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Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness

May 19, 2014

We are thrilled to announce that we are now OPEN for quest requests in Khrysalis Part 2!




Farming requests continue to be on hold as we expect quite a few of you may need some assistance with Morganthe and her evil cohorts.


Solar Arc


Please stay tuned for an announcement when we are ready to re-open for farming requests as well as any upcoming farming events.  We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing  you in this exciting new world.


Shadow Palace




  • fred


  • Allan Skullwraith

    plz help

  • Allan Skullwraith

    if possible to help you can contact me at almost any time behind the waterfall in wc in realm vampire!

  • Michael

    My Wizard’s NAME is -Michael
    My Wizard’s School is -Balance
    My Wizard’s Level is -99
    TASK requested (Please be specific) -Sardonyx (Rest of Khrysalis if possible) Please meet me at Sardonyx at the recipe vendor
    WORLD (ie DS, MS, CL, etc) -Khrysalis
    DAY(S) I am available (ANY is not allowed) -Sunday, Friday (Maybe Saturday)
    TIME (time zone needed) I am available (ANY or NOW is not allowed) -Eastern
    I have (Menu / Limited / Open) Chat -Limited Chat
    If outside the US/Canada, what is your current time? -Not outside US OR CANADIAN TIME
    We will meet you at the sigils to your dungeon or boss on realm SCARECROW

    • Vanessa Mythdust

      Hey Michael!

      We don’t offer assistance as a “questing buddy,” a person that will tag along with you on every quest. However, if you would like any assistance with specific bosses, dungeons, or sigil-lit areas, don’t hesitate to request over on our forum at Wizard101 Central!