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M101’s Through the Looking Glass

M101’s Through the Looking Glass

Aug 29, 2013

Thanks to everyone who entered, this contest is now closed.  Congratulations to our winners!  All codes have now been sent out, including a special 2nd chance raffle for those we inadvertently excluded in the initial drawing.  Thank you to those who contacted us about their missing codes to help us catch the issue early.  Any comments left after the deadline of 11:59pm Pacific time on September 1st were not entered.


Alexis Mistwalker loves her tapestry to Nightside for when she’s feeling spooky or in the mood to teach Grubb a lesson or two.


The Spiral is a big and exciting place with fascinating creatures and fabulous scenery. If you could install a window into your castle or dorm room that let you have a view of and immediate access to any area, where would it be and why?

Simply leave your answer below to enter our randomly selected raffle. All entries must be posted by 11:59pm Pacific time on Sunday September 1st to qualify.

10 lucky winners will receive codes for a random tapestry, a music box with 2 scrolls, and a fog staff.  ALL entries will receive a code for a fog staff.


Please note that there can only be one entry per person! Each entry after the first one will be ignored. If you are the sibling of (or living in the same home as) someone else who has already entered, please let us know in the comments why we are seeing multiple entries from the same address. If we do not see a reason for seeing multiple entries from the same address, your entry will be passed over.


Good luck to everyone and a big thank you to KI for providing the prizes 

  • Lucas Silver

    If I could have a window, I would have a window to the Garden of Hesperides. Just the idea of having an aerial view of the magnificent garden makes me happy. Also, it would make running to Mount Olympus, Atlantea, and Tartarus SO much quicker.

    Thanks, Mercenaries for Hire, for having this amazing contest! Good luck to all who enter!

  • Morgan

    I would install a window to a dungeon like the ones in the land of Aquila. The reason I would like this is because the place is awesome and you get tons of unique drops.

  • Jonathan

    If I could have a window I would install one to the dueling arena because I love to pvp and verse other players to get arena tickets and have fun.

  • HunterStormTamer

    I would install a window to the Aquila because i love aquila’s dungeons :)

  • Vanessa Mythdust

    Definitely the Pet Pavillion! First of all, who wouldn’t want a view of all those pets? All sorts of pets! Fuzzy, cute, scary, creepy, weird, you name it…you can see it! And, I train A LOT of pets, so this could definitely save my wizard the hardships of running there. (She likes to push herself, I’ve never seen her walk 😀 ) But, everyone deserves a break. After all everyone knows you go to Mooshu for a workout!

    Long story short, you get to see all the cool pets, and it would allow my wiz a shortcut…:)

  • Christopher StrongFriend

    If I could have a view of any area of Wizard101, I’d have the Baobab Crossroads as my, Zafaria isn’t my favorite world, but you can’t just pass up an area in this lush world without thinking “ooh, look at the color of that water” or, “look at that orange sky!” My wizard would be VERY happy to wake up every morning to the beautiful view of Zafaria.

  • Hazel

    I would love to have a window to access Halfang for my low level wizards on my alt account, because it would be easier to get there instead of porting to myself on my main account.

  • Cedric Young

    If I had a window in my house, I would want it to have a nice veiw of the Westminister Skyway, with Marleybone Ships sailing in the Wind-Lanes.

  • Trevor

    I’d like a window to pet pavillion so that I’ll be easier to get there rather than running there :)

  • hannah

    Through my window…..hmmmm. hard choice. I would love to be able to look outside and see wintertusk. I love that world. It has been my favorite since it was created. I live
    in a warm climate, and only can dream of that much snow :)

  • Olivia Stormbringer

    I would make a window to the pet pavilion so that I could go right from gardening to pet training with my new snacks.

  • Brad

    If I had a window I would put it in my house to see the pet pevillion because I live my pets and training them is a lot of fun too.

  • John Thompson

    I would like a tapestry to the Waterworks dungeon. I love to farm there and is a beautiful underwater view, like an aquarium.

  • Amy

    If I could install a window to anywhere, it would be MooShu. MooShu is my absolute favorite world, and it looks amazing to me. I like to get on and go straight to getting gear from the bosses there. So it would be nice to have.

  • Shy

    I would like a window to Marleybone, because it’s an amazing world and it reminds me of my favorite show (:

  • lucyfer

    uhm.. I would love to have instance access to right in front of Tartarus :) and I don’t think I have to explain, who doesn’t want that?

