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M4H’s Spinysaurus Sprint Winners!

M4H’s Spinysaurus Sprint Winners!

Nov 25, 2012

That. Was. Madness. 

The PORTBUS couldn’t get to Area 1 to start with, and Area 2 was almost full itself! After the first few crowds ported in…. the house hit max capacity and couldn’t handle anyone else, and there was still a tower packed full of people waiting to get in to the party. (pics from mroww; ty for taking pics!)


The team chatted and decided to give up their codes that were set aside for personal use to host a second overflow party with a few spare prizes for those who couldn’t get in to the first party. So, congratulations to….

Keira DreamWeaver

Morgan Jade

Madison Sea

Autumn Ice

Kristen Rosethorn

Tasha Fairyeyes

on their new dino bundles! Codes were sent to you via PM on Wizard101 Central. The portbus reopened, and we started up a few new games to play just for fun. Thank you all for joining us – we had a fantastic time!

  • Kristen

    My internet lost connection and I wasn’t able to get that code. Please send that code again through email. Thanks —

    • Katherine Light

      Hi Kristen! Your code will be in your private message box at Wizard101 Central, you can get it there. If it’s not there, just send me a private message and I can resend it as a new private message.