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It’s The Climb

It’s The Climb

Jul 13, 2013

Major shout outs to Aeneas for obtaining screenshots and figuring out cheats, Katherine Light for the fantastic title and writeup, and Seth for writing and polishing this!

Mount Olympus holds the first trial, and the first dungeon you encounter in Aquila. At level 30 and above, you are granted the opportunity by Athena to join the games. But first you must prove yourself by collecting 3 Legion tokens.

The first task of this dungeon is to defeat Apollo Bright One, a life boss who has 4,200 HP. He guards the first of the three legion tokens that you need. His minion is an Elite Cyclops Guard, who has 1,120 HP. This boss does not cheat, although he does have his own spell that leaves a -40% smokescreen, but you can still treat it as a normal boss fight.


After you complete this fight, you can pick up the first of the Tokens.

Picture 2013-07-12 16-04-09

You go back to Athena, and she sends you off to find the second of  the legion tokens, in the Moon Chamber. She tells you it is empty, and that you should not fear of anyone disturbing you.. but when is that ever true?

Waiting in the moon chamber lies… a Crescent Moon Centaur with 1,600 HP, and an Ophidian Archer, who is Death, and has 1,500 HP.

Moon Chamber

Not the worst we’ve encountered, but a moon mob is a rare sight.

After you finish off the moon centaur, you will be rewarded with your second legion token.

Picture 2013-07-12 15-22-45

After you go back to Athena once more, she will send you to the Sky Balcony to retrieve your final Legion Token. Athena tells you that this one is not un-guarded as she thought the last one was.

You run into some more Elite Cyclops Guards, but they have hired the help of a Praetorian Guard, who is storm. Not too much to handle, though. Treat as a normal mob fight.

Mob fight before Zeus

After this, you pick up your 3rd and final Legion Token!

Picture 2013-07-12 15-27-17

Once you get back to Athena, she tells you that you must go to her sister, Eris, and solve a puzzle to obtain the key to get into the Hall of  Watchful Eye, where Hephaestus lurks. This is the puzzle from afar, but is quite simple. For some hints to how to solve this puzzle, pay attention to the stories on the tapestries around the room. What you are about to face is essentially a giant game of rock paper scissors. Check out the details provided by the tapestries.

Translation: Ophidian beats warrior.

Translation: Ophidian beats Elephant warrior.

Translation: Minotaur beats Ophidian.

Translation: Minotaur beats Ophidian.

Translation: Elephant warrior beats Minotaur.

Translation: Elephant warrior beats Minotaur.

Eris provides you with these three defenders. You will be presented with enemies that you must help these defenders defeat.


The first enemy presented is a Minotaur, so select your Elephant Warrior to defeat him. The second enemy will be an Ophidian, so choose your Minotaur defender to fight against them. The final enemy is Elephant Warrior, so select the Ophidian to finish off the puzzle.

In other words, to correctly do this puzzle, all you have to do is activate the left statue, then the right one, and finally the middle one (assuming you are facing the back of the statues as when you first enter the room).

Picture 2013-07-13 15-39-28

This is what happens if you do not do the puzzle correctly.

Picture 2013-07-17 21-01-22

If you have sucessfully cleared any parts of the puzzle prior to triggering the fight, those defenders that you have helped will not appear in the battle! For example, if you have already helped the elephant warrior win his fight, you will only face the Ophidian and Minotaur here.

After the puzzle, you make your way back to Athena, and you set on the task of getting to Hephaestus. Standing in between you and him is a simple fight with the Elite Cyclops Guards from before.

After an easy fight, you make it to your destination!

He sure is isolated from society.

He sure is isolated from society.


Hephaestus will give you his aid ..but there’s a catch. He wants you to collect 4 Bronze Eagles from within this instance, and they are all over the place.

The locations of the bronze eagles. We usually head up to the sun room first and work our way around clockwise from there.

The locations of the bronze eagles. We usually head up to the sun room first and work our way around clockwise from there.

After you get your four bronze eagles, Hephaestus will tell you to go to the Hall of Battle, to face off against Ares to retrieve the Sky Iron Hasta, which you must then use against Zeus, god of the skies.



Ares Savage Spear is no pushover, with 4,500 HP, and being the school of fire. He also has a death mastery, and will use Lord of Night from time to time. He is also joined by an Orphidian Archer, of the death school, and he has 1,500 HP. This may seem like a normal boss fight, but it is not, for he has a few cheats.

Cheat Areas photo


The first cheat, “You dare strike me directly?” refers to the fact that If you hit him with a SINGLE target attack, he will use his own natural attack spell.

His spell will leave a 40% universal trap on you.
His spell will hit for 465 damage (with his 15% aura) and leave a 40% universal trap on you. Note that drain spells go unnoticed by this cheat as they are considered drains rather than attacks.

The second of his cheats is less dangerous to you, as it is that he will replace his 15% amplify every time it runs out.

After the fight with Ares, you obtain the Sky Iron Hasta, which can make a remarkable difference to your power at level 30, and even gives a power pip, which previously has only been seen on Crowns wands at this level.



Make your way into the final room, which holds Zeus Sky Father. Zeus has 5,000 HP (and starts off with 3 Power Pips), and a Minotaur Warrior, who is Ice and has 1,500 HP.

Picture 2013-07-13 15-56-07

Great god of the sky and he’s myth.. 😛


Zeus is the almighty god of the sky, so OF COURSE he has cheats! If use any spell that is 6 pips or greater (and it fails to kill him), you will see this..

Zeus cheat

Which means you will be seeing this..

Zeus's attack

Zeus will use a spell based off of himself to attack you for daring to use your might against him. It does roughly 450 damage without resist, and it will leave a 40% myth trap behind as well. The strategy for this fight, as usual, is just  to one hit Zeus and his mob, so you do not get his cheat.

Once you defeat Zeus, you are done with Mount Olympus! There are a number of goodies in here, and you get a cool badge called Honorable Bronze Archon (fitting with the hassle of those Bronze Eagles…). Hope this guide helps you out! :)

  • Nicholas_Dawn

    In the first few paragraphs, it says Apollo has 4,500 health, but in the picture he only has 4,200. 😉

    • Scarlet

      Thanks, you are right, edited. 😀

  • Tabitha AshCaster

    Hey, just had a question. Is this a dungeon? And is their health the same for everyone who fights the monsters, or is it based on level?



    • Scarlet

      This is a dungeon and their health is the same. It’s not like Winterbane or the Pagoda Gauntlet dungeons.

  • sloanwildmancer

    add if u ae at least 2 lvl 90 u will instead of fighting 3 warriors will battle gladiator dimacherus who has 30000 hp and his minion is a doomed bones with 3800 hp.