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In The Name Of Love – Contest

In The Name Of Love – Contest

Feb 20, 2016

!!!Notice Me!!!

While love was in the air not too long ago, some of us just didn’t quite have the courage to take those feelings we have deep down inside and cough them up onto a piece of paper for our object of affection to read, cringe at, and then toss aside…or is that just my notes? Well here’s your chance to redeem yourself and win some amazing prizes in the process!

Love Is In The Air


I thought all was fair in love and war? WRONG…mostly…since this is a contest, we do have a few requirements.

  • Participants must write a love poem or note to ANY Boss or NPC in Wizard101.
  • Poems/notes must be 150 words or less (we don’t like too much reading).
  • Entries must be posted as a reply to this post.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed.
  • All entries must be your own.
  • Contest ends February 26 at 11:59PM CST.

If you have a question about the rules, please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. We reserve the right to hear or ignore all challenges/inquires made after the deadline has passed.

While that’s all well and good, what do I get for pouring my heart out? Well I’m glad I asked myself that convenient question so I can segue into the prizes.


First Prize: 5K Crowns AND a Lovely Leopard pet

Second Prize: 5K Crowns Code

Third – Fifth Prize: Lovely Leopard Pet

How do I win?

After the deadline has passed, we will review all valid submissions and pick the funniest/most unique entries that you guys and gals had to offer. Winners will be announced here in a timely manner after the deadline of the contest.

Disclaimer: This contest is being hosted on Wizard101Central and our blog to allow the greatest number of entries.

A huge thanks to the folks at KingsIsle for the prizes offered in this contest!

Let your fingers fly and your heart sing in the name of love!

  • ElementalBreeze

    To Eudora Tangletree,

    To you I say “merci” for all the things you’ve done for me! You helped me learn to craft, you even showed me how to make a rough draft! I hope I’ve made you proud.I hope I am allowed to call you my friend! Oh, how you’ve made my heart bend. Eudora, will you be my valentine?

  • Shaquille Davis

    To Dalia Falmea

    I Remember The Day We met…On FireCat Alley We Sat…Feeding Sun Birds In The Park…You Kissed Me And Left A Mark…Saying Farewell Goodbye I’m Not Good Enough For You…I Held Your Hand And Said ”I Love You Too”…All the crowns in the world couldn’t separate our Bond…Because two wands can create a everlasting Love.

  • Emma IceHeart

    Hi! my friend Eloise Merryweather let me read the letter that Prospector Zeke wrote for her in Valentine’s day. I hope you like it.

    • Alex Deathtamer

      Thanks for the entry, but in order to be considered a valid submission the note/poem must be from you, the wizard, to an NPC. Notes between NPCs, or notes from NPCs to you are not considered valid entries.

      • Emma IceHeart

        Ok, sorry for the confusion.
        I delete the entry invalid.

  • Brian

    to Lord Nightshade
    Death is life for one who conjuring death,
    sapping the life of one soul or another,
    bringing the weak to strengh,
    to over come your mighty obsticle,
    you are one true boss to never be forgotten.

  • Tyler ShadowCaller

    To Morganthe:
    The mirror broke
    But the amulet never fell.
    All you dropped was a cloak
    That i couldnt even sell!
    I hope you know
    That i didnt mind
    Because I visited rasputin that pro
    All the beautiful amulet shinned

    -Cody Shadowstaff
    Twitter: Cshadowstaff

  • Alex Deathtamer

    Three great questions were asked about the contest that I feel should be made aware to all entrants.

    1. Poems/Notes must be from the entrant to the NPC. Notes/Poems back and forth, from an NPC to you, or from an NPC to another NPC are not valid entries.

    2. NPCs are all non-playable characters that have been included in the game, past or present. Minions and similar characters do count, as do younger versions of NPCs as seen during the boxes event, but the children of Old Cob that have not been added to the game do not. The NPC must have, or have had, an actual avatar in game to be counted as an NPC.

