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Mercenaries101 Happy Housing Contest!

Mercenaries101 Happy Housing Contest!

Jul 4, 2014

With the Build-A-Castles and now the craftable castle blocks, KingsIsle has introduced a very creative new way to design a house. We here at Mercs love the Build-A-Castle function, so much that we wrote our own haiku about it!

Bricks lay all around

On this grand and sunny day

I have my castle!

(I’m not the best poetry person, but you get the idea!). Your job is to also create a haiku! Haikus are 5-7-5 structure, in the sense the first line is 5 syallables, the second line 7, and the final line 5. This contest will end at 11:59pm CENTRAL time in the 11th of July. Please allow us a few days to properly judge all the entries. :)

Our favorite haiku will snag themselves a Build-A-Castle background of choice (Midday Estate, Meadows at Dusk, or Night Garden), and a code for 5 Mega Snack Packs and 5 Energy Elixirs.

Our next two favorite will receive a Midday Estate and a code for 5 Mega Snack Packs!

Our final two favorites will receive a Midday Estate and a code for 5 Energy Elixirs!

Best wishes, and may the best haiku-er win!

  • Scarlet Summer

    Castle building fun
    Can be done by everyone!
    Except for cyclops…

  • JosephIce

    Do we email the entry or post it here?

  • lili

    Floor covered in blocks
    Wonder what to do with this
    Successful building!

  • Ted

    Blocks are everywhere
    up and down and all around
    a great place to rest!

  • Eric Earthstone

    Yay, hooray, it’s time!
    Building with blocks is just fine!
    Even with some grime!

  • Amber

    Blue skies fill the air

    Pet and mounts dance about inside

    Enjoying their time

    • DanielShadowHunter

      your lines are 5, the 8 then 5, the second like should be 7 syllables

  • fred

    big blocks, giant city

    mounts, and pets, are jumping up

    lol, the cat says, “sup”

  • Brandon Stormmask

    Moving, picking, place
    when our ideas flow
    your house is unique

  • teo_zakeruga

    It is just that time

    To see what these blocks can do!

    For a masterpiece

  • DashingWolf

    Hired to help you

    Inspired to quest with you

    Mercenaries ya!

    -Dash A.K.A Wolf

  • Maryam

    Bricks are all around
    I know what to build with them
    Best castle on ground!

  • DanielShadowHunter

    Now should be the time
    On a hot day, bricks stacked up
    A castle is build!

  • TDAY11

    beautiful day for building
    sun is up shining bright
    castle in blink of a eye

  • James DragonCatcher

    Building a castle
    Requires a lot of my effort
    But I am lazy!

  • Donna DragonDreamer

    Castle creation
    Wizard imagination
    Endless building fun!

  • Julia

    Castle in the sky!
    brain glitched, now it’s in “attic”
    remind me to cry

  • Wolf Stormflame

    I need to take stock

    Time is ticking on the clock

    I need some more blocks

  • Scarlet

    Castle building fun
    Can be done by everyone
    Except for cyclops…

    (I posted yesterday but still dont see it so I am trying again, thanks!)

  • Blaze Firebreath

    I’m not a builder
    Viewing others’ creations
    That’s more fun for me

  • marcus

    all the work has payed
    seeing all the summer days
    lounging in the home

  • Kaitlyn Miststone

    Bricks, bricks falling down
    They all crash onto the ground
    Good luck dodging them!

  • Aaron TitanCaster

    Your Towering Walls,
    The Majestic Scenery.
    A Builder’s Delight.

  • Gracie

    Bricks that click
    To make a good fit
    Submit that fit to make a caste kit

  • brian

    brick by brick we lay
    constructing something in which
    day by day we’ll play

  • Madeline DeathFlower

    Welcome to my home
    Made of many castle blocks!
    (It’s only half-done.)

  • DreamerGirl

    Home is paradise,

    What you build represents you,

    Hard work gets you far.

  • Fallon ShadowS

    Bricks scattered the floor,

    Confusing filled the quiet air,

    Building is so hard.

  • Fallon ShadowS

    Bricks scattered the floor,

    Confusion filled the quiet air,

    Building is so hard.

  • lockmoor

    Casted spells all day.

    Even a wizard needs rest.

    Here in my castle.

  • HunterBlueFlame

    Bricks lay around
    What to make for now
    A castle for all.

  • Artur SoulBlade

    Just built a castle
    I presented it to mom
    She said it’s ugly

  • Giovanna

    Many blocks lay before me
    I raise my wand and move a block
    I made my own castle

  • Duncan StormThief

    Correction in spelling:

    Blocks are all around me,
    Decoration? I have no clue
    Going to ask for help.

  • Hunter

    Castles are so great

    building inside out such as


  • Blaze Firesword

    Building a castle,
    takes lots of time and patience,
    don’t ever give up.

  • Melissa Emeraldriver

    An inspiration

    Painted on a blank canvas

    A true work of art

  • royal

    so many cool options
    on what to build and make
    creating castles all day.

  • Issac Stormrider

    My Midday Estate

    will be covered with filled plates

    Because I love food 😉

  • Tiffany Glover

    Tara Winter tried
    To accomplish the contest
    To win the Castle

    -Tara Winter-

  • Tyler BattleBlade

    Building in the sun,

    Now it’s time to have some fun,

    So I’ll keep building!

  • Autumn Dawn

    In my grand castle
    No one shall be bothering
    It will be peaceful.

  • clcagwin

    Oh dear (knight), Kingsisle

    The freedom you’ve given us,


    Username is clcagwin

  • Daniel Stormblade

    One by one I pick
    To make a creative house
    Brick by brick, it’s done.

  • Brandon OwlSword

    When Brandon explored
    His castle of bright delight
    He fell into the lake

  • Cameron life

    What should i build now
    Maybe a mystical maze
    Or a magic house

  • Haley

    Blocks stacked up real high

    Quickly building house for tonight

    Hammer raised to the sky


    Haley, the wizard is having a dinner party.
    She has her building hammer in hand,
    ready to build her castle.

    Thanks for the contest!


  • Jakerz

    What to do to win
    Maybe I will get a pen
    And write with a grin

  • Roland Silverheart

    A garden at night,
    Beautiful beyond compare,
    A wondrous place

  • http://AlexGiantHunter Alex GiantHunter

    A house I would love
    brick by brick I shall create something
    a house full of love

  • Julian Lopez

    All I see is bricks

    Bricks, Bricks everywhere around

    Finally, house done

  • Justin

    Oh dear can you hear
    Knock Knock time to lay a block
    I’m done are you stunned

  • Justin

    Oh dear can you hear
    Knock Knock time to lay a block
    I’m done are you stunned

    • Alexandria Storm Catcher

      Lay a block a day
      I’m done ill show you the way
      my castle wasn’t a hassle

  • Justin

    Oh dear can you hear
    Knock knock time to lay a block
    I’m done are you stunned

  • Suri Darkheart

    Pieces at my grasp

    New adventures await me

    Within my new home

  • Barbie Girl

    Who is the winers? I want to now cos my frend entered and he really wanted the prise. Thankyou very much.

  • lili

    Who won the contest?

  • Mariah DuskGlade

    Blocks and rocks piled high
    Higher than dear Bartlebey
    Looking up with awe

  • Autumn DawnHunter

    Castles big, small or tiny
    Blocks up, down, left, right or sideways
    At least, it’s my way

  • Autumn DawnHunter

    Time to build this castle
    Brick by brick or block by block
    Some say maybe a hassle

  • Justin

    when will the winners be posted its been 6 days was wondering