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Keep Chop’n Wood (Spirit Plane)

Keep Chop’n Wood (Spirit Plane)

Apr 23, 2014

Keep Chop’n Wood (Spirit Plane)





When you first enter the Shadow Palace Old Cob wants you to talk to Moros a spooky tree, And he points you in the direction of the first instance you will encounter. The Spirit Plane

This is a 4 Boss fight but as far as bosses go they are not too bad health wise. They each have 16,434 health and you have a boss from each Spirit school (Myth, Life, Death) and Balance. These are Tree Roots of Moros and he has a nice painful animation as you kill of his evil saplings.


Tree Roots fight start

The Cheats (Chop Away A Little Each Time)

  • The Death Tree Root will say “Chop Away A Little Each Time” and summon a smaller (5,736 Health) Tree Root at the end of its action in a turn any of the Tree Roots are defeated. It is wise to note any of the Tree Roots, big or small being defeated triggers this summoning of a new Tree Root.

 Chop Away

  • If the Death Tree Root is defeated this cheat passes to another of the big Tree Roots in the following order of preference: Myth, Life Balance. The pass of the cheat takes one turn so any just defeated Tree Roots will not be replaced that turn but the next.
  • The school of the small Tree Roots is the same as the big Tree Root that summons them. So you will start off getting Death Tree Roots unless you kill Death first.
  • Although not cheats keep these facts in mind The Myth Tree Root will Earthquake and the Life Tree Root will Gnomes! and the Balance Tree Root likes to Power Nova.

Small Tree Roots

  • Once you kill the last big Tree Root the cheat does not pass to the smaller Tree Roots


Recommended Approach

Feint and Blade to set your hammer up for a one hit kill. Make sure you will do 16,246 to all the bosses and you will not even need to worry about the cheat.

Make sure more than one person has responsibility for healing since Gnomes on your healer can really set you back. Also make sure to pack cleanse in your sideboard as the Balance Boss will Power Nova.


Other Information

These Bossed Drop the Pip Decks and the Archangel’s gear, so watch for those drops. The instance is repeatable if you decide you would like to farm there. While you’re in the instance make sure you pick up the Orb to the right of Moros.

Orb by Moros