    3. Titles and saying thank you do not count towards to overall word count, only the content of the note/poem do.

    • Chase Cloud

      I just have a quick question, how will you notify people? I’m new to Disqus and don’t really know how it works…

      • Alex Deathtamer

        Winners that post here through Disqus will be emailed their prize. The email will be sent to the address associated with the Disqus account that submitted the winning entry.

  • Ryan SkyCloud

    Dear Cyrus Drake,

    Your gaze burns into my heart more then Medusa turns her enemies into stone,
    You play with my heart like a troll, but I seem to love it,
    You have me counting the days on my celestial calendar, waiting for you to love me,
    You snuck into my heart like a ninja pig,
    And my heart is turning into the keeper of the flame,
    Loving you is like going through a dimension shift,
    Making my heart beat like it’s having an earthquake,
    I wanted to say I love you Cyrus Drake

    ~ Ryan SkyCloud

  • Emma IceHeart

    This is my letter for Simeon Firemane

  • sydney

    TO: Diego

    I first saw you in Unicorn Way,
    And at that moment,
    I knew you were going to be my bae.
    You had warned me about the evil foes,
    Especially since you’re a pro!
    You duel by day,
    And fight by night.
    I’ve seen you give it all your might!

    You aren’t just the Master of Dueling,
    Because you aren’t even fooling.
    You’re Unicorn Way’s greatest hero!
    (Probably better than Robert De Niro) 😉

    Alas! I have to go,
    Because I have to go fight our terrible foes.
    I’ll catch you later,
    So don’t be a hater,
    For even though I can be busy at times,
    I know I can still call you mine.

    Yes, I’m having troubles finding a word that rhymes with love,
    However, you and I both know
    That you will forever be, my beloved turtle dove. <3

    (Twitter: @sydthewiz68)

  • Chase Cloud

    Dear Headmaster Ambrose,

    Oh Ambrose,
    You surprise most.
    No offense,
    But you are quite old.
    Maybe that’s why you’re always cold?

    As long as your beard may be,
    I’m sure it doesn’t stretch to the sea.
    However, you don’t have “On Fleek” eyebrows
    That’s why people never say “WOW”,
    But you and I will fix them
    So they won’t be as hairy as Sven,
    That one reindeer off of Frozen!

    You do have only one spectacle,
    But hey, I guess it’s better than tentacles.
    Your nose is quite pointy,
    Which happened to pop all the balloons at my birthday party
    But that’s okay,
    We can try again next May!

    You stay cramped in your office all day and night,
    Sometimes you end up giving me a fright!

    Oh Ambrose,
    You are like my grandpa,
    And that’s why I love ya!

    So on this day,
    I would just like to say:

    –Chase Cloud–

  • Kevin Blackmore

    To Malori,

    Oh Malori a heart filled with desire,
    Eyes scorn with desiring fire,
    A charity as loving as thee,
    A face as sweet as can be,
    An ambition blooming in cold,
    a personality that would never get old,
    A mind a cunning as Mrs Yaga,
    My love will go on for more sagas,
    Your torn by secrets and pulled by truth,
    Come to my arms for its as soft as a booth,
    I love you Malori, I really do,
    But it hurts to know you never knew.

  • Aaron

    My letter to the Font of weakness(minion of Loremaster)

    You spam weakness and plagues,

    You’re considered one of Spiral’s terrorist.

    But beneath it all they miss the real you,

    The one who actually is a total pacifist.

    You’ve never hurt or hit anyone,

    All you do is protect your teammate.

    It is the wizards who hit & defeat you

    This is the fact that they often forget.

    It is said that One’s beauty is

    in eyes of beholder, and I agree.

    So I like you not just for your looks,

    But because you are a non violence honoree.

    First time when I saw you with Lore,

    I knew then that I had to ask you someday

    Tried to contain emotions for you

    But they overflowed and blew me away.

    Let’s forget all this mindless violence,

    Flee the constant fights in spiral forever

    Will you be my valentine, my love?

    and start life afresh, elsewhere, together.

