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Happy Wizardgiving! [Contest CLOSED]

Happy Wizardgiving! [Contest CLOSED]

Nov 4, 2012

from the Mercenaries for Hire!

Want to celebrate the holidays in style? How about staging a Thanksgiving postcard scene right in Wizard101!

Dress up your Wizard in costume as creatively as possible, and decorate your house/dorm/outdoors or any location where you feel in the Thanksgiving mood. Take one picture (and only ONE picture) and email it to

Are there prizes, you ask?

Why, yes, yes there are!

Thanks to the wonderful people over at KingsIsle, we are awarding prize codes to the pictures that we like the best:

First and Second Place:
2 Prehistoric bundles

Third Place: 1 Scarydactyl Mount, 1 babydactyl pet, 1 axe, 1 Wildranger attire set

Fourth Place:
1 Scarydactyl Mount, 1 Babydactyl Pet












The deadline to enter is midnight Pacific time on November 18th. We look forward to seeing all of your entries!

UPDATE: With the addition of Azteca, some have asked if they could use the new furniture items, which is okay, but to allow for this we extended the time to change/create scenes until midnight Pacific time on November 19th. Good luck!


(graphic by dime30, woot!)

  • Amber Firesword

    Is there a wizard101 central thread for this?

  • ollie

    Whats the difference between the cave dwellers attire and the wildranger attire

    • Scarlet

      It says cave dwellers attire on the card, but it reads as wildranger attire in your backpack as you redeem it. :) Thanks Goonies for the clarification! 😀

  • Anon

    When will the winners be announced?

    • Scarlet

      The contest closes and the end of today Pacific. We plan on voting tomorrow and announcing tomorrow (Tuesday). Good luck to everyone!