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Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from the Mercs!

Everyone who stops by today to leave a comment such as trick or treat today (and today only), gets a merc treat!

And what would that treat be? Of course, a FOG staff!

Neso FOG staff

Happy Halloween! (and thanks for the pic, Nesogra!)

PS: Don’t forget! We have contests ending today! Samhain US and our Pirate Double! Good luck!

  • Karen Anderson Kernohan

    Happy Halloween – May you have a Spooktacular time in the Spiral!

  • Jaimie-Leigh Blakley

    Thx for FOG staff

  • Tatiana DarkBlood

    Trick or Treat! Don’t forget to be safe out on the streets!

  • Jaimie-Leigh Blakley

    Treat please

  • flames838

    trick or treat!

  • flames838

    i commented! C:

  • flames838

    Have a nice Halloween Btw C:

  • flames838

    Happy halloween

  • flames838


  • Magnus

    So many fog Staffs, LOVELY!

  • flames838


  • jewelshadowcaster

    Happy Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!!!

  • madara

    trick or treat smell my wizard feet give me a good staff to eat :)

  • Emma Emma

    My central name is: deezystar just in case o.o

  • Nathan Nathan

    Happy Halloween

    Central: Craycray91212

  • Destiny Lifegiver

    trick or treat! happy halloween xD

  • Donna Fulton

    Love you Merc’s! Hope you all have a great Halloween!! 😀

  • Donna Fulton

    <3 the Merc's you all rock! Have a great Halloween!!!!

  • Paula Trusty Nees

    Happy Halloween. Make sure you keep your little witches and goblins safe tonight.

  • Khalil StormHammer Manai

    Trick or Treat! That’s how I greet! Trick or treat! i do love meat!

  • Autumn Rubysword

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Autumn Rubysword. :) ty.

  • Autumn RubySword

    HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEN. From Autumn Rubysword. :) ty.

  • Christina Ross

    Happy Halloween Mercs

  • Miranda LightSpear

    You guys are awesome every day of the year! :)

  • Liam Sullivan

    Trick or treat and Happy Halloween to all. Also my Wizard central name is Pierock123.

  • TwisTED

    Trick or Treat. Sell my feet. Give me something good to.. beet them with. =) Thanks for the fog staff.

  • Tyme Lyne

    Happy Halloween and trick or treat!! my wizard101 Central name is TymeLyne

  • Amanda Nyzio

    Happy Halloween everyone and love the pic!

  • Guest

    Trick of treat cx

  • Cole Latty

    Trick or treat fog staff please :D?

  • Marcus DeathWraith

    Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Cloud

    Trick or Treat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erica Waterheart

    Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!

  • liz

    trick or treat!!! 😀

    • mercs101

      Hi! Tried to send you a treat, but your email address failed. Do you have a central ID that I can use to pm your FOG staff?

  • Patti

    happy halloween. may the treats be nicer than the tricks :) central name bubbaike

    • mercs101

      Hi, I am getting an email failure when I sent your FOG staff, so sending the FOG staff code via PM to your Central ID.

  • killionare01

    happy Halloween! have a nice trick or treat

  • Cee Sunfist

    Trick of course .

  • Annie Jordan

    Trick or treat m4h (:

  • Pablo Ramirez

    Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe while trick or treating :)

  • Tasha

    Trick or treat :)
    Happy Halloween!


    Trick or Treat , Trick or Treat , give me something fun or sweet 😀

    Happy Halloween to the Merc Team

    I see that a few plls email fail so just in case … My wizard101 central name is R3VOLT97

  • Sergiutz Micutz

    Trick or treat? :) Happy Halloween!

  • Jacob Moonblood

    Have a great Halloween mercs! You guys rock!

    Of course I must thank you Katherine for letting me help you! I appreciate it! 😀 (I apparently one time took a picture one time so um yea! :P)

    And for Nesogra random cat picture! 😛

  • Mason Moon

    Happy Halloween to all, and to all a fun time! Trick or treat everyone :D!

  • KannH

    Happy Haunted Halloween :)

  • Kyle SeaFlower

    Trick or Treat M4H! Thanks y’all :).

  • Tina Brenda Hughes

    Happy Halloween!!!

  • Anna Do

    Have a Happy Halloween everyone, including M4H! Hope you guys get a heap load of candy to gorge on! 😉

  • i am awesome

    Trick or treat :-} Happy Halloween

  • Lisa

    Boo … Happy Halloween!
    Central Id is Devin IceBlood

    I’ve been trying to post, but it isn’t showing up! :(

  • Natalie EmeraldFlower

    Trick or Treat? Happy Halloween to mercenaries 101! -Natalie

  • sierra misty

    trick or treat happy halloween

  • esmee souleyes

    Trick or treat… (^^^)

  • Dessyxoxo

    Happy halloween :)

  • Jasmine Darkwhisper

    Trick or Treat! and Happy Halloween!

  • Xavier Rastrick

    Happy Halloween everyone! Trick-or-Treat? 😀

  • Daniel Deathcaster

    Trick or treat! Happy Halloween for everyone here at Spiral Creations :)

  • JT JT

    Trick or treat

  • bbrooksdavis

    Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet!

  • Cass Lifeblossom

    Trick of treat, give a new want that my gobbler may eat. 😛

  • Alex LegendHeart

    Trick or treat 😀

  • mercs101

    Hi! Tried to send you a treat, but your email address failed. Do you have a central ID that I can use to pm your FOG staff?

    • Jermey Davis

      my central is- dogg27278

  • @FireChaosAngel

    Trick or treat – @FireChaosAngel

  • Rebecca Starsong

    What was the wizard’s favorite subject in school? Spelling! LOL Happy Halloween Mercs!

  • Destiny

    Trick or treat @firechaosangel

  • Keena NightHunter

    Trick or treat . Happy Halloween!

  • Sophia

    Treat or Treat? I want a treat please 😀

  • http://wizard101 michael

    Happy. Halloween. Fr o m 4914

  • Jim SILVER

    Happy Halloween!!! Be safe! From J.

  • Jim SILVER

    Trick or treat!! cx

  • Jim SILVER

    Cpngratz on fog staff everyone happy Halloween

  • Fallon Lightweaver

    Spooky Hallwe’en is here
    Plants, pets, and spooks appear.
    Dworgyn sends us on a quest
    He’s hoping we can do our best.
    Light some pumpkins, ransack a tower
    Defeat some foes with all your power.
    Then catch the special fish and rest
    It’s all part of the holiday fest!