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Mercenaries101 Pet Picturization Contest

Mercenaries101 Pet Picturization Contest

Jun 9, 2014

We all love our pets, and inspirit of Pet-A-Palooza, we have a fun contest for you!

Contest Details!

Your task is to re-create your favorite pet from Wizard101! You can do this through online graphics, crafts, drawing, painting, or any other way you can think of best replicating your favorite pet. While it is based off of a pet in-game, we do not want carbon copies of what is in-game. We want you to add your own flares and make it unique! (different colors, adding special things it doesn’t have, etc.) This contest will start on June 9th (today) through the 16th of June, ending at 11:59pm Pacific time that night. We will then judge all entries, and get the winners out as soon as we can.


1st place will each get a Mega Snack Pack code (it comes with FIVE, yes! FIVE Mega Snack Packs) and an Energy Elixir code (it also comes with FIVE energy elixirs) and a pet of choice

2nd and 3rd place will each receive a code for a Mega Snack Pack bundle and a pet of choice

4th and 5th will each receive a code for an Energy Elixir Bundle and a pet of choice.

Also, we will be picking 10 * that are NOT winners * random entries that will receive one of the following pets:

Arcane Helpers
Betta Fish
Bumble Bee
Night Hawk
Polar Bear Cub
Shaolin Monkey
Snake in a Basket
Trojan Horse

Best of luck!!

  • Triperion

    This right here. Is the To good For you pixel dragon. It’s quiet fabulous if I do say so myself.

    • Muhammad

      How to enter

  • mirmir

    Cool! get ready for an extreme makeover, Judgement….

  • Andrew Michael

    How do you submit an entry?

    • mercs101

      Upload your picture to the comments of your creation. :)

  • Fire2804

    This is the new LAVA HYDRA. 😛

  • TDAY11

    this is my entry and since im storm i glad its about time they made a leviathan pet here is my entry! even if i dont win please put as a honorable mention since it took me forever to make it

  • Marissa

    Here my favorite pet she wanted to be a LADY and I made her ^_^

  • Tara Blossom

    Here’s my entry. (: I hope y’all like it. I drew it myself, I guess it’s kinda a mix between a carnation pixie & dryad. Inspired by mega snacks to go back of drawing, LOL. <3

  • flame5986

    My pet fieryzilla!!!

  • Ma1kavian

    Thx for the contest, here is my entry. Meet Wizardly Angelic Boar Knight :)

  • David FireFlame

    It would be awesome if there was a Storm Owl pet 😀

  • Cole DeathFlame

    My burning fossil

  • Maria Iceshade

    Maria Iceshade :) and this is my wraith pet drawing :)

  • Miko Colon ღ

    Thanks for the cool contest! I have attached my entry below.

    My Arcane Helpers are true gardening little helpers. They sow my seeds, keep them “need” free and make sure they are happy by playing with them.

    They know exactly what my seeds need to be happy with less energy usage! They are as good as knowing the 48 hours gardening spells!

    I hope you like my little helpers!


  • Sarah SpiritSword

    My entry, a unicorn named Muffin.

  • balance op

    this is my first pet it came with member ship card I bought and his name is Otis XD

  • Tiffany Glover

    Here is my Entry to the Contest! Hope you guys choose me as your winner! (Spray painting wings is harder than you think LOL) I decided to go with a Valentine Seraph with hearts coming out of its swords to hypnotize its opponents to fall in love with her. Thanks for the contest! xoxo

  • Rosteffany

    This is my entry for the contest. I tried changing the wings, the length of the hair and dress, and adding some different colors. I hope you like it 😀

  • Sarah SpiritSword

    My entry, Muffin the Unicorn.

  • kaiwitehfruit

    I’m sorry to bother but did my entry get posted? o: I’m sorta new. . .

    Just incase if it didn’t
    edit: lol i spelled fennec wrong in the pic :[

  • MariaCaster

    Here is my entry: Shadow the Death Blaze Beast
    Hopefully my entry is on time.

  • Adam Lifehammer

    This is my entry. I decided to create something I like to call, A Spirit Sabertooth. Blue for myth, Green for life, and black for death. Took me a long time so I hope you enjoy!

  • Michelle

    Here’s my entry, it’s my pet egg dressed as a unicorn (even has an ice symbol cutie mark) c:
    Thanks for the contest~

  • Tramir

    I love wizard101 and i also love the pets on it so i am gonna try and create and draw a amazing pet. I am gonna pick my favorite 😀

  • Tramir

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  • Wolf ShadowSword

    I am gonna submit my sabertooth pet!

  • mercs101

    Thanks, Duncan but the contest is already closed. Better luck next time!

  • Benjacraft

    Another contest like this would be great. I wasn’t here for the first one, but the entries looked very creative.