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M4H’s Spinysaurus Sprint! [Contest CLOSED]

M4H’s Spinysaurus Sprint! [Contest CLOSED]

Nov 23, 2012

Come join us for




On Sunday November 25th, head to the Myth Tower on Scarecrow realm by 9pm EST / 8pm CST / 7pm MST / 6pm PST and look for Fallon FrostWalker. At that time, you’ll can port to Fallon in the new Aztecasaur Pyramid and catacombs, and prepare for some fun and games!

This house is an absolute maze of tunnels, portal, entrances and exits. This will make it all the much more fun to play a few games of wildfire tag and scavenger hunt!

The first four people to win these games will each win their own shiny new

(Thank you to KI for the great prizes! Please note that these particular codes come only with crowns rather than a membership option)

We hope to see lots of there for a fun time and lots of prizes! Just watch out for the dino mount, he’s feeling a little hungry.


The Rules


1. Current M4H members are not eligible to win prizes. This does not mean that we will not be trying our hardest anyway. The Mercenary team will be competing in the games right along with you – and if a Mercenary wins, no prizes will be awarded that round. We will keep playing until four bundles have been awarded, and if the Mercenary team wins frequently, that may mean several additional games.
2. Each person may only win one bundle. If you win a round, feel free to stick around at the party and join the Mercenaries on the side of evil, where your winning would prevent another player from getting a prize.
3. Please note that there will be ABSOLUTELY NO PORTING during the events. The house will be completely locked down so that if you leave, you will not be able to return until the game is over. The house will be unlocked to allow for porting again when each game is over. As well, the M4H does not condone or tolerate poor behaviour in game. Goofing off is fine – cursing around the filter is not, particularly at a party that someone else is hosting. Anyone caught cursing or trying to port back in to unfairly win a prize during the tag game will forfeit their right to any prizes they may win/have won at the event, even if the game they won has already finished. Obviously since we need to make this announcement, this has presented a problem at previous events. With entire bundles on the line, we want to make it perfectly clear that cursing and cheating will not be tolerated.
  • Lezzie

    Sounds like fun! 😀
    Ill be there