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M4H UK Roster

M4H UK Roster

Apr 1, 2012

Your current M4H UK team is comprised of:

John Shadow


Katherine Light








We will be adding more of our wizards to this roster as they reach max level. We are not looking to add more UK Mercenaries until we know how busy we will be with requests on the UK servers, so please don’t ask to join the team at this time. If and when we do decide to add more mercenaries, we will as always choose them from the players whose skills we have seen in action, so rather than just asking to join, you should let us get to know you by asking to tag along on requests so that we can see that you’re willing to learn and eager to help. :)

  • adam watercrafter

    may i tag along on some requests as i would like to know what being a mercanry for hire is like
    thanks in advance
    adam watercrafter
    storm wizard
    lvl 69