  • caleb

    If i could have a window or a door to anywhere in Wizard101, it would have to be to Halffang’s Dungeon in Vestrilund. He is a great farming boss and i love the look of GH but the run all the way to vestrilund is insane and takes a while, my friends always want to farm with me but it takes so long to get there and it kinda bums me out sometimes but I

  • Mustapha

    If I could have a window to anywhere it would be to garden of hesperides. Considering its a new place and am always questing over there would be awesome to just have a short cut rather than having to walk all the way there.

  • Jacob StormSword

    If I were to install a window into my dorm, it would have the view of Azteca where there are many waterfalls. The view would be beautiful and being outside my dorm, the view would be amazing from my dorm.

  • Amanda Lionheart

    Seriously, if I could have a window to anywhere, it would simply be the commons. I love seeing other wizards have fun and listening to converse. I know this sounds weird, since there is a port button, but with a window, you could have the secrecy of your dorm or castle with the wonder of the public!

  • Evan

    If i could install a window into my dorm, it would be to the arena! this would allow me to quickly access my favorite place in the spiral and i could duel with my friends, battle it out in ranked and participate in tournaments with my friends or by myself.

  • David

    I agree with others mine would be Garden of Hesperides also.
    I love the scenery and theme of the new area.. Dungeons definitely makes it worth my favorite area so far.

  • Robert

    i would install a window to the pvp area. it would let me duel and enter tournaments quicker!

  • Daniel

    If I had a window, it would be Baazar, so I can quickly shop and sell items i get from farming!

  • Frost Caller

    I would love to have a window with a view on Lake Shore in Avalon. The beauty of that place always fascinated me. :)

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Shine

    If I had a window in my castle, I would choose the window to be to the bazaar. I would love the ability to go home and then right to the bazaar when I need too.

  • Nora Misthead

    I would have one to the Outer Yard. I love the Arena there, but it’s annoying to walk there. It’s more fun to PvP there than in the real Arena. And the Outer Yard is pretty to look at :)

  • constable neyla

    I think i would want a tapestry for the bazaar, i know that i and a lot of people in the spiral spend a lot of time there buying and selling items, and it gets kinda frustrating to remember to mark the bazaar for future teleports, that’s why it would be nice to just port to your house use the tapestry and port to the bazaar, and save your mana to mark important places in your wizard’s adventure :)

  • Emily OwlFriend

    A window anywhere . . . it would have to be to my best friend’s Marleybone house. That way we could chat without porting, and I just love the city look of her house!

  • alura the divine

    I think a window to the dye shop would be helpful. I like changing my colors a lot and it would be easier then going through the world door every day to get to it.

  • dylan

    I think the most useful window would be to vestrilund to go farming. In this case you wouldn’t have to go all the way through grizzlehiem just to go farming when you could simply port to your house and teleport to vestrilund 😀

  • christopher

    If i could have a window in my home i would definitely want the a window that allows me to see Grizzleheim because i have always been fascinated by it’s beauty and wonders and it is a great place for farming.

  • Amber Firesword

    If I had an amazing window like that, I would like to view at the spiral itself. With the stars and the little bubbles of the worlds of extreme adventure, marvel at how they rotate around each other….

    … then again, bazaar could come in extreme handiness… 😉

  • Kyle

    If I could install a window into my castle or dorm room that would let me have a view of and immediate access to any area, I would get one to Baobab Crossroads, because I love to farm Mirror Lake for the crown gear, and get some Pixie Stixs to train my pet.

  • Destiny Wildheart

    I would have a window to the Grand Chasm Past. Dragonspyre has always been one of my favorite worlds and I love that the grand chasm past dungeon showed what it looked like before the dragon titan came and destroyed it.

  • Diana Silverflame

    I would like to have a window to Pet pavilion. I

  • Mason

    I would love a window to Three Points. It would be so cool to see and hear the comets hitting the ground. Also, it would be so much easier to just use the window instead of going all the way to Bartelby and running all the way to Three Points.

