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I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat!

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat!

Jul 15, 2015

Meowiarty is back with new tricks up his………fur? The new “Meowiarty Exalted Dungeon” is an Ultra One-Shot dungeon purchasable for 500 crowns in the crown shop, or possibly gained as a drop from various enemies across the Spiral.

To use a One-Shot dungeon, simply place the item anywhere in your house where you have room, and voila! As a One-Shot dungeon, you can only complete it once, and the owner of the house must be in the party that enters. If you must leave the dungeon, or you are defeated and need to flee, you must use dungeon recall to enter again. If you let dungeon recall expire or log out, you must purchase the dungeon again as the dungeon will have transformed into a neat housing item.

The Cats and the Rats!

This dungeon only has one fight, but the enemies faced might be different each time you enter. Your fight will always have Meowiarty, an O’Leary Thug, and a Midnight Minion. The fourth spot of the fight can be either Dr. Von Katzenstein, Jaques the Scratcher, or Gibson O’Leary. These enemies seem to have 25% pierce for their attacks, and the bosses know their School affiliated Shadow Enhanced spells.

The Cheats!

Meowiarty Cheats

Picture 2015-07-07 22-31-16

  • As an interrupt on Round 1, Meowiarty will attack one random player with a Shadow attack that leaves a Shadow DoT that hangs around them for 4 rounds. On the 5th round, the DoT will Detonate dealing roughly 2,500 shadow damage. He also gives himself and each of his allies a 10 % trap in the shape of a Lock.

Picture 2015-07-13 15-03-05

  • Every 5th round after he casts his Shadow DoT attack, Meowiarty removes all negative wards and any remaining locks placed on him or his allies. He will then cast his Shadow DoT attack on a random player and give himself and each of his allies a new lock. 

Picture 2015-07-13 15-02-13

  • If you cast triage to remove ANY DoT, including the Shadow DoT, Meowiarty will interrupt and cast Shadow Bolt (Shadow version of Insane Bolt) on the caster. This spell does roughly 2000 Shadow damage, even through high resist. He will then remove all negative wards and locks before recasting his Shadow DoT attack and give himself and each of his allies a new Lock.

Picture 2015-07-13 14-53-02

  • Whenever the last Lock is removed using an AoE, Meowiarty will interrupt to cast Shadow Bolt on the caster. This spell does roughly 2000 Shadow damage, even through high resist. If an AoE is cast that does not remove any lock, Meowiarty will not cast Shadow Bolt on the caster.

Picture 2015-07-13 14-30-37

  • Whenever all locks have been removed, whether by AoE or by single target attack, Meowiarty will interrupt and cast Mass Triage. Remember, removing the last lock with an AoE also causes the caster to be hit with a Shadow Bolt.

O’Leary Thug Cheats

Picture 2015-07-07 22-55-32

  • Whenever an Aura is cast, whether by wizard or pet, the O’Leary Thug will interrupt to cast Supernova on the caster, destroying the aura.

Picture 2015-07-07 22-05-37

  • Whenever any spell is cast, whether by wizard or pet, and the caster has 5 or more pips remaining, the O’Leary Thug will cast a Mana Burn on the caster. Remember, if an aura is cast to trigger this cheat, he will also cast Supernova and destroy the aura.


Picture 2015-07-13 14-24-18

  • Whenever an ally, not including itself, successfully casts an attack, the Midnighter will interrupt and cast Empower on the caster giving them 3 pips.

Picture 2015-07-13 14-26-34

  • Whenever and ally, not including itself, casts a blade, the Midnighter will interrupt and cast Dark Pact on the receiver of that blade.
    • If the O’Leary Thug casts Bladestorm, he will Dark Pact the caster.
    • If the O’Leary Thug casts Savage Paw, a spell that grants the caster a blade, he will Dark Pact the TARGET of Savage Paw and not the caster. This means he will give YOU a blade if you are hit with Savage Paw, NOT the O’Leary Thug.

Picture 2015-07-15 00-04-35

  • Whenever an ally fizzles any spell, the Midnighter will interrupt at the end of the round to cast Black Cat on the target of the fizzled spell. This is triggered even by fizzles that are the result of dispels and accuracy debuffs.
    • If an ally fizzles a spell that does not target an enemy (blade, aura, etc.) then a random target is selected.

