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Magma Mega Madness (and More!) Round up

Magma Mega Madness (and More!) Round up

Jul 22, 2012

What a weekend! You guys came out in AWESOME numbers to come farm with us, and we have to admit that we’re pretty impressed… you guys have the Tempting Speed two round boss kill and the mad rush mob strategy down to a SCIENCE! You were uber-farming machines out there!

The numbers were hard to keep track of with SO many different farming teams running at once (usually there were anywhere from 5-10 full groups farming at a time), but we believe there were about 25-30 EMP drops and nearly double that in DHE drops this weekend. Very nicely done, guys! We hope you enjoy the mega snacks, and that you had fun farming with us.

We’re a bit short on pictures – by the time we had a minute to snap some, all of the groups had already been divided up! If you’ve got any pictures of the event, we’d love to see them! Feel free to post them on our events thread at Central, or send them to use on twitter.