  • Amber MoonStone

    Dear Professor Cyrus Drake,

    I remember the first day we spoke, that almost gave me a stroke.

    You tried to send me far away so I left saying “have a good day”.

    I came back to receive my new quest which really put me to the test!

    This is difficult to say but I believe you have helped me along the way.

    I am now one of your top students but you say there still could be some improvements.

    I know you never liked me but maybe we could someday makeup and have cookies with tea?

  • Aedan

    To Moolinda Wu,

    I met you on a MOOnday
    I was MOOved when I saw you
    I loved your life MOOgic
    I wanted to make a MOOve on you
    But I was too COWardly
    But that was a miSTEAK
    I was overtaken by your UDDER beauty
    I wont HIDE any longer
    I promise I wont act JERKY
    Don’t turn the UDDER cheek
    Have you HERD enough puns?
    I’m just MILKING it for all its worth

    this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever written. But also the greatest.

  • Tacoboy

    To My Queen Lady Oriel,

    Even though our time was short,
    Your words were food for taught,
    I remember your smile like it was just 2008,
    When Wizard-101 were still fixing bugs and they were always late,
    Never mind that we still made something out of it.
    Our time together was fun, beating rattle bones in the sun,
    Helping pixies in the dark, to riding unicorns in the park,
    Even though i had to go,
    To help Selena Gomez with a under water show,
    You gave me your heart and best wishes,
    I still keep your treasure card for Blessings.


  • Souvik Banerjee

    To Grandmother Raven, Mother of all in Spiral

    When I got lost you were always there to lead,
    You have been beside me when I was in need.

    From sidelines You helped thwart Malistaire’s ambition,
    Unseen You guided me through Morganthe’s transition.

    You’ve always managed to get my undivided attention,
    Your frosty sense of humor can’t go unmentioned.

    You are straight forward, caring, to the point and direct,
    You, Lady Nightstar, have all Spiral’s utmost respect.

    Your wings expanding beyond horizon make you glow,
    You mean more to us then you’ll ever know.

    You created all Spiral life and have loved us all,
    You’ve always been there to catch our every fall.

    The greatest people in Spiral, along with Bartleby, is you,
    I’ll be honored to be your Valentine, that much is true.

    Good luck to all :)

  • Alex

    Thanks for this contest! I had fun making it! This is a Note to Lord Nightshade!

    Lord Nightshade
    How dark and mysterious your clothes are
    And with your hidden face, you always like to hoard
    How powerful and mighty you are

    Isolated, being segregated
    Stashed away in a dark cave
    You’re almost like Rapunzel locked in her tower

    But your hair won’t grow long
    You’re already bald
    Instead you fight everyone everyday
    And don’t even get paid

    You get sad because of this
    You cannot kill as much as you’d like
    Even though you have great power
    You are still stuck in your tower

    Let me take your pain away
    Like we all do everyday
    As I do, I want an exchange
    How about some crowned clothes, decorations, pets—a large range

    Nightshade, if you would please
    Hand some of your stuff over to me
    All you have to do is sign here with this pen
    And you’ll drop them to me after you die again

  • Jesse Strider

    Dear Elik Silverfist(bazaar God),

    When I met you, I was broke
    All I had to offer was a torn cloak

    It was sold for 500,
    And to me that was an abundant

    So I farmed for more and more,
    All this gold can’t fit out the door

    At last, I could craft lore,
    Thanks to your bazaar store

    I have grown accustomed to your kindness,
    And the prices being mindless

    Sold an amulet for 10k,
    Elik Silverfist is to say

    Now everyday I stop by to say,
    Hello and goodbye because I’ll see you the next day

    With pockets waiting for pay.

    J. Strider

  • Shaquille Davis

    Hey am… when will the results be out?? and if you don’t know can we get an estimate of how long it will take

    • Alex Deathtamer

      Since the deadline for submissions have passed, we are currently reviewing those submissions across both sites to determine the winners. Most likely results will be announced in the next day or two since each Merc votes on all valid entries.