  • caleb

    i think if i could i would make a window to Halffangs lair for farming so i could go there whenever i want and so friends could farm with me so i could hatch with others or buy some tc for my low lvl pvp

  • Miranda Firesong

    I would love a window onto The Garden of Hesperides. That would be so useful. I still don’t have a bazaar tapestry, and a window to the bazaar would also be helpful. Both those would save me a lot of time. If i wanted a window simply for the scenery, I would have a window to the floating mountains or alto alto.

  • ian ice

    i would make a window to ghost Avalon cause I like to solo morganthe every now and then cause nothing fun to do anymore in the spiral honestly lol

  • Natalie EmeraldFlower

    If i could have a window, I would have a view of Caliburn. It just has so many lively colors and would look lovely in one of my houses.

  • riley

    a window to the aquila secret bosses

  • skytuner

    I would love to have a view of the arena. Thats my favorite place to go, besides the pet pavilion.

  • torre

    i would want a window to mirror lake cause I wanna just get in already and my friends come along wit me and I have a group without any people who always get in my way and I start over the mirror lake dungeon after all my friends work helping me

  • Barbara

    A window to the bazaar – I have so much to sell

  • Barbara

    A window to the bazaar

  • Neela – Always Neela

    I would love a window that overlooks Wizard City. I remember when as a very young wizard how very exciting it was to enter Wizard City and see all the other Wizards standing around chatting. The thrill of “finally” gaining access to Nightside. The beautiful spiral in Gamma’s tower. Wizard City made me fall in love with Wizard101…a passion that after nearly 4 years has only grown.

  • BlazeS

    I’d love one to Aquila (Garden of H). I go there a lot lately.

    Crystal Cave, Outer Yard, and Elephant Graveyard or Drum Jungle would be nice too. Players often ask for help in those places and it takes quite a while to get to them.

  • Tabitha AshCaster

    If i could have a window, i would have it look over the streets of wysteria. Its like a scene from italy, and would be a lovely thing to be able to gaze upon.

  • Julia Lionflower

    If I wanted to save travel time, I’d want a window to the Garden of Hesperides or the Bazaar, but if I just wanted a beautiful view, I’d go with the Airships of Marleybone, Alto Alto, or the Wild in Avalon- specifically the imp tree

  • Blainy Kid

    I would have a tapestry that leads me right at the very beginning of Malistaire’s dungeon, because I don’t want to go through all of that unnecessary trouble I had to deal with on my first character when professor Cyrus Drake had the ability to open portal there!

  • Alura Wildflame

    I would like a window to the Tower of the Helephant.

  • Calamity Shadowshade

    I would definitely have a window to Bazaar. I’m always needing to sell stuff or buy stuff. It would save me so much time.It would be soooo amazing to just be able to port there!

  • Chris DrakeFlame

    My window would be to Gamma’s room in Ambrose’s Tower. I know it seems like a weird choice, but I’d love to have a view of the Spiral right outside my dorm.

    Thanks so much for the contest, Mercs!

  • ~WizardlyCrusader~

    I would love to open up a window to mount Olympus right next to my bed so that way when i wake up i can have a amazing view of the clouds and architecture. I can see the gods flying by and then just think, “ah what a wonderful world.” :)

  • kiki

    If i had to choose just one window to any area of my liking, I would choose install a window to Grizzleheim. The reason i would install a window to grizzleheim is because it is so beautiful and the music is very relaxing. When I go to grizzleheim i get a homey feeling and I just love it. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

  • Victoria FireFlame

    Hmm, if I were to have a window installed that could teleport me to any specific area… I would definitely have one to the Jade Palace, I like the gemstone Jade, it’s beautiful, and I personally enjoy the clothing designs, especially if it is made with silk. It’s just some place special, I feel at home, because it’s so peaceful.

    But if that’s not enough, I’d go directly to Regents Square, for the music and scenery, since I’ve always had an appeal to Europe.

    Anyways thanks for this contest!

  • Ryan

    I have a bazaar tapestry I love them

  • Ryan

    If I had a tapestry that could port me anywhere I would make it the arena because I am always pvp

  • wolf

    oh, how amazing it would be for me to have a window to the spiral, therefor cutting my traveling times in half. I personally think, a tapestry to vesrtilund would be the best so I could port to the place i farm instead of spending time traveling through grizzlehiem.

  • wolf

    a window to the spiral would be amazing if it were to vestrilund so i could get to my farming spot easily. I would love a tapesty to vestrilund

    • Scarlet

      Hi, your email address comes back as undeliverable. Can you please email us? Thanks!

