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JailHouse Rock

JailHouse Rock

Apr 3, 2014

Your (rather abrasive) friends have been captures by the Second Column and are currently being held in a basement dungeon! It’s your job to break them out, but Dzorak and Warlord Balor have other plans.

The Troika Palace Dungeon is located in the palace area of Sardonyx at this central location.


Upon gaining entry to the jail, you are met by Dzorak, who promptly sends his Soothsayer Prophets to deal with you.



After defeating the Soothsayer Prophets, the Lady of the Lake lets you know that Balor is no ordinary boss; he’s studied in DragonSpyre, protected by draconian armor, and has been empowered with shadow magic. Let’s see what tricks this guy has up his slee… er, armor!



Balor is a storm boss with nearly 20,000 health and two death minions known as “Balor’s Behemoths”. These are all quite fond of spells like infection, mass infect, and Dr Vons monster, so be prepared to have your heals cut down significantly!

Aside from regular difficulties, Balor has two cheats that work together to make the battle more interesting.


#1 – Tower Shields

At the start of every SECOND round, Balor will put a 70% tower shield on one enemy (even himself at times). He will interrupt to cast the shield and then continue on with his regular turn.


#2 – Prepare for Battle!


At the start of every THIRD round, Balor will interrupt to cast a natural attack on one player. (Note that his natural attack is different when he is in shadow form.) After he’s cast his natural attack, he will continue on with his regular turn.

Unlike most cheat bosses, Balor seems to have set some limits for himself! Namely, he will only cheat once per turn! Occasionally, it will be time for both cheats to happen on the same round. For example, round 6 and round 12 would be both a “second” round where he would normal play a tower shield, and a “third” round where he would normally interrupt to do a natural attack. However, he seems to be limiting himself to only casting ONE of these spells on these rounds. When this situation comes up, he will cast only the natural attack and ignore the shield cheat.


Strategy recommendations

There’s a lot of shields going around in this fight, and no way of knowing who those shields will be played on. For thise reason, pierce and shatter simply aren’t a very effective way to work around the shield cheat – you’ll want to use shrike in order to make sure you can kill through the towers.

As far as the natural attacks do, given how often the boss uses shrike they can become painful after a while. Try to use a pet with at least one may cast heal to keep those infections out of the way, and pack some heals in your sideboard either for yourself or for other players who may have been unfortunate enough to attract a little too much attention.



After you’ve defeated Warlord Balor and his cronies, free your friends (and yourself!) from this prison and see what havoc you can wreak on the second column together!