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How to Prepare for Your Run

How to Prepare for Your Run

Mar 3, 2012

Here are a few tips to make both your request posting and your run go as smoothly as possible:

Timing Your Request

– When you post a request, please do so as far in advance as possible. An hour minimum of notice is preferable, so that the mercenary picking up your request can finish any real-life obligations they are busy with at the time. There may not be anyone available for right now requests, particularly for longer instances.

– Make sure you list a time frame when you are sure you will be available. Do not list that you are available “all day” if you will not be in game and actively checking the board for a response all day. While we try to give advance notice whenever possible, we recommend you check messages every 20 minutes during the time you listed as being online & available, in case we are only able to pick up your run at the last minute. If you need more notice, just let us know in your request.

Consider any outside obligations that may interfere with your time in a dungeon.  We understand that sometimes things happen and you may need to step away for a minute on occasion, but please do not schedule a run for when you will be busy and need to leave the computer often, or for long stretches of time. This isn’t fair to our time, or to the time of people in your life who are counting on you to be available.

– The time frame you give should be the available start time. If you are requesting for a instance that needs 1 hour to complete and you have to leave by 9PM, please indicate that the end of your available time to start is 8pm. If you are unsure of how long a dungeon may take, make sure to clarify the time at which you must be finished. Be sure to plan enough time to finish your request.

– Please be patient. If we do not respond right away, it is not because we haven’t seen your request – we’re simply trying to co-ordinate our schedules, often to accomodate several runs. There’s no need to post your request again – we promise, we’ve seen it and are doing our best to address it.

Arrive on time. If you do not arrive on time, we will wait a maximum of 10 minutes for you to show up for a run, then we will move on.


Setting Up for Your Run

-Please keep chatter off the thread. When there are numerous posts coordinating a run (or off-topic posts), new posts requesting help can get buried. If you need to clarify something to do with your run, please try to do it via private message.

– Have full potion bottles, full health, and full mana especially for difficult instances. You want to start your run strong.

– When a mercenary picks up your request, they will also send you a private message. Depending on what you’ve asked for help with, this message may include some instructions regarding strategy in the dungeon. Please read over these, and if you have any questions feel free to respond to the mercenary and ask.


What To Do in the Dungeon

– Unless otherwise instructed, let the mercenary enter the fight first. We are generally more able to withstand the hits the bosses throw our way and we want to make sure that YOU stay safe. This also ensures that the mercenary has finished giving you any necessary instructions about the fight before you enter.

-If a mercenary is giving you instructions about a fight, please listen carefully, and if you find anything confusing or unclear, please ask. As much as we are here to help you, we are also here to teach and instruct, and we want you to leave the dungeon with a better idea of how the bosses work (and what you can do to defeat them).

Finally, have fun! We’re here to help where we can because we enjoy doing this, so have a blast!

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    you guys were AMAZING, i battled with Blake… something and i just want you guys to know you are pretty freaking awesome