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Hefty Harvests

Hefty Harvests

May 6, 2013

With KingsIsle’s most recent update, players can now have a sixth (and in some cases, seventh!) like for their plants – the house itself! Simply planting your garden in this location earns your plants another like and will help them get to elder that much more quickly. This has our team excited – faster harvest means we can accumulate rewards even faster!



Pay no attention to the twister behind the curtain.


While people garden for many different reasons, we’ve found that most people garden to gain two things:

1) The elusive amber reagent

2) Mega snacks.

There are many seeds you can use to obtain both of these: we’ll focus on he most popular of these.




For amber, most players use King Parsley. While it grows slowly, having all six likes will speed up the process. It also grants prolific seeds: I began my garden with only 3 seeds and within a month had a full 69 plot stacking garden. Their needs are simple, only needing music and sunshine once a day, and getting no pests higher than rank 2. This thread on Wizard101 Central has been closely monitoring their amber rates, and they seem to drop amber a an average rate of about 1 in every 14 elder KPs (although this rate in not consistent – it quite common to harvest a full 69 plot garden and receive no amber, and the following week to harvest only a few and receive an amber from several of them).





When it comes to mega snacks, you have several options available to you, each with their own pros and cons. We’ve laid the information out so that you can compare and evaluate which is best for your needs based on what’s most important to you.

Evil Magma Peas

– with all likes, approximately 3 days.

– with no likes, approximately 10 days.

– medium plots

– can easily fit the maximum of 69 plants into a standard 3-level stacking garden.

– Crowns shop price of 1,250 Crowns per seed.

-EXTREMELY RARE drop from bosses in Avalon. It is not uncommon to farm for a full day and not get a drop.

– treasure cards with high resale value.

– useful rare reagents.

– minor gold.

– 1 rank 9 mega (40 – 50 pet xp), in combinations that will allow you to max out all pet stats.

– 1 replacement Evil Magma Pea Seed.

– treasure cards, possibility of more gold and reagents.

– can have up to three needs (music, water, pollination).

– get up to rank 2 pests.

– plant like (boom shroom) is easily found in bazaar.

– crafted like (egg basket) has a low-level crafting rank requirement and all reagents are readily available.

– purchased like (djembe drum) can be bought for gold in Celestia base camp.

-300 XP at each regular harvest.

-3000 XP at each elder harvest.


Couch Potatoes

– with all likes, approximately 3 days.

– with no likes, approximately 10 days.

– large plots

– in a standard 3-tier stacking garden, can fit 42 plots.

– Crowns shop price of 1,500 Crowns per seed.

-uncommon drop from mobs in Grizzleheim. On average, players can expect about one drop per hour if you defeat the mobs first turn.

– treasure cards with high resale value.

– rank 7 pet snacks with high resale value.

– minor gold.

– 1 rank 9 mega (40 – 50 pet xp), in combinations that will allow you to max out all pet stats EXCEPT INTELLECT.

– 1 replacement Couch Potato Seed.

– 3-4 rank 7 pet snacks

– possibility of a treasure card and minor gold.

– only gets two needs (water, music).

– gets only rank 1 pests.

– plant like (King Parsley) is a Crowns seed. It can by farmed from mobs in Dragonspyre.

– crafted like (sandwich station) requires adept crafter badge and some reagents may require some work to obtain (grendelweed, red mandrake).

– purchased like (litter) can be difficult to find in the bazaar, or can be farmed from O Leary burglars and charlatans.

-300 XP at each regular harvest.

-3000 XP at each elder harvest.


Deadly Helephant Ears

– with all likes, approximately 3 days.

– with no likes, approximately 10 days.

– medium plots

– can easily fit the maximum of 69 plants into a standard 3-level stacking garden.

– Crowns shop price of 750 Crowns per seed.

-uncommon drop from mobs in Avalon, the LakeShore in particular. On average, players can expect about one drop per hour and half of farming, assuming you defeat the mobs second or third turn.

– treasure cards with medium to high resale value.

– rare reagents.

– minor gold.

– 1 rank 8 mega (25 – 30 pet xp), in combinations that will allow you to max out all pet stats.

– 1 replacement Deadly Helephant Ears Seed.

– treasure cards

– rare reagent, possiblity of vine reagent.

– can get up to three needs (sun, magic, music).

– gets up to rank 2 pests.

