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Mercenaries101 Trivia!!!

Mercenaries101 Trivia!!!

Jul 21, 2013

Phew, that was fast! Congrats to our top 5 winners! We’ll be updating this post with actual answers (well, where there ARE actual answers) for those of you who might be curious. Note: as you can see, not all mercenaries will always agree on the answers.

After celebrating our fourth anniversary, we’d like to let you guys in beind the scenes of the history & personalities of Mercenaries101! Pop in and check out these questions and see what you know, what you can guess, and maybe even your ability to take instruction. Good luck to everyone who enters, and have fun!

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Mercenaries101 Triva

Just for fun here is a little triva for you all to enjoy. We here at Mercenaries101 hope that everyone who came out this weekend had a great time and enjoyed themselves. We also hope you all got the gear you were after or at least some gold.  Now just relax and take your time and read through all the questions carefully before beginning.

How to enter:

Everyone can enter by submitting your answer in the comments below.  We will have all the comments moderated until the end of the contest. Enjoy and lets see how much you can learn about the Mercenaries.


The first Five people to reply to this post correctly will receive a music code pack. (Each pack contains a code for: A Bass Guitar, A Drum Kit, A Keyboard, A lead Guitar, A Piano, A sound Generator, A percussive Drum Kit, A trumpet and Music Box, 2 Scrolls & 1 Instrument. )






1.On what date was the first Merc thread started? Answer: July 19, 2009

2.Who is the founder of the Mercenaries? Answer: Christo Deathgiver

3.Who was the second leader of the Merc team? Answer: Andrew Wildflame

4.How many members does the Merc team have? Current anwer: 17, including pirate mercenaries and those who are partially on leave.

5.What is Dime30 favorite Color? Answer: purple

6.On What date did Compguru1, Earthweaver, Mr Owl and John Shadow join the  Merc team? Answer: December 16, 2010

7.Which of the Merc family, are crazy? Answer: all of the above.

8.Who is the craziest merc of them all?( If you get this wrong…you lose the contest. 😛 ) Answer: John Shadow. Definitely.

9.What two deck setups does the Merc101 team like to use for mob fights? Answer: Mad rush and Mad hatter.

10.How many guides has Katherine_light written? Answer: 19, not including Pirates guides. (Scarlet: *real answer: not even she knows, shhh.*) (Katherine: Yes I do, though I’m about to run out of fingers and toes to count on.)

11.Which Merc started the Merc101 Mascot pet? Answer: compguru1

12.How much forum gold does it cost to use Mercs101 services? Answer: none. nada. zip. zilch.

13.How many mercenaries do we have in the Pacific time zone? Answer: three.

14.Who was the last merc added to the team? Answer: Aeneas

15.Which merc has the last post in the original Merc thread? Answer: compguru1

16.What was the last Event the Merc team had? Answer: Three’s Company

17.Who on the merc team has a couple of pet Cardinals (type of bird)? Answer: none. What kind of people do you think we are?

18.What is the post number of the first request that Fiona Wildshade took as a merc? Answer: Trick question. Interestingly, there is no record of when Fiona Wildshade joined the team.

19.How many requests did Aura* take while on the Merc team? Answer: lots [stubbornly refuses to count them all]

20.How many years now has Zane been an W101c Tournament official? Answer: 1 (or wayy toooo lonng for those of us who don’t like PvP)

21.Which of the Mercs are Tournament Masters? Answer: Seth

22.Ellie Kat’s favorite song is? Answer: [unsure, but we’ll update when Ellie Kat is online to answer!]

23. When was Dusk Weaver the leader of the group? Answer: never (she was too smart to take the job).

24.Which three mercs called themselves the unholy trio? Answer: Cass Dragonheart, Sorceress Miklai, and Lady of Blades. Scarlet: Even more of a trick question since there are 4 of them (King Ysmir/Alric Ravensinger was really part of the UHT, just in secret. *shhhh*)

25.Which merc became a wiki Master? Answer: RamessesII

26.Scarlet* has 3 dogs 2 birds, 9 horses and how many Zebras? Answer: …. I think you can figure this one out.