Jaques the Scratcher

Picture 2015-07-14 23-53-41

  • Whenever a heal over time is cast, Jaques the Scratcher will interrupt to cast Snow Drift on the receiver of that heal, stealing it.
    • If an AoE heal over time spell is cast, he will only cast Snow Drift on the caster.
    • If you have a heal over time on you that wasn’t stolen, either as a result of an AoE heal over time spell or dispelling the steal, and you, or your pet, casts ANY healing spell, your heal over time will be stolen.

Picture 2015-07-14 23-44-03

  • Whenever a universal shield or absorb is cast, Jaques the Scratcher will interrupt to cast Steal Ward on the receiver of that shield. If an AoE shield or absorb is cast, only the caster’s shield is stolen.

Picture 2015-07-14 23-43-27

  • Whenever a non-universal shield is cast, Jaques the Scratcher will cast Steal Ward on the receiver of that shield, then destroy what he stole. The steal follows the last in first out rule and only steals the last shield placed by a tri or duo shield.

Picture 2015-07-14 23-49-13

  • Whenever an enemy takes damage from the tick of a DoT spell, Jaques the Scratcher will interrupt to cast Cooldown and remove one tick from the DoT.
    • If an AoE DoT spell is cast that removes the last Lock, then only Meowiarties Mass Triage will trigger, removing the DoT. Remember, removing the last lock using an AoE also causes Meowiarty to Shadow Bolt the caster.
    • If an AoE DoT spell does not remove any Lock, Cooldown will be cast like normal.
    • If Meowiarty is dead, Cooldown will be cast like normal and all DoTs will have one tick removed.

Gibson O’Leary

Picture 2015-07-07 22-19-15

  • Whenever a universal, elemental, or fire blade is cast, Gibson O’Leary will interrupt to cast Steal Charm on the receiver of that blade and take the it for himself. Only the fire portion of the Elemental Blade and the casters blade from a Bladestorm are stolen. If you are stacking blades that trigger this cheat, the blades he steals will also stack leading to a lot of damage from his next fire attack.

Picture 2015-07-07 22-31-46

  • Whenever a Spirit Blade or single target school blade is cast, Gibson O’Leary will cast Steal Charm on the receiver of that blade and destroy what he stole. Only the Life portion of a Spirit Blade is stolen. Remember, if the single target school blade is a fire blade, he will not destroy the blade and will keep it instead.

Picture 2015-07-14 17-08-37

  • Whenever a universal trap is placed on one of this allies or himself, Gibson O’Leary will cast Backdraft on the caster. The power of Backdraft depends on the amount of pips he has at the time of the cast.

Picture 2015-07-14 17-12-12

  • Whenever you are targeted by an enemy spell AND you have a Fire DoT, Gibson O’Leary will interrupt to cast Detonate on whoever was targeted.
    • If an ally casts a spell on you that triggers a cheat, such as casting Elemental Tri on an ally, the resulting Steal Charm will also activate the Detonate if the target has a Fire DoT. The same is true if you trigger the O’Leary Thugs Mana Burn cheat.
    • Universal traps like feint that trigger Backdraft will also trigger Detonate if the target has a Fire DoT. This can be a very deadly combination as Backdraft, and the universal portion of feint will both be activated increasing the damage.

Dr. Von Katzenstein

Picture 2015-07-13 14-56-28

  • Every 3rd round (3, 6, 9, etc.) Dr. Von Katzenstein will interrupt at the end of the round and cast Dr. Von’s Monster on a random target.

Picture 2015-07-14 23-19-33

  • Whenever a negative damage charm or dispel is cast on one of his allies, Dr. Von Katzenstein will interrupt to cast Cleanse Charm on the target of that negative charm.

Picture 2015-07-14 22-51-57

  • At the beginning of every 4th round (4, 8, 12, etc.) Dr. Von Katzenstein will interrupt to cast Shane’s Monster on whoever was targeted by Dr. Von’s Monster the round before, which will also beguile them.
    • If the person targeted the round prior is dead, he will attack a random target instead.

Picture 2015-07-14 22-54-17

  • Whenever a damage blade is cast, Dr. Von Katzenstein will interrupt to cast Enfeeble on the receiver of that blade.
    • If Bladestorm is cast, only the caster is Enfeebled.

The Strats!

