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Mercenaries101 Poetry Contest Winners!

Congrats to our 5 lucky winners!

camillee…72#post4735872 A link to her post since it’s also a graphic.


One little star on the top of the tree,
Two little presents underneath for me,
Three silver ropes twisted around the tree,
Four colored lights shining prettily,
Five shining balls flowing silvery.
Oh, what a sight for use to see!
I made a Christmas wish for you,
For a holiday full of pleasure,
Friends and family all around,
And memories to treasure.
May this holiday season
leave you with precious memories:
A Christmas filled with love and light
perfect gifts, delicious foods,
love and joy all around.
A New Year with continuing blessings
friends, family, good work, great fun,
and delightful surprises.

Vanessa Mythdust

Once the tricks and treats are done,
It seems the holidays come out for fun.
Every year seems to go by quickly,
It’s like the holidays are sticky.
Christmas music blaring,
But I’m not despairing.
It’s a beautiful state,
Something quite great.

Whether kissing under the mistletoe,
Or lighting up 8 candles all in a row.
Whether hanging up stockings with a grin,
Or giving that dreidel a spin.
Whether putting up the Christmas tree,
Or singing a prayer with glee.
The holidays are quite special,
The time where everyone is gentle.

Snow fills the air,
Leaving nobody to spare.
Snowmen litter every street,
And give a smile to all they meet.
Presents give kids a smile,
But only for awhile.
Happiness isn’t measured in hundreds, ones or tens,
Happiness is measured in yourself, your family, and friends.

*Erin *

The Christmas Tree

I was in the forest
enjoying the breeze
when a lumberjack came for me!
He chopped me down,
brought me to town
He sold me to a little girl wearing a crown.

The family took me home
Stuck me in a pot
I hope I don’t rot!
They got lights out and now I am a blaze
They did not stop
They covered me with tinsel
What is a tree to do?

They did not stop there
They topped me with a Angel, oh my!
They put presents under my branches
What does this all mean?

I have sat here for days
Why did they do this to me?
A man came one night and talked to me
“Dear Christmas tree
Your very cozy and bright
Bringing joy and happiness at just a sight.
You see tree
Every year people are happy to see you and me
We bring the Christmas spirit you see.”

He filled up their stockings and added presents underneath me
The next morning I knew what this fuss was about
When the children’s faces lit up looking at me
That man was right its not Christmas without the tree.

John Mardeny

If Wizards’ could make my wish come true,
I’d make a Solstice wish just for you!
One million crowns in each and every pocket,
Gurtok Circlet and complimentary locket.
A fancy palace floating with stars on high,
your choice of mounts on which to fly!
Last thing I wish, if no crowns nor gear,
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Happy holidays, we all enjoyed every entry we had! :)

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