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Khrysalis Part 2 Test Realm is here!

Khrysalis Part 2 Test Realm is here!

Apr 3, 2014

New school pets!

Weapons with minds of their own!!

Shadowy minions and one-round polymorphs!!!

New crafting levels with exciting new items to outfit your wizard and castle with!!!!

What more would you want?? – Oh yes, and a few more levels with henchmen to match.

Could this be the best update EVER?

Picture 2014-04-03 19-33-40

Check it out, explore and see what it’s like to be Exalted

KingsIsle has released their latest expansion, Khrysalis Part 2. Wizards can venture through the remainder of Khrysalis, and achieve Exalted wizardhood, or level 100! With various new mechanics, such as weapons with may casts, one round polymorphs, and new shadow minions, this is sure to be a wondrous update. Along with a bunch of misc. updates and bug fixed, this is a very jam-packed update! OH, and did we mention.. these new areas are arguably the most scenic yet.. here’s proof!

Picture 2014-04-03 20-53-57

Try out the newest updates for yourself on test realm!