27.Katherine likes to go fishing where? Answer: Lake Ontario

28.Keira Skywalker loves shopping at which store? Answer: ANY store!

29.Crzydaisy has how many Convertibles and what color are they? Answer: none except in her dreams.

30.Apollo loves talking about the time he did what while camping? Answer: we’d tell you but then we’d have to kill you. (Apollo: I have no idea where John dreamt up this question. :P)

31. John Shadow wished he had a Purple flying What? Answer: turtle!

32. In last years Waterworks event, all mercs wore what color? Answer: trick question, the Waterworks event was 2 years ago. But many mercs wore purple.

33. How long does it take most mercs to complete an instance with a single boss and minion? Answer: you KNOW that one was a trick question. 😉 Depends on the level, cheats, and schools.

34. What talents does the Merc101 Mascot pet have? Answer: balanceblade, no pain no gain, hexster, curse-giver, feinting spell.

35. What is the one school of wizard that all the mercs have and do they have the best gear for said wizard? Answer: None, though most mercs have a storm wizard (and like to debate which gear is best). (Scarlet: we all know that my gear is the best. 😛 )

36. Do all mercs know the game inside and out? Answer: only in their dreams. That is, when they sleep long enough to have dreams ;).

37.How does one ask for help from the mercs? Answer: they post a request for help on our sub-forum at Wizard101 Central.

38. What realm do the mercs like to play in? Answer: Scarecrow.

39. How many people have Compguru1 helped from the day he became a merc until today? Answer: you can’t count that high.

40. Ellie Kat has a pink 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda Convertible that she like to drive on what day of the week? Answer: If this were true it would be EVERY DAY.

41. If you run Toth with a merc, how long will the run take? Answer: depending on your school and if you’ve read the guide beforehand, about 45 minutes. (Aeneas: not if you run with one merc named Morgrim :P)

42.Poppy RB has been playing Wizard101 for how many years? Answer: four.

43.Mr. Owl can get to the center of a tootsie pop in how many licks? Answer: Mr. Owl hates Tootsie pops.

44. Scarlet* can speak how many different types of languages? Answer: one. and that one not really that well. 😛

45.$eth likes to compete in what contests? Answer: ANY contests, Seth is a little competitive. (Seth: Competitive is my middle name!! ;D)

46. How many mercs does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: none, our screens are backlit anyway.

47. Which merc is super happy all the time? Answer: HAHAHAHA yeah no, you’ve read about our test runs. 😉 (Apollo: I thought it was me. :()

48. John Shadow has two purple turtles, A Orange frog and 12 Jitter bugs…True or false? Answer: true, obviously. Why would he lie? 😉

49. How many mercs can count to one million? Answer: a merc does not have time to count to one million.

50. Just reply to this post saying I won the purple turtle and ignore the other questions.


(Scarlet: This is what we get for asking John Shadow to write a contest! LOL!)

  • MarkOTG

    I won the purple turtle!

  • Chris DrakeFlame

    I won the purple turtle

  • Alexander Da Coolest

    I won the purple turtle

  • Sheldon

    I won the Purple Turtle

  • Jacob DeathHorn

    I won the purple turtle

  • Sameira

    I won the purple turtle and ignore the other questions.

  • Ian StormStaff

    I won the Purple Turtle.

  • Steven Bondeli

    I won the purple turtle!

  • Erin Nightcaller

    I won’ the purple turtle!

  • John Shadow

    Yeah, I thought I did a pretty good contest. Lots of random questions. The community got to know a bit more about us. All in all a 101% contest. 😀


  • Neela Heart

    I won the purple turtle! :’D

  • Wolf Firehunter

    I won the purple turtle!

  • Tom

    I won the purple turtle!

    P.S. Thanks!!

  • flames838

    i won the purple turtle

  • Anita Gwinn

    I won the purple turtle!

  • Joshua

    I WON THE PURPLE TURTLE. *ignores the other questions*

  • Cynthia

    I won the purple turtle

  • Vijeta

    i won a purple turtle