  • Ryan

    A window to vestrilund would be the best it would cut all my farming times in half see that I would just port to the world Instead of going through grizzleheim

  • kyle

    i want tht fog staff badly

    • Katherine Light

      All you have to do is enter the contest and you’ll get one. :) Just post another comment telling us what place in the Spiral you would like a window to, and you’ll get one. :)

  • FinalDestiny

    If I could have a tapestry anywhere, just for fun, I would want one that would randomly send me anywhere (not into a battle though) in any of the worlds, up to my quest level. That way I can randomly meet and help people.
    But if I had to pick a single spot, I would say to the bazaar is the most useful.

  • Ashley Stalker

    I would like to install a window to Mooshu because I really like the scenery and who wouldn’t want a beautiful picture of Mooshu in their home? 😀

  • Caleb

    I would want a tapestry to High road in Avalon. The scene is beautiful and the music is relaxing.

  • Elijah Lightthief

    If i could have a window that would let me see any warea of the spiral i would choose crab ally. I would choose crab ally because i want to know if there are group ready so i can do waterworks runs!
    -Elijah Lightthief

  • Alexis Winter

    I would want a window to Olde Town because I’m always needing to go to the Bazaar, and a shortcut would be nice.

  • Obri

    If I could have a window to anywhere, it would for sure be the Floating Islands. Not because it would be particularly useful, not at all really. In fact, I haven’t had any need to go back to that location since doing the quests there! The reason is because it’s such a fascinating place – with the beaches, rain forests, and the giant dirigible too!

  • Benjamin Legendcatcher

    I would want it to be to the Bazaar. It would be so much easier to sell items!

  • Christopher StrongFriend

    When will the get the fog staffs? 😀

  • Erin Nightcaller

    If I could have a window I’d want it to be a view of zafaria, in baobab crossroads because I’ve always loved the scenery there and it would do perfect in my sun palace house.

  • Allison

    Goodluck to everyone!

    • Daisy

      Hi Allison! Just to clarify, in order to enter the contest you must answer the question in the post above, where would you like a window to and why? Thanks for the well wishes to the participants :)

      • Allison

        wait so can i comment one more time or?

        • Daisy

          Yes, just answer the question and you’ll be entered :)

          • Allison

            there is 3 siblings that live in my house so if it had the same adress i apologize because i told them about this and i was hopping for them to win!

  • Justin

    I’d love a window of Aquila, its beautiful there

  • http://Wizard101 anna

    For my tapestry enter, I would have an arena. I pvp mostly everyday and sometimes not. I would put my tapestry in my dorm because its the only house i have but i will get a bigger and better house sooner! Love.. Anna <3

  • Kelsey Sky

    For my tapestry, i was have a bazaar and it would be in my sun palace where all my pets and furniture are! Its a really helpful and it gives me allot of time to go there instead of walking/riding on my mount to get there!

  • Calamity

    I really really really really REALLY want a window to Bazaar. My backpack fills up so quickly! It would be great if I could reach the Bazaar faster. :)

  • Esmee Thunderdust

    If I were to have a window in my room, it would be to Mooshu. I don’t necessarily like the world, but the scenery is so beautiful and relaxing! I also love the music!

  • Chris TitanMask

    If i had a tapestry or window, it would lead to Marleybone because that world was one of my favorite worlds so far. It still is one of my favorite worlds. What i like about Marleybone was the envirment and backround because it reminds me of my hometown New York City. I also love the fact that the residence of Marleybone are dogs because i love pets espically dogs that are dressed formally. Its so cute. In conclusion if i had a window to anywhere in the spiral i would choose Marleybone and put it in my Sun Palace.

  • Snarky

    I want a window to Bazaar. I sell stuff all the time so it would be really helpful!

    Thanks for giving people the opportunity to win stuff. We all really appreciate it! 😀

  • Alex

    I’d really like one to Aquila because it’s so hard going all the way to cyclops lane just to get there lol

  • Alex

    My little brother Thadd likes going to bazaar even though he has nothing to sell but that would be cool.

