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M101’s Love It Or List It

M101’s Love It Or List It

Aug 20, 2013

This month, with the House-A-Palooza coming to the Spiral, we’ve been given codes for Watchtower Halls, tapestries, and more!  In this contest, we’ll give you the chance to create your own crafted home, show us around inside, and at the end you’ll be given a choice — will you LOVE your design or will you LIST it and go for that shiny Watchtower Hall instead (or you can do both, lol. ).

For this contest, here are some rules:

  • You will need to create a new crafted home. You will need to include the name of this new home, the recipe of this crafted house, and give us an example of what each room looks like either through visual graphics or written descriptions.
  • You cannot use the name or recipe of any of the existing crafted homes.
  • If you have a question about the rules, please ask before the contest deadline. We are human so we do make mistakes, but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

Here’s how to enter this contest:

  • Please send all entries to with the name, recipe, and descriptions and/or pictures.
  • The deadline for this contest is next Monday, August 26th, at 2:59 AM Eastern / 1:59 AM Central / 12:59 AM Mountain / 11:59 PM Pacific. (as a side note, we have the odd times for Eastern, Central and Mountain to be fair to our west coasters)

Now, for everyone’s favorite part — the PRIZES! 

  • The top five entries will receive codes for the following: a Watchtower Halla random Tapestry (let’s just say that they have created a LOT of different tapestries for the House-A-Palooza and it’d take up half this post just to list them all, lol), and a music code for one music box, two music scrolls, and a random instrument.
  • The five runner ups will receive codes for the following: a random Tapestry and a music code for one music box, two music scrolls, and a random instrument.
  • Everyone who enters will receive a code for one FOG Staff. Everyone’s a winner!


Remember, all entries need to be sent to by Monday, August 26th, at 11:59 PM Pacific. Any entries later than that time will not be accepted. We hope you guys have fun with this contest! A big thanks to KingsIsle for giving us the opportunity to give away these prizes!

It was tough to choose from all the wonderful entries, but choose we have!

And here are the Loved homes that have made the winner’s list:

Joint first goes to cantthinkofaname and Julia Lionflower

3rd     Iridian Raingem

4th     Necrowoman

5th     Alric Iron

6th     Dark Dragoness

7th     daniel dragondreamer

8th     Dauntless

9th     Mezholaet

10th     Kingurz

Well done all who entered!!


  • dragons lair

    The Dragons Lair house! it shows the famous dragon titan on the top of the house which kind of look like a medieval castle. Inside there is statues and writings of the dragon titan and there is about 6 rooms inside, also a basement of the lost treasures and a dragon pearl that gives you things. Outside there is a lake of lava which you can swim through, another thing is there is lava tornados around the house like a curse. 2 dragons statues in the entrance of the house. Next the castle is a bridge to a hatchery and when you go to it press x and a hatchling hatches like from drake hatchery and you get 1 treasure card.

  • Savannah

    I was just wondering about the emails. I sent mine in and I wasnt sure if it reached you I have had previous problems with emails not reaching them. Anyway though I was just wondering when the prizes and winners will be released so i can stop checking email every hour for them. :)

    • Scarlet

      We got your entry. :) We received so many entries; Apollo is still trying to organize it so that we can judge the contest. :) Good luck!

      • Steven ShadowHunter

        Could u guys do another fog staff giveaway? I am doing a promotion wand giveaway and i just need the fog staff and blue raptor to complete it. Please send me a message telling if you guys can or not. Thank you!

  • Jacob StormSword

    When will we receive notifications for prizes?

    • Scarlet

      Hopefully soon, we are still in organizing entries. :)

      • Jacob StormSword

        ok Thanks 😀

  • Amy

    Im concerned if you got my entry, did you get my entry?

    • Scarlet

      Yes, we did. :)

  • Julia Lionflower

    I’m so excited to see the results of this! (Like Savannah I’ve been checking my email like crazy) It was such a fun contest- I really hope you do it again 😀

  • Rylee Sparkle

    I am also concerned you did not get my entry. Did you get my entry? (:

    • Scarlet

      Yes, we got it.

  • Savannah

    I heard some people have got the codes already and I guessed that you guys are like though 1/2 the email list I just worried I wasnt emailed back the fog staff like the page said…

    • Daisy

      Fog staff and prize codes will be sent out soon, after the winners are announced.

  • Autumn

    Was getting worried you might not have received my entry? Thanks for this contest btw :)

    • Daisy

      Yes, your entry was received. There were so many great entries it has taken a while to judge! Results are coming very soon.

  • Julia Lionflower

    Ahh thank you soo much!! Congrats to cantthinkofaname as well! ;D

    are we getting the fogstaff codes a little later? I’m always worried that I lose emails….

    • Julia Lionflower

      Also- KI’s code redeemer is not letting me redeem the watchtower hall code even though I haven’t redeemed it yet. It’s telling me “The promotion this code belongs to is no longer active” :(

      • Katherine Light

        Yes, the fog staff codes are coming later, if you haven’t gotten it already you will shortly. The codes have been fixed up and should be working again, feel free to give it another try. :)

  • Kayla

    I have a Villa gardens and I am gonna work extra hard on decorating. Good luck to all! :)

  • Kayla

    Oh nevermind, it has to be crafted. ;( :(