Every Fight

  • Have a dedicated healer. Even though they don’t have a lot of health, these enemies hit hard, so having a dedicated healer will help keep everyone healthy. It is also a good idea to have some heals for yourself in case your healer is unable to heal you.
  • Don’t cast spells if you are the hammer unless it is to kill someone. Because of the Mana Burn cheat from the O’Leary Thug, your hammer should not be casting ANY spells to prevent them from taking damage and losing pips. This means not having any “may cast” pets equipped. This might also be smart for healers and buffers to save pips for necessary spells, and to prevent damage where applicable.
  • Ignore the Shadow DoT cheat. Despite the damage from the Shadow DoT spell being very high, there is no safe way to prevent you from taking damage. This does not mean don’t keep track of it. Count out each round to work around the removal of traps to make sure you don’t lose buffs and elongate the battle.
  • If you hit with an AoE, make sure it kills. If you do not kill them after using an AoE spell, expect your hammer to die either immediately, or very soon after. The Shadow Bolt spell does about 2000 damage even with high resist which could leave your head spinning. If you don’t die from that, expect to take a lot of damage from the minions and bosses that are now focusing you.
  • Kill them quickly. This may seem like a given, but it’s worth mentioning. Killing them fast eliminates damage, makes a lot of these cheats harmless, and gets you to the loot faster.
  • Work together. With so many cheats, the fastest and safest way to get through this battle is to work together to prevent cheats, stay healthy, and kill them quickly.

Jaques the Scratcher

  • Treat this fight like a normal fight. Stack feints on both Meowiarty and Jaques the Scratcher and stack blades on your hammer to take them all out with one big hit.
  • Do not cast a heal over time spells. Jaques will steal the ticks of the heal making it harder to kill him.
  • Do not cast any shields. Even if he doesn’t steal the shield and use it for himself, it is virtually useless since you are only left with one or two shields depending on the shield you used.

Gibson O’Leary

  • Focus Gibson first. Gibson’s cheats are very annoying, especially if you are using a fire hammer. Stack feints, tri traps, and school traps before hitting him with a single target attack. Killing him first makes it much safer to use blades and traps later. Once he is dead, treat the fight like normal and blade and trap like normal.
  • Be careful when using blades. If your hammer is an elemental school or Balance hammer (Storm, Ice, Fire), then using tri blades will also buff Gibson O’Leary. If they aren’t, you should still be cautious of the detonate cheat. Since it activates based on enemies targeting you with a spell while you have a DoT, blading your hammer will cause Gibson to target them which could potentially stack up damage from any detonates.
  • Be careful when using universal traps. Like with blades, feints cause Gibson to target you. Since universal traps lead to Backdraft, having a DoT will cause him to detonate you leading to considerable damage as a result of the Backdraft.
  • Just be careful. A lot of these cheats lead to taking damage, which if not carefully controlled, can kill you quickly.

Dr. Von Katzenstein

  • Focus Katzenstein first. Like Gibson, his cheats are very annoying are are best dealt with quickly. Stack feints, tri traps, and school traps before taking him out with a single target attack. Killing him first stops the Dr. Von’s Monster and Shane’s Monster cheats. It also allows you to blade your hammer freely without having them Enfeebled off. After he is dead, treat this fight normally by blading your hammer and trapping the boss. 
  • Count out the rounds. Counting each round will let you know when to expect to take additional damage and when someone will be beguiled.

After completing this Exalted challenge, there is the possibility of cool new unique gear, Ultra Seeds, reagents, and Socket Wrenches! One such reagent allows you to craft the cool new School Mounts! If you get anything cool from this dungeon, be sure to let us know!

  • The Balance Wizard Soloer

    Wow this a great guide. thx lol

  • Erica Winters

    This may be a dumb question but I get so many opinions I would like to get a correct answer. How does a person count rounds, and does it matter if you go first or the mobs go first? if we go first in the fight does round 1 start with us. If they go first does the round start with them? I’m just not sure how that actually works and I can’t find the answer anywhere on the internet or the forums.

    • Alex Deathtamer

      Not a dumb question at all! There are different ways people choose to count rounds, but the Merc way is the same across all our guides where counting rounds is necessary. The way we count rounds is by spell selection. It does not matter who is first to cast or second to cast. All that matters is that wizards are able to cast a new spell.

