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Mercs for Rice [Event CLOSED]

Mercs for Rice [Event CLOSED]

Jan 4, 2013

Thank you so much forall of your efforts for donating rice.

We have been debating for a while about what to do with your valiant efforts of getting to the top ten free rice groups of all time. While our goal was not met, it was amazing that we got so far as 18th Place of all Time in such a short time. To commemorate this and to honor the effort that you have put in, particularly those of you who continued to play in the last week when it became clear that Top Ten goal was not likely, we are giving away staffs to some people who earned rice in the last half of the contest and beyond.

So if you earned over 10K grains over the last time period, you get a Staff of the Imperator donated by Ravenwood Radio.

If you earned over 50K grains over the last time period, you get an Dragonclaw Blade donated by Duelist.

If you earned over 100K grains over the last time period, you get an Amaranthine Staff donated by Paige’s Page.
Thank you again and best wishes in the coming year.

The Mercenaries