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Despicable Me

Despicable Me

Oct 3, 2016

Hello wonderful wizards! Welcome to our Minion Madness series where we look at the often neglected minion spells. Now I know what you’re thinking, “didn’t you guys already start a series?” Yes.

To kick things off, we’ll discuss how minions are more useful than people give them credit for. It does require a wizard to think outside the norm and experiment a bit, and it isn’t useful in every situation, but minions have a number of benefits any wizard might find useful!



  1. Minions grant a wizards a second allied caster! While Gru might not like their help all the time, for a wizard, a minion is a resourceful ally. Each round, your side casts twice as many spells to help you defeat any enemy you face. Depending on the minion, these can be attacks, buffs, heals, shields, absorbs, or other utility spells that can only serve to help you.
  2. Minions buy you time! Many wizards adopt a one-shot kill mentality, or a strong shot mentality. It takes time to buff yourself up for a nice big hit, and during that time your minion weakens them up! While you’re busy building up your power, your minion is keeping the enemy busy.
  3. They take damage away from you! Minions are nothing if not a good distraction. Solo wizards take damage from two, sometimes as many as four enemies. A minion gives them an extra target to deal damage to, saving you from some loss of health. Some minions even taunt your enemies and force them to cast their attacks away from you!
  4. They can save your life! Minions have their moments. I’m sure Gru would agree and say they’ve saved his life once or twice. Almost every minion has some sort of defensive spell, whether that is a heal, shield, or absorb. They cast these more often than one might think, and they come in handy.
  5. They can buff you and trap your enemies! What is a minion if not for a handy partner to hand you tools? Aside from being able to deal damage and provide a heal from time to time, minions often come with buffs they can pass along to you or cast against your enemies.


  1. They aren’t the most efficient spell for the cost. Most minions cost pips, and sometimes you don’t need them to handle a fight. They sometimes make fights last longer than they normally would.
  2. They can sometimes be a detriment. Minions have a mind of their own, and sometimes that mind is a stupid one. You can’t control what your minion casts, and sometimes they cast things that make it harder to complete a fight. Sometimes they shoot the flamethrower at you instead of them…oh wait, wrong minion. Say you’re stacking feints on an enemy. Your minion can use a weak attack and get rid of them. Certain bosses also cheat, and minions don’t know that casting a heal or blade triggers them. While Gru and his minions are no stranger to cheating, in Wizard101, the minions might as well be. And sometimes they don’t use the most useful spell, or they use a useful spell inefficiently.


Minions work wonders in fights that naturally take long amounts of time. Their value builds up the longer they are able to cast spells. Basically, you grow to love them the longer they’re there. In battles that naturally take time, you often finish just as fast, if not faster, than if you hadn’t used a minion at all. Even when casting a minion adds more rounds to a fight, they provide a safety net. While it might take you longer to kill your enemy, you often finish the fight with more health and with less risk of dying. You trade speed for safety. Or as Gru would put it, you give up both speed and safety and you get a minion instead.

Use them in boss fights where enemies have high health and they don’t cheat. Over the course of the battle, your minion will put those pips you invested in them to good use, providing support, soaking up damage, or by just buying you time.

Minions are more useful the less allies you already have. If you’re going the game solo, minions are a great addition to your spell deck. If you have a partner, or two, or three, then minions aren’t worth it. There are far better strategies to use in a team than using a minion. But for those that don’t have a questing team, minions are worth looking in to.

Have you ever used a minion? What was your experience like? Let us know how minions have helped or hurt you.

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    have used often and found very useful