  • Dener

    I would like a window to Bazaar, because I’m constantly selling stuff to hatches and buying allot of reagents and stuffs. This would be very helpful

  • Dan MastaPasta

    Think about a window and water beneath it… so sick :’)

  • Calamity SoulCatcher

    I would want a window to Haunted Cave because being a death wizard i feel at home in the Haunted Cave. With all the spooky things that happen in Haunted Cave. Also when ever i have a spell quest it useally at the Haunted Cave so make a quick way to the Haunted Cave would be a great deal of help.

    • Scarlet

      Hi, tried to send you an email back, but it did not work. Please comment to let us know how to reach you.

  • Justin Stormbloom

    if i had a window i would want it to be to the wintertusk vestrilund halfang hideout so i could farm for gold ;D

  • wolf

    Ok sorry about this but I think I replied in the wrong section. So I am trying again. If it shows up twice I am sorry.

    If I could choose any tapestry I would have to choose the one that goes to Nightside.First I am a death wizard, so having instant access to my school is awesome. Second I love doing the dungeon there and I am still trying to get Grubb to drop that imp pet. Third I have a death house so come on what tapestry would look better in my house than the Nightside one.

    • Daisy

      You’re all set :)

  • Sydney Wild

    I’ve already seen tapestries to the Bazaar, Caer Lyon, Nightside and the Arena. I’d really like to see something new like maybe a window to the Garden of Hesperides just outside the gates of Tartarus! That would make it easier for us lvl 90 wizards to travel to when we want to farm Hades. =)

  • Peter Figueroa

    If I could install a window in my home, I would want it to lead me to a list of dungeons for my required level to play so I would not have to travel far to get there. Something like the World Tree Portal, but instead an Instance or Dungeon List Tapestry

  • TwisTED

    I would Have to have a window to the pet pavilion. I have become addicted to running a hatching new pets. Every time I am in the Pet Pavilion I see a new pet that I must have.

  • Dominic

    To the Bazaar, because I always have to walk there to sell my unwanted clothes and a teleporter would speed things up a lot.

  • http://Wizard101 Donna DragonDreamer

    I would love a tapestry to just aquila!!

  • http://Wizard101 anna

    For my tapestry enter, I would have an arena. I pvp mostly everyday and sometimes not. I would put my tapestry in my dorm because its the only house i have but i will get a bigger and better house sooner!

  • Keira Breeze

    If I could install a window in my home, it would view the land of wintertusk because I love the icy beauty of it and then I can easily farm halfang bristlecrown.

  • Erin FrostGarden

    For my tapestry I would have Aquila because it’s the new world and it’s a great place to farm. So instead of walking all the way to Cyclops Lane, I’d have a shortcut in my dorm/house!

  • Melissa Emeraldleaf

    If I could have a window installed in my house, I would want it to look out over the Arena. Watching PvP battles go down is one of my favorite things to do. It is alway so exciting and to have instant access from my home would be awesome.

  • Allison

    My tapestry for the contest is all the dye shop and the bazaar, i mostly spend my time at the dye shop looking for new colors and find new friends, i also go to the bazaar to sell when i finished questing, buying treasurecards and so much more you can do in the bazaar! where i would put my tapestry is in my royal playhouse near my winterbane, it would give me a shortcut when i finish my winterbane!

  • Christopher

    Well i would choose the bazaar! I spend most of my time there, selling my farm,and hunting reagents

  • Darbsters

    I would absolutely LOVE to look out to Avalon’s sceneries, and I could jump right through and fight young morganthe and the pendragon!!!! I actually just finished the world today :) Thanks for the giveaway M101 😀

  • Kristen Heart

    If I had a window installed in my house, I’d be wanting to see the pet pavilion because then I could just easily train my pet and go into the hatchery easily (: it would be great to have instant access.

  • Anthony LegendThief

    If I had a window installed in my house, I’d wanna see vestrilund because then I’ll have access to farming really easily without moving a lot. xD it’s the best place for farming and yeah it looks really nice. c:

  • Jenna

    If I could have a window to anywhere I would want a window to the bazaar. It seems I am always there and it is a fairly long walk! That would be soo helpful.

  • Bushra Ali

    if i had a window installed in my house I’d prefer to see my fire school because it is my school and I like it a lot. it’s really nice and it would be a quick way to go to my school.

  • Anna Thorn

    if I had a window in my room or house, it would be to the commons because im usually always there hanging out and chilling so yeahh, and plus it’s where i meet most of my friend, it’s really cool.

