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Mob Strategy

Mob Strategy

May 10, 2012

When we take someone through their very first request with Mercenaries For Hire, we always make sure to devote a chunk of time to discussing their deck set up and tactics for taking on mobs. Often, players are caught in the habit we gained in the early levels of taking out enemies one at a time, because the attacks are often larger and more effective for a lower pip cost. However, once your school gains an AoE (Area of Effect, or group attack spell), that dynamic changes a bit. There are often faster, safer, and more effective ways of taking out those mobs.

When we lead people through dungeons, and when we are questing ourselves, these are the deck set ups and strategies we highly recommend.

1. Mad Rush

(blade hit)

Mad rush is most effective with at least 3 or 4 players and mobs with less than 3000 health. If you have fewer players, higher health mobs, or are playing solely with schools that lack power or lower pip attacks, you may want to consider switching to the Mad Hatter strategy outlined in #2. That being said, if you’ve got a full group this strategy is by far the fastest and most successful (if you’ve got several ‘power schools’ in your fight, you can even continue this strategy through mobs that have 4000+ health). It is often uncomfortable for people who are new to this strategy to try this out, because they are used to using very full decks. This strategy does require some faith in your team mates – it’s not a solo effort. However, once players see how effective it is in practice, very few people go back to their old strategies. I can tell you from experience that very few mercenaries are playing with a full deck to begin with anyway. 😉

The basic strategy:

Have all players put a blade on themselves in round 1, and cast a gargantuan or colossal AoE (Area of Effect, or group attack) in round 2.

The deck set-up:






The Exceptions:

Life and death do not have four pip AoEs, and as such cannot attack on the second round…. or can they? In a mad rush strategy, your life wizard will typically play a healing role for your group with unicorn. You death wizard, however, is quite capable of attacking on the second round with your other players, courtesy of death’s empower. Rather than blading on the first turn with the other players, a death wizard can empower to gain three extra pips, and attack with an enchanted scarecrow on the second round. The damage the player incurs from the self-hit porrion of empower is more than made up for with the stolen health from scarecrow in the second round. Here, then, our the deck set ups we suggest for mad rush style play with death and life.


(you will want to go a bit heavy on the empowers in your deck so that you are more likely to get them first turn.)


 (If you have a pet with spritely, mend may be preferable to guiding light.)

With that being said, should you be playing with fewer players, facing mobs with high health, or have a combination of schools that’s lacking in power, you will want to go for a strategy that sets you up to have a bit more strength in your attacks. In that case, you will want to prepare for…

2. Mad Hatter

(blade blade hit)

Mad Hatter is designed for those fights where you know two rounds just won’t be enough. It is important to note that for these fights, the decks I am about to show you are missing a key component that you will need to add yourself – the 0 pip spell you will be casting on the second turn. This is because which spell you cast on the second turn will depend on how you have spent your training points and what gear your wizard has access to.

The basic strategy:

Mad Hatter follows the same theory as Mad Rush -all of your group will spend the first two turns preparing for a large group attack, and will all hit together one the third round. The first turn you can cast your school’s blade on your yourself. There are numerous options for which spell you can use to buff yourself on the second turn, including (but not limited to)

-amulet blade, from a Shango’s amulet or Witch’s Star necklace

-blades from pet

-blade from crowns or pack gear

-Amplify or vengeance

You can tweak your own deck to suit which spells you have trained and have access to. It is important that you use a 0 pip spell – if you tried to use elemental blades, for example, you would be left without enough pips to attack on the third round (the exception to this is myth).

The deck set up:

Here are the decks we normally suggest, lacking those second-round spells of your choosing:




(many storms use one tempest and one storm lord. This enables them to use storm lord if their pips work out, and tempest if their pips decide to rebel a bit. Either way works fine.)


(Note that we include both nova & Ra in case of pip treason)


(Feel free to substitute a troll’s ear necklace in place of mend. With this strategy the mobs get another round to attack and your team will most likely be in need of healing, but if you are very shy on attack power you can also use the attack deck shown further down. If your pet has spritely, we recommend putting up mend first turn rather than guiding light, to reduce the risk of your pet ‘eating’ it.)


(You may substitute frog with earthquake if desired. If you do not have a blade from your gear, feel free to add a spirit blade to your deck – since you are using a lower pip attack, you will have the spare pip for it.)



The Exception:

If you have two life players, your second life player can also be a hammer. In this situation, we recommend choosing whichever life has the higher pip percentage and attack boost to be your hammer – in order to attack on the third round, your life player must get all power pips, so pip percentage is important. In this situation, the deck set-up for your life hammer would look like this, leaving room for that second round 0 pip spell.

Life (hammer)


Try these ideas out with some of your friends and see how they work for you! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to chime in down in the comment section!

(Strategy names courtesy of a couple of slightly mad mercenaries and Lewis Carroll.)

  • Reed Owlshade

    Balance doesn’t really need to carry Power Nove in their deck IF they have Waterworks gear because of the SUPER high pip chance. I am a level 71 balance with the Bear’s Citrine Claw for attack boost) and the Golden Ring of Battle (also for attack boost) and I have 89% pip chance.

    • Mercenaries101

      If you’re taking three turns to hit, that still leaves you with about a 30% chance that you’re going to end up with a single pip and be unable to hit. With a small deck, by turn 3 you’ll most likely have both Nova AND Ra up, and can choose which one works better.If you have the pips, go for Ra. But even with an 89% pip chance, sometimes one of your pips will commit what we like to refer to as “pip treason”, lol. Might as well be prepared for it when it does happen. :)

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  • Tabitha AshCaster

    I noticed that most of the spells shown in the decks are for higher levels.
    and i was wondering how this strategy would work for a wizard of level 34..

    I’m not really up to date on all the battle terms.

    So thanks,

    • Scarlet

      I would still keep a small deck with 3 4 pip aoes (Balance: sandstorm, Ice: blizzard, Fire: meteor, