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Mercenaries 101 Friendship Festival Contest [Contest CLOSED]

Mercenaries 101 Friendship Festival Contest [Contest CLOSED]

Jan 31, 2013

Important Notice:

Due to the large number of entries, it may take us a few DAYS to judge.  The winners will be announced when they are announced.  Also, fog staff codes were sent to the email used to send us the entry for all entries prior to 2/17/13 (please give us some time to send code to today’s entries).  If you did not receive a fog staff code please forward your original email entry to us at



We mercenaries value our friendships, in game and in real life. We hope you have great friends as well. So for this contest, write in one sentence, no more, about why your best friend in real life is your best friend. No names please and one entry per person please.

Are there prizes, you ask? Why, yes, yes there are! Professor Greyrose said that what better way to treat your friends then to give them a ride on your new multi-person mount!

Thanks to the wonderful people over at KingsIsle, we are awarding prize codes to the answers that we like the best:

1st– 1 bundle, 2 mounts
2nd– 1 mount
3rd– 1 mount

The bundle is your choice of the Epic, Mega, or Dino bundles (depending on what is available), and the mounts are your choice of Blood Raven, Great Hornocerous, Hydra, Malorian Dragon, Scarydactyl, Winter Treant, Phoenix, T-Rex, or Skyvern mounts (depending on what is available).

And all participants get a FOG staff, the exclusive item of the Mercenaries.

The deadline to enter is midnight Pacific time on February 18th.

Please send your entry to us in an email at

We look forward to seeing your entry. Good luck!



  • Josh D

    my Best friend is always cheering me up when I’m down and making me laugh when We’re having fun

  • kaylaTHEwizard

    My friend is my best friend because we met each other in sign language class; she has always stood by me and cared about me throughout all of elementary, middle school, and high school.

  • Scarlet

    Great guys, but please email us your entries. :) Thanks!

    • isaac

      I hope i send to the correct email is it or .com.?

      • isaac

        I hope i send to the correct email is it or .com.? And can i send it by yahoo please let me know as soon as possible.

  • Amanda

    My best friend is my best friend because, she is very funny, sweet, kind, caring, and that’s why she is my bestest friend in the whole wide world!

  • Heather

    My best friend is sweet,awesome,nice,Awesome,loving,AWESOME,but all jokes aside she is the best friend a person like me could have.

  • http://Google IceFinder

    My best friend usually helps me out when I’m in trouble, and is one of those people who will stand up for you, Even if he gets in trouble himself

  • Kthunderwalker

    My Best friend is my best friend because she is the other half of me, she can do things i cant and i can do things she cant. 😀

  • James GoldenEyes

    My best friend is my best friend because he know how to make me smile.

  • Nathan

    My best friend knows what i like and know what i dont like, and we get along really well

  • Scarlet

    Again, Please email us your entries at

  • Aaron TitanCaster

    My best friend in real life is my best friend because we get along so well in all we do on game and off.

  • Sean Rainbowsong

    When do we get the staffs? 😮

  • joelnicholas

    i will always trust my best friend because he is always there when i need him or when am sick

  • Nathan

    I sent you it in e-mail but never got a code.

    • Scarlet

      One entry per person please.

  • josiah

    my best friend is my best friend because in time to time when there is no to call on for help he kicks in and calm things down

  • Destiny

    She’s a trust-able person with my secrets and insecurities.

  • Aaron TitanCaster

    Is there any contests for just a phoenix, and or treant mount?

  • ? Chase Dragonstone

    i pasted your email in my “To” box in my account and it shows up in red. so… ?

  • Anthony

    True friends are always there.

  • tony

    my best friend is best friend cause he asian and we both rule together and we never give up that easy go friendship power can i have another fog staff plz is not for me is for my best friend

  • anthony

    i hope you guys got a umbra blade prize code in there mostly i need one

  • Alex SeaTalon


    • Scarlet

      FOG staff code sent. You entered yesterday.

      • jonathan

        i got no fog staff :( i entered and i havent got one

        • Katherine Light

          Hey Jonathan,

          Your only posts on this topic were from today. Unfortunately this is a closed contest (and has been for almost 6 months). We’ll be giving more fog staffs away soon, just keep an eye on our “Current Contests and Giveaways” section.

          • jonathan

            How do i go to that section??

  • Alex SeaTalon


  • Quinn

    Hey I tried this but it seems as if i’m not receiving the ofg staff help would be greatly appreciated

    • Scarlet

      FOG staff code sent.

  • isaac

    do i get the code right away or i have to wait a day i already summit my entry by yahoo.

  • martin

    when i will get the staff plz tell me soon i really need the fog staff :((((( i am so poor plz send me code of fog staff or anything
    thanks very much :)

  • Alex SeaTalon

    Can you plz send me my code now??

  • Alex SeaTalon

    THANK YOU o.o

  • Whowon

    Who WON??????????????????????

  • isaac

    I already send my entry and no fog staff code yet?

    • Scarlet

      Code sent.

  • jonathan

    love my friends there the best thing i have in my whole entire life :)