– plant like (Honey Sickle) can occasionally be bought in the bazaar but is not readily available. It can by farmed from mobs in Grizzleheim and Wysteria.

– crafted like (Brick Walled Pond) requires master artisan badge and one reagents may require some work to obtain (black lotus).

– purchased like (painted chameleon statue) can be purchased for gold in Krokotopia.

-300 XP at each regular harvest.

-3000 XP at each elder harvest.


Prickly Bear Cactus


– with all likes, approximately 5 1/2 days.

– with no likes, approximately 2 weeks.

– medium plots

– can easily fit the maximum of 69 plants into a standard 3-level stacking garden.

– can be purchased for gold in both the bazaar (price varies depending on current stock) and Krokotopia (2400 gold).

– seeds will slowly multiply as there is a chance of a seed drop at both regular and elder harvests.

– 1 pet snack, approximately a 1 in 20 change of a rank 8 rank (crab apple or sunfruit). These two snacks along would leave your pet lacking in both intellect and will.

– chance of prickly bear seed.

– 3 pet snacks, possibility of rank 8 mega (crab apple or sunfruit).

– possibility of prickly bear seed.

-gets only two needs (pollination, music).

– gets up to rank 3 pests.

– does not have a plant like (less work to obtain the likes, but promotes slower growth than other plants)

– dropped like (Krok Insect Tablet) is an extremely rare drop during most of the year. Can be more efficiently farmed for in October in the Hallowe’en Towers.

– purchased like (pile of sand) can be purchased for gold in Krokotopia.

-20 XP at each regular harvest.

-200 XP at each elder harvest.



We’ve mentioned several times the concept of a stack garden. For those who are new to the concept of stacking, it allows you to dig your plots in layers on top of each other, which makes it possible for you to fit more plants within the range of your large gardening spells. It should be noted that the more you stack, the more likely you are to run into problems and glitches. In general, a garden of three stacking tiers is a well-tested and safe method for gardening. It must be noted to while KI does know about stacking gardens and allows it to continue without sanctions, because it is made possible due to a glitch, KI support will not be able to help you if you run into any problems. The most common problem is that, if your backpack and bank are full and you harvest a stacked garden, your seeds may be lost. For this reason, if you are planning to build a stacked garden, always make sure you have room for the seeds you are about to harvest! In order to prevent abuse, KingsIsle has limited large areas spells so that they will only care for 69 seeds within their range. For this reason, the ideal medium-polt stacking garden has room for 69 plots in 3 tiers. Large plots are bit more difficult to deal with. While there are ways to fit 69 plots in a large spell, these method are often complicated, or involve so many tiers that errors due to over-glitching become much more likely. Here, we’ll show you the layout for a more modest (but also more safe) 42-plot 3 layer garden for large plots.


How to stack your garden

If you’d like to thoroughly study how to build a 69-plot stacked garden, please check out this guide by swordlily on Wizard101 Central. It includes lots of pictures and a thorough explanation of how to get your plots exactly where you want them. We’ve taken a video of the build of such a garden below (in this case, a King Parsley garden), so that you can follow along and see stacking in action. For those you who want to look for specific information, here are some key segments you might be interested in:

0:08 – 0:30 Setting up and moving your crates to plant medium plots on them.

1:10 – 1:45 What a phantom plot is and how to deal with it.

2:00 – 2:10 Layout.

2:40 – 3:20 Dealing with visibility in the middle layer.

5:20 – 5:30 Aligning your ground level plots.

5:35 – 5:55 Line of sight at ground level.

6:30 – 7:10 Placing your likes.

7:15 – 7:30 Caring for your pixies and aiming your large area spells.


If you plan to stack large plots for Couch Potatoes, you need only change a few simple things. You’ll note in the above video that medium plots can be planted on top of a 2 x 2 square of crates. Planting large plots works in a similar manner, but requires a 3 x3 square to allow for the extra surface area. In order to care for all plants, you can use a garden gnome in the center of the garden at one crate height off the ground, and set up your large plots in this design:

Have any questions about seeds, stacking, or the new farmhouse? Feel free to ask in the comments!

  • Flint Firecaster

    With the new Farm House (like the one in your video) you can no longer use tiger lily to make a permanent pixie (the pixie now disappears when the plant dies). Does the new “targeted” pixie spell work for these multi-tier gardens? will it produce a “like” for all 3 levels if you place it on center plant on second tier?

