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Lower Zigzag level 60 dungeon

Lower Zigzag level 60 dungeon

Nov 23, 2014

Enter the dungeon through the Mander portal in Alhazred’s Balance School in Krokotopia and speak to Aleema, a research assistant. She will send you off on your adventure to End Teeth’s Terror in Lower Zigzag.

You are tasked with saving some manders who have been captured but you have some guards to overcome first.



Mob fight

Ravenous Tooth, 4 x Life 2,075

Locked door (optional)

This skull door requires a stone key. If you have received the right key for the door, it will give you the option to enter when you get close.

You will find an ice side boss, In’Zhizor with 3 x Death Condemned Soldier minions.

Skeleton door stone key Lower ZZ

First Boss fight 


 First boss fight in Lower Zigzag

Kus’Bhid, Fire 6,290 + Ravenous Tooth, Life 2,075.


One of the minions will randomly cast a Guiding Light, prompting Kus’Bhid to cast a Link cheat on one of you. This happens in addition to any other cheats.

There is much shouting during this fight but what you need to know is that he will cast a cheat spell every other turn. The first cheat seems to be random but you can see where in the cycle he is by taking note of what he shouts:

TIME TO PAY THE TOLL! heralds a cheat Brimstone Revenant.

NO ONE PASSES FOR FREE! heralds a cheat Efreet.

Let’s say he starts with a Revenant, you will then get a cheat-free turn, then a Revenant and an Efreet, then a cheat-free turn and the cycle starts again with a Revenant.

Strategy: Kill in one hit if possible using an aoe. If this is not possible, then clear the minions with an aoe so they stop triggering the Link cheat and then set up for the boss.

Make sure to pack some Cleanse and count so you don’t hit just after an Efreet cheat without cleansing your hammer!

Remember that he is fire, so may cast a non-cheat Efreet if he has the pips.

After pulling the lever inside the tent you are free to lower the drawbridge by pulling another lever right next to it.

Mob fight

Ravenous Tooth, 4 x Death 1,895

Locked door (optional)

This Skull door requires a wooden key. No fights here, just a treasure box!

Skeleton door wooden key Lower ZZ

Final Boss fight


Moh'Lharz Last boss fight in Lower Zigzag

Now you have the final boss fight of Lower Zigzag.

Moh’Lharz, storm 5,775 and 3 Ravenous Tooth, life 2,075

As before, there are phrases shouted that herald one cheat or another. This boss is a step up from the last one in that he cheats each turn. The cheat is cast on a random player:



THIS WILL CHEW YOU DOWN TO SIZE! heralds a cheat Stormzilla

Again, you need to pay attention to what he shouts to find out where in the cheat cycle you find yourselves.

Let’s say he starts with a Leviathan, he will cast a Stormzilla the turn after and the following turn, a Stormzilla and a Leviathan. Then we are back to Leviathan again as the cycle starts over.

Strategy: Place traps on the boss and make sure you all blade your hammer on the turn they are hitting using an aoe. Storm resist armour is a great idea in here. Shields and heals are also allowed.

Congratulations! Lower Zigzag has been completed. Head back to the Upper Zigzag oasis and get ready for the second part.