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I Get Around

I Get Around

Aug 7, 2014

An interesting challenge of Merc life is getting from one run to another very quickly.  Sometimes we have requests on opposite ends of the spiral only minutes apart.  There are a few tricks that speed travel from mission to mission.   You can use them too.

Get to know the locations of teleporters in each world.  They can save a lot of running.  Set marks at sigils or NPCs before porting to base areas if you expect to return. Mark before using a potion, so as not to waste combat mana.

If you port home — to a castle or dorm — then quit to the character screen, then log back on, you’ll be wherever you were before you ported.  This is handy during farming sessions when you need to unload loot fast, or if you are about to enter a dungeon but want to pick up a pet or gear item from home.  There’s an exception to this if you are inside an instance; you’ll be at the sigil when you log back on.  So don’t do it during a dungeon quest, but use it when farming to reset the instance after a fight.  Beat the Gladiator?   Quit, select your wiz again, and you’re instantly at the sigil for another run.

wizard dorm room with teleport shortcuts to the bazaar and world gate

Dorm room hub with porter to world gate in another castle.   Spare wands on the wall, pets and gear ready to go!

Create a hub and store only things you need for battle there.  A dorm room works well if you want quick bank access.  You can let  useful pets roam close by, and if you don’t want to store gear items in a bank, place mannequins in an easy to reach spot.  My hub even has a mini-game for refilling potions after a run.  It’s best to keep it uncluttered so it loads fast and you have room to unload things in a pinch.  Use another location (like the cellar of your farm house) to store things you don’t use regularly.

DON’T use a house with a garden as a hub.  Plants can be ignored if you don’t go home, but as soon as they “see” you, the needs timer starts.  So it is best to unequip your gardening location and go there only on schedule to tend plants.

World Gate with floating teleport tapestries

World Gate with floating teleport tapestries

Use teleport tapestries.  The summer 2014 update made many tapestries craftable.  There are others that can be obtained from fan sites — including this one.  Most of them are offered as contest prizes from time to time.  Tapestries can link often-used locations like the PvP Arena or the Bazaar directly from your hub.  You might want one from your dorm to your current questing world, or from your crafting workshop to a reagent vendor.

Hang it up!  There’s an easy way to hang a teleport ANYWHERE, even right next to your world gate.  It used to require a tricky glitch but with the introduction of castle blocks it’s now very easy.  Place a crafted large or XL castle wall block where you want a tapestry.  Hang the tapestry on it.  Exit the “place item” screen.  Click “place item” again.  Click on the move tool and then the wall block.  The tapestry will disappear but don’t worry, it’s still there.  Slide or rotate the block away.  Exit move and voila — the tapestry is floating right where you put it, without the wall.  You can then pick up the block and use it again somewhere else.  One is all you need.


You can use regular crafted (or bought) teleporters to go from your hub to a different castle.  Sadly we can’t use teleporters to custom locations in the Spiral, but we can use them between our own properties.  That means your dorm hub can lead quickly to a garden, pet ranch, or World Gate.

Don’t forget your friends!  Be sure to ask permission before porting, but if they are in the Bazaar, Pet Pavilion, or other common area it’s usually ok to hitch a ride.  If you have two accounts you can even use one of your own wizards as a temporary mark for another.   Some people *cough* might even make a free account to hold treasure cards, and park those wizards around the spiral.  For a small investment you could have a permanent “friend” in Aquila or Haunted Cave. That level one you saw at Morganthe’s sigil?   He’s not a n00b; he’s a shortcut!

Happy trails!

  • Evan Silver

    All I had to do to hang up a tapestry anywhere was put the tapestry on the castle block then pick up the castle block.

    • Prince of Shadows

      Yes, now it is that easy. The last updates have given us some nice housing features. Those blocks have many uses :)

  • Chrissy The Blesser

    Wonderful tips here and I LOVE the floating Tapestry trick. It is SO long from my Spiral door to my nearest wall. Thank you immensely for sharing your wisdom.