    • Katherine Light

      Yes, a pixie in the center of the garden will be liked by all plants. Since those pixies only last for two days, however, I prefer to keep a more permanent pixie above the garden. Rather than letting the tiger lily die, take care of it until it get about halfway to elder. Once at that stage, let the plant wilt. As soon as it’s wilted, care for it again and it will be a young plant again, and will have maintained the pixie all the way through each stage (mature/wilted/young). It requires 3 extra energy to care for it’s pollination need when you check your gardens, but you can maintain a permanent pixie this way. :)

  • Flint Firecaster

    Thank you for reply. I will add a tiger lily up top next to boom shroom ( 3 tier EMP garden). When I login today to care for garden I had a problem. My global (large area) spells appear to have affected lower and middle tiers but they did not satisfy the needs of the top (third) tier. I did put a gnome at the base of the center plant on middle tier even though I did not understand at all what you meant by ” help you target your spells” in your video. Since there are no single plant targeted spells needed on any of the 3 tiers of plants and I am not aware of any way to actually “target” a area spell, other than placing the ring on the ground making sure all bottom tier plants fit inside the ring, I just don’t understand what is meant by “help me target” when referring to the plant with the gnome. I need to learn how to satify needs on top tier plants in a hurry because it just cost me more than a full pot of energy to do this. Started with 137 had to refill once ended with 55 iirc. How do you make the initial “large area” spells take care of all three tiers?

    P.S. The pest zapper appears to have functioned properly and cure all three tiers but in hindsight I can assure you that it is better to use that spell LAST… after you have made sure all other needs are met. ROFL Was a heck of a time treating all the top tier plants with that zapper spell in my face ;P.

    • Katherine Light

      When you are choosing your large area spells, point your cursor at your garden gnome. You’ll notice that it seems to jump into the air a little, and the ring will appear to be around the middle layer rather than at ground level. You can check out what the targeting looks likes in the video at around 7:20-7:30 when I use a large area pest spell. :)

  • John

    I found that the low statue base works great for stacking medium plots. You can dig a plot right on it and don’t have to worry about moving eight crates around anymore. I first put my low statue base on nine (I think nine) crates arranged three by three on the ground. then move one crate under the statue base so that I have the base on one crate. From there I can raise the base on as many vertical crates as I want, dig a plot then leaving the bottom crate on the ground I pick up the base on its stack of crates remove one crate and place the base with one less crate back onto the initial crate for a perfect stack. My highest level is a base on four crates. I remove one crate for each level and leave the bottom crate in place for the position. No plots on the ground means you can use the space underneath the garden for likes instead of floating.

  • TwisTED

    OK just got done making my gardens for KP and EMP. Ran into a problem when I went to plant. Entire columns are unplantable. ( ground, one above, and one above that.) Found this out planting the KP. I plowed the ground one, redid the soil, and it still will not accept a seed. Is this normal? should I just wait for the elder harvest and then tear it down and start over.

    • Katherine Light

      TwisTED, is one of your likes hovering in the air directly above one of the plots? Sometimes, if a like is positioned so that it covers all or most of one of the plots, it will make it so that the plots beneath it are unusable. Try standing on that plot and looking directly above it to see if there’s anything there. If there is, try moving it around a little so that it’s in between two plots instead of directly over one of them.

      • TwisTED

        Thanks for the reply. YEP one of the plants in a pot, I just decided I can do with 66. Don’t think I will really notice a 4.3% loss in productivity.

  • Jack

    Hey guys, I prefer to use CP’s, and they have larger plots. I tried adding more crates, but I just can’t seem to get them to plant. Help would be great thanks.

  • MrGoodPie

    It sounded good, so I did it. I liked it, so I did it again. Big mistake.

    One stacked garden in the same house is fine. One stacked garden and a normal garden in the same house is also fine. Two stacked gardens in the same house get along like the in-laws. I’ll elaborate in a post on Wizard101 Central in a couple days, but I want to see how the elder harvest goes first.

    What matters right now is this: More than 1 stacking garden in the same house is a problem.

  • Alvah

    my top spot didn’t get the garden spell effect, bug still remain on top, what should i do

    • mercs101

      That likely means your spells was aimed at the ground rather than at your gnome (which should be in the center of the second layer, one crate up). Just practice aiming at your gnome a little and it should work fine. :)

  • Jonah

    Please help! I can’t seem to place the gnome, and I know I’ve followed the video exactly. Please help me!