      So with that as the guide, the moment the fight begins it is round 1 since that is the first round a wizard can choose a spell. Once a wizard is able to cast a spell again, round 2 begins. Once a wizard is able to cast a spell again, round 3 begins, It continues that way for as many rounds as it takes.

      Again, our guides are based on this method of counting rounds. For other guides or other posts, they may not use this same method, though it is probably the most universal. Hope this clarifies.

      • Erica Winters

        Thanks Alex, you have been extremely informative and your explanation was spot on. So again I thank you. However I swear I was not able to find anything at all anywhere on internet or in Wizard Forum. So I will go with your method. Thanks again :)’

        Wait, I mean this as in regards say a fight where round counting is crucial like in Darkmoor before the Dragon comes down from the ceiling. Like when you can blade etc. Does this still apply?

        • Alex Deathtamer

          Great question! Malistaire is certainly an interesting fight for round counting, and again this same rule applies. It is necessary to be mindful, however, of when a cheat occurs. With regards to the bone dragon cheat, that occurs every four rounds beginning on round five. To give an example of how a run might look with 4 wizards trying to hit before the blades are cleared, here it is played out round by round.

          Round 1: Blade, Blade, Blade, Blade
          Round 2: Blade, Blade, Blade, Blade
          Round 3: Blade, Blade, Blade, Blade
          Round 4: Blade, Blade, Blade, Hit
          Round 5: Dragon Blade Clear, Blade, Blade, Blade, Blade (we call this round 1 since this begins the cycle again).

          Since the cheat occurs at the BEGINNING of round 5, wizards should hit on round 4 since if they wait another round, they wont get the chance to use those blades for an attack since any spell they cast will come AFTER the cheat occurs. Note that wizards will still select spells before the dragon cheat occurs, so this still applies and it is why we state the cheat occurs on round 5. If the cheat occurs at the END of round 5, wizards would still be able to cast blades and use them on the fifth round. This would still be considered round 5, but the impact it has on the round changes.

          Unless otherwise specified, cheats occur at the beginning of the round we state. So when it reads ever four rounds beginning on round 5, that means the cheat occurs at the beginning of round 5, 9, 13, 17, etc. Wizards can still blade on these rounds, but note that any blades already on a wizard will be removed. Hope this answers your question! Sorry for the length. This can be hard to understand, so to avoid confusion I tried to provide as much information as possible.

          • Erica Winters

            OK, that opened up a another question from me to you. Sorry about that. So with your example having 4 wizards in the fight here is my questions.

            Based on your comment on Round 4 of Blade, Blade, Blade, hit:

            It looks like you are saying that on Round 4 everyone blades but only wizard 4 does the hitting. Is this correct? And that on Round 5 Wizard’s 1, 2, and 3 lose their blades assuming they put them on themselves and did not use on Wizard4?

            Or I wonder if on round 4 can all 4 wizards hit if they wanted to or heal or whatever they can accomplish?

            Also you mentioned if the cheat occurs at the END of round 5 that would mean because our team went first and so Wizards 1, 2, and 3 could put blades on Wizard 4 and Wizard 4 could then hit, and then Bone Dragon on his turn would be trying to remove blades at that point and maybe there won’t be any for him to remove?

            I’m just trying to get a clear picture so forgive me :)

            And for goodness sakes don’t try and shorten your answer feeling it may be too long. LOL For me the longer and more depth you go into is SO much better. :)

            Thanks again for all your time with me on this.

          • Alex Deathtamer

            The reason I list the three wizards blading and the fourth hitting in the round by round example is because the first three wizards in the fight are blading the fourth wizard. All blades being cast are now on the fourth wizard, so them hitting uses them up before the dragon can clear them.

            If a cheat occurs at the end of a round, it does not matter whether your team goes first or second. The cheat would occur after you and your allies cast the spells you selected for the fifth round and after your enemies cast the spells they selected for the fifth round. So yes, if the cheat occurred at the end of the fifth round rather than the beginning, the first three wizards could blade the fourth wizard and the fourth wizard could hit and use them before the dragon cleared them. Since the cheat occurs at the beginning of the fourth round, whoever has blades would need to hit on the fourth round or they would lose them on the fifth.

          • Erica Winters

            Ok, then cool I had the right idea after all, based on your explanations. You have helped me more than anyone on this game so all is clear now. Thank you so much!