you along on my runs, lol. Post an assist on the board sometime when you want to tag along, that way I communicate with you via PM, maybe even get a TFC so we can chat in game. :) How have the hatches been turning out for you?

      • Jacob Moon Blood

        KATHERINE!XD I would love to post assists, but I don’t have a central account. :( As for the hatches…so far they are amazing! Jacob’s pet has spritely, batsui and on test, it got spell-proof! On Wolf, my storm wizard, his pet has spell-defy and pain giver! So thanks for those hatches! Once again Happy Birthday…that cake looks good, birthday cake is the BEST!! πŸ˜› Hope to see you at the event tomorrow :)

    • http://facebook Michael Night

      Happy Birthday Mercenaries :)

  • Alexis

    Happy Birthday

  • Kristen Heart

    Ahhhhh πŸ˜€ I love this website so much xD The contests are just amazing. ^^ Happy 4th Birthday Mercs for hire :) Thanks for the admins for making all this happen :) ~Krissy Heart

  • Morgrim

    Happy birthday guys i would love to join the mercs message me on how to join and once again happy birthday!!!

  • ryan ravenhaven


  • Lauren SkyHeart

    Happy birthday Mercenaries 101!

    Your hospitality and passion in Wizard101 makes the whole game so fun!

  • Jon

    Happy Birthday!

  • Poncho

    Happy B-Day!

  • Jared

    happy birthday

  • Benny MoonWind

    happy birthday mercenaries!

  • Delaney

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Timothy RedBane

    Happy Birthday Mercenaries101!

  • Frost Caller

    Happy birthday, Mercenaries! πŸ˜€

  • Michael Shadowwalker

    happy birthday , my messages weren’t going through :(

  • TwisTED

    Happy birthday to a group that has but forth the very best to anyone that asked fora little help.

    So it’s 4 years, you have designed an easy to use spell set up for every school ( except myth… Hint hint ) given us walkthroughs of some of the toughest instances we may see, and helped many to complete them. You have designed a pet, that is every bit as important as a SPUD#, and gladly share them with people that others just turn away.

    I have to say your doing it right.

  • dylan

    Happy birthday mercenaries this website is awesome!!!!!!!! Thank you for holding raffles!!! Happy birthday!!!!

  • Lucas Stormglade

    Thank you, M4H, for all you do for us. I don’t really know what to say, but what I DO know to say is M4H is the bomb! .3.

  • Tom

    Happy Birthday!! Congrats on helping people for so long! Our runs are always fun!

  • Samuel Ashhorn


  • alex sea


  • Ryan


  • http://facebook Michael Night

    Happy Birthday

  • Kayla Boom


  • Bart WillowPants

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Fiona Fire

    Happy birthday ! .

  • Willis McBride

    4 YEARS!!:D

  • Destiny Rose


  • Fiona Fire

    Happy birthday!
    Yaaaay for Raffles (:

  • Alejandro ShadowHeart

    Happy Birthday Mercenaries! Thanks for all you do to help the Wizard101 community :)

  • Marty Likes to Party

    Happy birthday mercs!

  • Justin

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mercenaries101! Hope you enjoy it!! Hope I win a Fog Staff! xD

  • Robert

    Happy Birthday :3

  • Delaney

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Xavier

    Happy Birthday. Congrats on the 4th anniversary :)

  • Dominic

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Neela Heart

    Congratulations! May the best birthday wishes go to you guys πŸ˜€

  • allan dragonheart

    happy birthday guys :)

  • wolf night hunter

    best of luck goes to you guys happy birthdayy :)

  • Kevin Rain

    happy birthday Mercs101. Love y’all for helping us with everything. Keep this website forever!

  • Roslyn


  • Jacob Moon Blood

    FOG STAFF!!!!!!! YUSH! Thank you so much Oprah Mercs πŸ˜› you guys are the greatest! I love the FOG staff!!! :) Now for the Amaranthine Staff, Umbra Blade, and the Brutal Ice Arrow Rod! Hope Cipactli is in a giving mood! πŸ˜› But best of all my staff matches my …(wait for it) PET! πŸ˜›

    See you around the spiral, Jacob. Oh oh wait I almost forgot Congrats Aeneas you deserve it! Thanks for the help on Gladiator Dimachaerus! πŸ˜›

  • Jon

    Thank you so much for the code! I noticed that it said that everyone who entered would receive a code, and unfortunately my little bro didn’t get one, even though he commented. The name he used was Benny MoonWind, We both use the same family computer to play wizard101, so I dont know if that makes a difference. I sent this message to the mercenaries101 email as well, but I felt I should also write a comment here. Again, thank you for the code, and I hope we can work something out for my brother. This has been his favorite wand in the game for a long time, and he was real upset about not getting a code.

    • Jon

      All worked out, thank you Katherine!

  • aaron

    happy birthday all my good wishes

  • Allison

    WELL… I just found out about this website and i heard that the raffle ended today or tomorrow, and i went to this page and found out i was to late.
    sadly, any chances there could be more fog staffs?

  • TwisTED

    Thanks for the FOG staff, didn’t even realize you where giving away presents for your Birthday. Thanks again for all that you all do, and grats to the newest member.

  • dylan


  • dylan