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Master of Me

Master of Me

Mar 30, 2015

A new challenge awaits in Mooshu! Takanobu the Masterless has a bit of a control issue, and feels that if he doesn’t control his enemies, they will control him. To make certain this doesn’t happen, he’s learned a few tricks and he’s not afraid to use them!

Takanobu the Masterless is located in the Cave of Solitude in Mooshu. This can be a long and potentially treacherous walk! To make your travels easier, you can take the yellow butterfly teleporter to reach Din Ho, and then use the blue dolphin teleporter from there. After the blue dolphin teleporter, just head to the right and you’ll be at the sigils.


Upon arrival, you’ll notice that his sigils look a bit different than most others. This appearance indicates that a special skeleton key boss awaits inside.


Before you enter, be sure that at least one person on your team has a wooden key handy. Wooden keys can be dropped from the Pagoda of Harmony, Hollow Mountain, the State Wing, the Main Hall, the Rooftop, and various Mooshu bosses. Without one, you won’t be able to access Takanobu the Masterless.


Once you enter the sigils, head to your right and you’ll see a locked door. After one of your teammates has unlocked the door using their key, you’ll be greeted by Takanobu the Masterless, who is definitely not happy to see you. Takanobu the Masterless is a storm boss, and is always accompanied by three balance minions.

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Takanobu the Masterless’s Cheats

  • If a damage blade is played, Takanobu the Masterless will interrupt shouting “No! I disarm you.” which will remove one blade.
    • ALL single blades will be removed. This goes for both school specific blades and universal blades.
    • If you play an Elemental Blade, the fire portion will be removed. If you play a Spirit Blade, the life portion will be removed.
    • If bladestorm is played, a blade will only be removed from the caster.
    • Accuracy charms, spears, and other non damage blades are fine.


  • If Takanobu the Masterless has 6 or more pips at the beginning of a round, he will interrupt saying “This wind is an omen!” and cast a darkwind.


  • If at the end of a round Takanobu the Masterless has exactly 5 pips, he will interrupt with “Kiai!” and cast a 50% supercharge on himself.


  • Whenever a storm shield is played, Takanobu the Masterless will interrupt to shout “My katana dances around your shield.” and place a storm prism on whoever was shielded. Because of the Last In, First Out Rule, the storm prism now renders the storm shield useless.
    • This cheat will trigger for any type of spell that gives a storm shield. This includes spells like Volcanic Shield and Glacial Shield.


Minion Cheats

Yes, that’s right, Takanobu the Masterless isn’t the only one who will give you a hard time!

  • Whenever you hit any enemy, each minion will react in a different way depending on where they are positioned in the battle circle.
    • Dagger Minion-This minion reacts to balance attacks. For each time balance damage is taken, this minion will cast Unbalance on the caster.-“We must stay centered!”


  • Key Minion-This minion reacts to elemental attacks. For each time elemental damage is taken, this minion will cast Elemental Defuse on the caster. –“Guard against the elements!”


  • Ruby Minion-This minion reacts to spirit attacks. For each time spirit damage is taken, this minion will cast Spirit Defuse on the caster.-“Spirits, guard us!”


  • These dispels will occur as many times as an enemy is hit. For example:
    • Single hits like judgement, bloodbat, and lightning bats would trigger one Unbalance, one Spirit Defuse, and one Elemental Defuse respectively.
    • AOEs like sandstorm, earthquake, and tempest would trigger a dispel for however many enemies were left and hit in the battle.
      • 1 enemy=1 dispel
      • 2 enemies=2 dispels
      • 3 enemies=3 dispels
      • 4 enemies=4 dispels
    • Spells that have multiple hits will trigger multiple dispels. Example: Minotaur will trigger 2 Spirit Defuses.
      • Although they are balance spells, both Hydra and Chimera will get different dispels based on the type of damage dealt.
        • Hydra deals elemental damage and will get 3 Elemental Defuses. (One for each head.)
        • Chimera deals spirit damage and will get 3 Spirit Defuses. (One for each head.)

Note that a defeated minion will not be resummoned, and their cheats will NOT be picked up by a different enemy. If you defeat a few, you are safe from their corresponding dispels!

Takanobu the Masterless Strategy

  • Take out single blades. Single blades will be immediately removed by Takanobu the Masterless. Try to avoid using a fire or life hammer here so that you can fully take advantage of stacking tri-blades.
  • Don’t bother with storm shields. Because of Takanobu the Masterless’s storm prism cheat, trying to storm shield just isn’t effective.
  • Take out everyone in one hit. The best way to handle this fight is to have the hammer take everyone out at once with an AOE. Feints, traps, and tri-blades are your friends here. Even if you feel that your hit won’t be strong enough to take out the boss, try to make certain that your hit will be strong enough to at least take out the minions. At lower levels, this may mean that you need to feint each minion. If you’re worried about power, picking up some treasure card damage auras may also be a big help.

Take a look at some of our merc going up against Takanobu the Masterless in our strategy guide video!


Takanobu the Masterless’s Battle Rewards

As a reward for defeating Takanobu the Masterless, you can obtain motes, new jewels, metals which are used to craft jewels, unique gear, and the brand new storm spell “Catch of the Day.”


Takanobu the Masterless is not so tough when you break him down. Experiment with your own strategies, see what works for you, and show him who’s REALLY the master!