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High Five!

High Five!

Jul 18, 2014

On Saturday July 19th, Mercenaries for Hire turns FIVE YEARS OLD! To celebrate, we’re hosting a contest worthy of a half-decade of service, with five times the bosses… and FIVE TIMES THE PRIZES! Please note that you must have a Wizard101 Central account to compete in this contest; in order to be completely sure of the order in which entries are received, we can only accept contest entries through one medium.





High Five begins at

8pm BST / 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central /

1pm Mountain / Noon Pacific

Our High Five contest will first send you diving into M4H’s post history, and then around the Spiral visiting five fights of historical significance to M4H. You’ll want to have both this thread and this forum open in your browser when the contest starts; you’ll be needing them to find the answers to the clues we’ll give you!

At each fight, we’ll require you to take a particular picture. Once you’ve taken all five pictures, private message them to Katherine_Light on Wizard101 Central. If you have never sent screenshots via private message before, please read Johnny’s guide here; you may want to try to send a friend a test PM before the contest to make sure you know exactly how to send a picture in a message. Please do not use this post to ask for advice on how to send a picture in a private message, Johnny’s guide is the appropriate place to ask questions about this. If your entry contains a mistake, we’ll let you know as soon as possible in order to give you the chance to correct it and try again.

Contest details will be edited into this post at the start of the contest’s time frame.

And now for what you really want to know….


High Five’s PRIZES

ALL correct entries received before 10pm BST / 5pm Eastern / 4pm Central / 3pm Mountain / 2pm Pacific (ie, 2 hours after start time) will receive

  • 1 fog staff
  • 1 tapestry to the Tomb of the Nameless
  • 1 tapestry to Celestia Base Camp


In addition, the first FIVE correct entries will receive

  • A SPIRAL CUP GAUNTLET, complete with
    • fountain,
    • Tanglewood Vine mount,
    • Pegasus Pony,
    • gear & weapon
    • FIVE THOUSAND Crowns


The following FIVE correct entries (ie, 6th-10th place) will receive

  • A Night Garden
  • FIVE Energy Elixirs
  • FIVE Mega Snack Packs


The following FIVE correct entries (ie, 11th – 15th place) will receive

  • A Meadow at Dusk
  • FIVE Energy Elixirs
  • FIVE Mega Snack Packs


The following FIVE correct entries (ie, 16th – 20th place) will receive

  • A MidDay Estate


The following FIVE correct entries (ie, 21-25th place) will receive

  • a pet bundle containing codes for YOUR CHOICE of FIVE first-generation bundle pets. Choose from:
    • Arcane Helpers
    • Betta Fish
    • Babydactyl
    • Bumblebee
    • Giraffe
    • Nighthawk
    • Polar Bear Cub
    • Shaolin Monkey
    • Snake in a Basket
    • Stegosaurus
    • Trojan Horse
  • FIVE hatching elixirs

Please bear in mind that as we are giving away LOT of prizes, it may take some time for us to get your codes to you; please be patient and do not be surprised or concerned if your codes take a day or so to get arranged and sent out.



Each clue is related to something that has happened during each year of M4H’s history. If necessary, dive into the old threads to find the posts and/or situations we’re referring to, head to the applicable boss or location, and take the picture we ask for. Upload your pictures to an album on Wizard101 Central or imagehostingcentral, and then send them to me in a private message. The prizes are listed above!

Year #1, July 2009 – July 2010
Significant Event: Mercenaries For Hire opens! Take on the boss listed in the FIRST EVER M4H request and take a picture of them as they are being defeated. (Research Difficulty: 1/5, Fight Difficulty: 3/5)

Answer: Malistaire

Year #2, July 2010 – July 2011
Significant Events: In the fall of 2010, Andrew Wildflame takes over as leader of M4H! In the early summer of 2011, M4H gets its own sub-forum! Find the first request Andrew Wildflame picked up on M4H’s new subforum, and take a picture of that boss (or bosses) being defeated. Note that Andrew actually replies to two requests in this post; this clue applies to the run that he confirmed was completed. (Research Difficulty: 4/5, Fight Difficulty: 3/5)

