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Happy Housing Winners!

Happy Housing Winners!

Jul 16, 2014

Between the busy weekend, and test going to live, we’ve been quite busy over here, so apologizes for the wait! Here are your top 5 for Happy Housing!! (these are listed 1st to 5th)


In an open grove
Imagination ran wild
Near a hidden cove


Simple enough right?
Rotate Left or Rotate Right
Does not fit! RAGE QUIT


Standing tall in night,
Imagining, what will be.
Building, my dream, real.


1,2, grab the glue
3, 4, I think we need more
5, 6, out of bricks


I build a castle
My new castle looks ugly
So I will restart.

We could only pick 5, but we loved them all! You guys are some pro poetrists. ;).

  • Dylan Stormtalon

    I like the second one best XD