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Mercs 4 Rice BONUS Contests! [Contest CLOSED]

Mercs 4 Rice BONUS Contests! [Contest CLOSED]

Dec 3, 2012

This contest is now closed. Good luck!

That right, we said bonus contests. If you’re new to the Mercs 4 Rice contest, please look for details here.

You guys are doing absolutely incredible, and the team is SHOCKED by the amount of rice you’ve donated in such a short period of time. We know that some of you are worried that with the insanely high donations coming in, it may be difficult to break into the top five to win a bundle.

As of now, bundles are no longer just for the top five.

Everyone who earns more than 50,000 grains of rice by 10pm EST/9pm CST/8pm MST/7pm PST on Saturday, December 8th will be entered into a raffle for two additional bundles.

These prizes will NOT be drawn immediately. We will wait until the contest is over on December 21st. At that point we will award the Top 5 winners their prizes, and their names will be removed from the raffle so that all remaining qualifiers have an equal shot. The deadline to December 8 is simply the day by which you must qualify.

Good luck to everyone – we hope to have a HUGE list of people who are eligible for this new raffle!


(You may notice that the title of this thread reads bonus contestS. This is not a typo… so keep your eyes open for more info to come.)


Thanks again to KingsIsle and Professor Greyrose for the prizes!

  • http://freerice? Christopher

    Yeah on free rice i got 1k rice and my friend said when i do that i get a cool fog wand but she said i had to type something in a description to put my e-Mail but i didnt see it o;

  • Adam Hamden

    Wizard 101 is awesome and so is their contests

  • tatiana shadowflame

    Wow. Congrats mercs, for holding such a special contest. As of now, the mercs4rice group has donated a total of 5696520 grains of rice. Keep it up wizards :)

  • angel

    hey do i have to email you??? or something? i really need a thing and can i get more than 1 prize?:)

    • Mercenaries101

      Yes, you’ll need to email us at to let us know what your freerice username is. Then, we’ll have your email address on file to know where to send the code. Right now, you can earn a staff at 1,000 grains. There may be other ways to earn FOG staffs over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for more contests!