Answer: Jotun


Year #3, July 2001 – July 2012
Significant Event: Andrew Wildflame steps back and for the first time M4H elects to have TWO leaders, Katherine Light and John Shadow. (They later wonder if having two crazy people in charge was the greatest plan. ) Take a picture of yourself in any battle in which you face two bosses at once, clearly showing both bosses in the battle circle. (Research Difficulty: 1/5, Fight Difficulty: 1/5)

Answer: literally any double boss fight, lol


Year #4, July 2012 – July 2013
Significant Event: Mercenaries for Hire becomes an official fansite! Find the first cheat boss fight guide published on M4H’s site, complete the fight that it’s about, and take a picture of yourself in the empty room after all the enemies have been defeated. (Research Difficulty: 3/5, Fight Difficulty: 5/5)

Answer: First Floor TotH


Year #5, July 2013 – July 2014
Significant Event: Daisy Sparklesong and Prince of Shadows take over as merc leaders! Take a picture of yourself defeating the boss at the location shown in Prince of Shadows’ signature. (Research Difficulty: 2/5, Fight Difficulty: 3/5)

Answer: Loremaster (see location of signature picture)

Send all 5 of your photos to me via private message to earn your prizes!


1st – 5th

Epic Patrick

6th – 10th

Dragon Seeker

11th – 15th

Vanessa Mythdust
Mason Wizard

16th – 20th

Roslyn NightWhisper
Queen Morganthe

21st – 25th

Wolf HexWeave
~Dylan River~

Other Successful Entrants

Lord of Night
Taylor Rose
Calamity Pixieshade
justin hawkblood
David Fireflame21
Jacqueline Frost
Alejandro Darkglade
Tasha Darkcaster

  • BlainyKid

    What if we can not be in-game at the time of the contest? Or do not have access to the premium areas needed or any premium areas? #Wut do we do?

    • Katherine Light

      I’m afraid that if you do not have game access during the time of the contest, you will not be able to enter this one. :( We do often have contests that do not require game access (we just finished one), but for this particular one you need to be able to get to various places in game. If you can’t make this one, keep looking for other contests that have a wider time frame and don’t require people to get in game, though, we have them regularly. :)

      • BlainyKid

        What about premium access? Will we need to go to pay-to-play areas in order to finish this?

        • Katherine Light

          Yes, this contest will go beyond the free to play areas.

          • Steven FrostHunter

            Do you guys think you can spare me a fog staff? I’m a exalted ice wizard and I have all my gears and all i’m missing is the fog staff. I’ve tried joining your contests for fogs but I always miss them. I know you guys are saying why should I get one if I didn’t win. Well it almost seems impossible for me to win a fog because generally I’m just horrible in contests and I never find a open fog staff giveaway because I’m a really unorganized guy. So please if you could spare me a fog staff it would mean a lot to me. Thank You once again.

      • Brian Battleblade

        Hey i would like to ask if i can receive a fog staff because i wasn’t able to enter the contest and the reason is cause my account got hacked and i’ve recently been trying to retrieve it but all my wands/friends etc. were deleted when my account was recovered therefore it would be most appreciated if i got a fog staff, thx and i hope you would consider this decision.

  • tristan hawkflame

    i wanted to ask if you can do a giveaway of fog staff codes as that is the last wand i need to finish my collection and many other people also really want. If no can you plz give me one thanks

    • Katherine Light

      Tristan, all people who enter this contest will receive a fog staff and two tapestries, so here’s your chance! Even if you don’t win one of the larger prizes, you will at least receive your fog staff. :)

  • Tday

    Please bear with me really confused. So is this the contest description or on central? Second are we suppose to do this emote near the boss or something? What does it mean by high five? Or while battling the boss we take a certain picture send it to u on central and tell u email for prizes on central? If I make no sense please bear with me

    • Katherine Light

      The contest description is both here AND on Central, but entries will only be accepted on Central. (For those who do not understand why, it’s because the only other way to accept entries is via email, and our email system occasionally has problems accepting emails with several large files such as high-res pictures attached.)

      When we post the clues, we will require you to take a picture in game; we’ll tell you what particular picture when we post the clues. High five is just the name of the contest. Once you take the required pictures, you send them to me as a private message on Central – the link to my profile on Central is in this post. :)

      • Tday

        Oh ok so email won’t work? U could try a gmail account which I use it works for picture contests lik this

        • Katherine Light

          It is a gmail account, lol. Unfortunately it’s just not reliable enough for contests like this, which is why we use Central. :) Also becasue there are people that aren’t comfortable letting others know their email addresses, so this is a better alternative for them as it allows them to only communicate using an (relatively anonymous) screen name.

