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Magma Mega Madness and More! [Event Ended]

Magma Mega Madness and More! [Event Ended]

Jul 14, 2012

Hear ye, hear ye!

Magma Mega Madness and More!

M4H’s Third Anniversary Farming Event


Join us as we celebrate our third anniversary with two days packed full of farming!

Looking to get that step up on your summer gardening? Join us July 21st and 22nd while we farm the baddies of Avalon for those precious seeds that every gardener wants their hands on — Evil Magma Peas and Deadly Helephant Ears, of course!

We will be farming the Ogre in Caer Lyon during our Evil Magma Pea farming sessions. We will require that you have your own access to this instance in order to quickly and efficiently farm. Please read the guide “Tempting Speed” in our general strategy section to see the method we’ll be using to take on this fight. Once you are assigned a group, please try to stay with that group for the remainder of the session.

Don’t have access to Avalon yet? No problem! We’ll be farming the Strangler Goblins, Stag Chargers, and Foul Skirkers that line the Lakeshore for Deadly Helephant Ears–find a friend and port on over! We find that the best way to run these is to “Halfang It”: Find a circle and throw out an AoE (Unicorn if you’re a Life wizard; those wisps will be at a premium!). Set your decks for Mad Rush so that everybody has a chance to hit! (For more information on mad rush, check our mob strategy guide in the general strategy section.)

We must warn you, however: The drop rates are low for Crown items, and these are Crown items! For that reason we need to make runs as fast as possible; the more runs we get in, the better chance you have of catching the drop you want!

Saturday the 21st will run on an EMP/DHE/EMP cycle.

Sunday the 22nd will run on a DHE/EMP/DHE cycle.

For EMP farming sessions, we will meet around the Teleporter Arc in Caer Lyon.

For DHE farming sessions, we will meet at the top of the hill just inside the entrance to the Lake Shore.

Session times for Saturday and Sunday will run as follows:

Morning: 10AM – 12PM Eastern, 9AM – 11AM Central, 8AM – 10AM Mountain, 7AM – 9AM Pacific

Afternoon: 3PM – 5PM Eastern, 2PM – 4PM Central, 1PM – 3PM Mountain, 12PM – 2AM Pacific

Evening: 8PM – 10PM Eastern, 7PM – 9PM Central, 6PM – 8PM Mountain, 5PM – 7PM Pacific

We look forward to your attendance! We cannot thank you enough for the support over the past three years; let’s make the next even better. Let the hunt begin!

Thanks to Autumn Ice for the graphics, as always!