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How Far We Have Come

How Far We Have Come

Sep 25, 2012

Since the creation of Mercenaries For Hire in 2009,  a team of 47 people have picked up over 10,000 requests to help the members of the awesome Wizard101  community in game. Many of our former members, even those that no longer play the game, still have ongoing and active relationships with the current team members, and we view ourselves as something of an extended game family. Thanks to Zane,
we have been able to put together a picture of the team showing all past and present mercenaries. This is how far we have come.

Iamcrazy 2013

From left to right:  Aeneas,Ice Colossus, Dime30, Dark_Inspiration,  Icy Lionheart, RamessesII,  Scarlet*,  Alric Ravensinger, Katherine Light,  Compguru1,  John Shadow, Keira Nighthunter, $eth, Kevin Shadowstalker, Andrew Wildflame, Cret92,  Phoenix Flyer, gramsof3, Prince of Shadows, Deathshard, Madtiger, Poppy RB,  Cody Soulmender,  Apollo, Ruler of Fire and Death,  Dusk Weaver, Cedric Young, Indie Mondays, Brahm Dreampants,  Crzydaisy, Jonah,  Alex Soulsinger,  Army of Stones, Fiona Wildshade, Aura*, Sorceress Miklai,  Nesogra, Cassandra Dragonheart, Lady Blade, The Earthweavers,  Mr.Owl, Jesse Nightwalker, Zane, Keira Skywalker, Ellie Kat, and Christo Deathgiver.


Missing: The Spiral King.

  • Scarlet

    Thank you, Zane. This is amazing. :) And hopefully, one day, we can add The Spiral King to the picture. :) Lot of great mercs and great friends.

  • DuskWeaver

    Miss this, but after being in the original group…little burned out. Awesome to see the group photo – great job, Zane!