  • Ryan

    I would want a tapestry to Aquila so that I don’t have to walk through Olde Town and Cyclops Lane.

  • Alex

    if i had a window installed in my house i would want it to be the bazaar because it is helpful and i am always selling

  • Funny

    If I had window installed in my house, I would like it be to your school of your choice (For me life) so you could train your spells, receive quests from your professor or just talk XD.

  • Thais

    If I had a window installed on my house, I would like for it to view the floating mountains because it’s my favorite place :)

  • Isabella Drake

    My window would probably be to…

    I would have to say, To the garden of herseperides..

    I love the view, I wish they made it into a real world, but anyways, I would love to look out and see the view and the lovely staircase up to Mount Olympus… Or the spooky fog down into Tararus!

  • Julia Shrubs

    I would love to be looking out on the original Dragonspyre before it was destroyed because it was so beautiful and its also my wizard’s namesake.

  • Jessica Frost

    If I had a window in my house, it would lead to Grizzleheim. I love the scenery there and its history is amazing. It reminds me how much I loved camping with my family since I was little.

    ~ Jessica Frost

  • destiny roseheart

    I would have aquila, Aquila is a place where i spend my time farming for staffs pets etc. i love aquila because it helps me level and get gold. (:

  • Kristen DarkBlood

    I would want to see Aquila because its quite a pain how we have to go through cyclops lane in order to enter Aquila. It should be its own little world.

  • Apollo Apollo

    I would love to have a teleport tapestry to the Bazaar. Even though it is certainly not the most majestic or captivating of views, it would allow me quick access to the Bazaar so I can quickly and efficiently sell my excess items.

  • Fatima

    I want to see the bazaar because I don’t feel like walking all the way over there and it will be easier access.

  • Hi

    If a window was installed in my house, it would be to the bazaar so I can sell things quickly instead of going all the way to olde town XD.

  • Hi

    Hey its me, I am the brother of another person who entered the comment here, so please don’t mistake me for the same person lol. Thanks for the contest.

  • moose

    If i had a window to anywhere in the spiral I would choose to have a window put in so that i could view and explore the world of azteca. Specifically the Cenote. This would benefit me in the way that I could farm for treasure and meet friends from all over! If i had a window to anywhere it would be to the cenote so that I could become a better wizard and help others become better wizards too!

  • Aaron Stone

    If there was a window in my house it would be Aquila easy for farming Tartarus! 😀

  • Thais

    OMG i just found out now that my sister has entered for this raffle too!!! I had no idea!! please still give me a fog staff :( My entry i sent before was If i could have a window it would be the floating mountains because it’s my favorite place. It has nice scenery and great music.

  • Erin Nightcaller

    Hi! I’m Erin’s sister, so sibling. And my window would be of avalons outer yard so you could see people dueling in the practice arena area

  • torre

    when is the prizes being sent not to be anxious but for me it been 3 days now and it says 1-2 days so I just wondering does it usually takes this long or there’s some issues or something :(

    • Daisy

      Sorry for the confusion, I made that edit on Monday after the contest had closed. All codes have now been sent out.

  • David

    Never received a code, did I do something wrong?

    • Scarlet

      Code sent.

  • Evan

    I never received my code :(

    • Scarlet

      Code sent.

  • nicholas

    if i haved a window i would like to have a krokotopia krokospinx window

    • Scarlet

      Thanks, but the contest is over.

  • Dener

    \o/ Thx you so much

  • David

    Thanks Scarlet.

  • Erin FrostGarden

    Hey I never received a code. But thanks anyway! Great raffle! :)

    • Daisy

      Your code was sent last night. I will re-send the email right now. Make sure you check all sections of your mailbox including spam, junk, promotions, etc make sure it’s not just misfiled :)

  • Alex

    I would like a tapestry to austrilund so I could shorten trips to grizzleheim

  • Matt

    If I had a window i would choose Garden of Hesperides. The garden is very beatiful and the unique drops each dungeon has to offer Is exciting. It makes me happy thinking about Garden of Hesperides And would go there any time.

  • TwisTED

    Thank’s for the Great Raffle, and the fog staff. Now my wife and I both run around with them.

  • EsmeeRubyFlame

    I would love to see dragonspyre because it is a beautiful place that reminds me of being a pyromancer

    • Daisy

      That sounds great, but this contest has been closed for a while now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)