  • Wolf Stormflame

    Do you still get a fog staff even if you don’t get all the entries correct or do they all have to be correct?

    • Katherine Light

      They all have to be correct, BUT if one of your pictures is incorrect we’ll let you know what the problem is and give you the opportunity to correct it. :)

      • Wolf Stormflame

        Ok thanks 😀

  • Victoria Rose

    darn it :( i cant enter because i was banned from central forever for editing a wiki.. and ive never regretted it more than now…

    is there another way i could enter? ive tried to make a new account but i’m being automatically rebanned. could i email my entries using gmail?

  • Haley

    Where is the rules? Getting anxious, lol

    • Katherine Light

      They’re in this post now. :) Good luck!

  • Jared Dragonshield

    Well I figure all of them out to bad I don’t have access to all of the areas. Great Contest 😀

  • Wolf Stormflame

    This is crazy hard haha

  • Haley

    Prince of Shadows sig pic leads to the M101 post forum.
    This is getting really stressful. :(
    Someone PLEASE help?

    • Katherine Light

      Look at the actual picture in his signature. Where is he and what fight is he entering?

  • Tday

    wow my subscription ended today ugh guess i’ll have to wait forever to get a fog staff again/ sprial gaunlet. GRRRRRRRRRR

  • Haley

    The cheating boss one, its a whole dungeon. Idk if I can finish it in that much time I ahve left…ugh…Is it a long dungeon, and is it in Wizard City?

    • Katherine Light

      The cheating boss one doesn’t require you to do a whole dungeon. :) It is not in Wizard City.

      • Haley

        Where is it? lol
        Please help me out..

  • Tday

    unless you count 1st area a valid entry for one

    • Haley

      It says under the cheating boss section, that Waterworks: Fast and Furious, on Sep 2, 2012. Being the first posted.

      • Katherine Light

        There may be an “older posts” button, or for some reason it may not have been loading if too many people were checking for it at once. There are several before September, hopefully it will load properly for you now. :)

  • Haley

    My computer is lagging really badly, what happens if I’m a little to late?

    • Katherine Light

      There’s still an hour and a half remaining, as we’ve extended the time by 2 hours due to so many people encountering serious lag. :) You should be fine.

      • jeff

        what time is it over? eastern?

        • Katherine Light

          Hi Jeff! The contest ended at 7pm Eastern.

          • Tday

            wow i could of bought a sub and had time but it said 5 eastern not 7 :/

  • Ali Storm

    I am not having luck with finding out where any of the bosses are that I need to defeat! ):

  • DesiredSky099

    I don’t know if my entry has been seen yet or not? How will I be able to tell?

  • DesiredSky099

    Never mind, I just got a reply

  • DesiredSky099

    This was such a fun contest, I’m not used to running around wizard101 like that XD

  • jeff

    I need help with the second one i have all the others where do i look and what is the post number

  • Tday

    dangit no sub people dont get any of these :-[

  • DashingWolf

    I missed it noooooo

  • Wolf ShadowSword

    Woot I am so excited for this and congrats on your 5 year old website! This is the best website ever! This contest will be so cool, ill be glad to join and try. 😀

  • Erica Lightshield

    I will be watching for another contest involving Fog Staffs! I missed this one :( hope I can get my hands on one next time. But happy late 5th birthday!

  • Jacob NightHunter

    I am too late to enter this contest, but one of the tapestries sends you to the tomb of the nameless. What is the tomb of the nameless?

  • Hunter IceShard

    Hi mercenaries
    Are you still doing events? I’m new to the US and want to know if it’s still running
    Also, are we able to join the M4H team? It’s likely I run on a different time to you and would be more than happy to help with international requests for the eastern (European) sector of the globe

    • mercs101

      Hi Hunter!

      We still do events from time to time and there will be some leading up to Christmas.
      There is an article about joining the mercs under the M4H Team heading – Recruitment. This article gives information on how we recruit.
      I hope you enjoy your move to the US!