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Mercenaries 101 Valentine’s Day Card Contest Winners

Mercenaries 101 Valentine’s Day Card Contest Winners

Feb 16, 2013


That was an amazing contest with 128 (!) entries!

Those entries were really great. It was really, really hard to judge and took some discussion.

These were our winners:

First place: Cody DeathHammer

Second Place: -Isaac-

Third Place: Ted Pearl

Forth Place: Taylor Ashcrafter

Nesogra is contacting them on their prizes. Thank you everyone for entering! It was fun!


  • Lenora RosePetal

    I thought you guys said you wanted a “Wizard101 SCENE as the main image.” Sorry to say, but the First Place entry is not a scene from W101, just a piggle on a random graphic background. The Second and Third Place entries ARE actual scenes from the game. If you guys just wanted a random Valentine graphic you should have said so. This was a misleading contest and not judged fairly.

    • Mercenaries101

      In this case, we copied our format from a prior contest and the use of the word ‘scene’ was a holdover from that. The language itself was the error, as we’d intended the contest to simply be Wizard101 related, and judged according to those criteria without realizing there was an issue in the write up. However, after discussing our error as a team, we’ve decided to evaluate the other entries and add another winner of a card showing a ‘scene’ to make for our mistake. That winner is Taylor Ashcrafter. Please note that part of your comment was deleted for insulting another fansite – we accept constructive criticism but will not publish insults, especially those directed towards third parties.

  • Duncan StormThief

    Congratulation to the winners, you did amazing job :)

    • Kenneth Skyrunner

      This is Kenneth Skyrunner again. I am now a level 66 pyromancer. I just want to talk to one of you. One of any of the mercs. I want help you guys. I don’t care if you let me join you guys or not. But I want to help you guys out. If you want to talk about this, please meet me on the wu server in Wintertusk. That place that starts with a s. Sudri i think. Meet me there. I want to do all the cool things you guys do. please reply asap.

      • Katherine Light

        Hi Kenneth,
        We don’t check the blog for comments more than a few times a day, so I’m sorry we missed you. If you want to help people, there’s actually a whole section over on Wizard101 Central for people to help other wizards that need it. You can check it out here.
        It’s a great place to get started with helping people. And if you want to help M4H specifically, you can always post to assist us on a run, or pick up a request in our Wizard City to Dragonspyre thread. :)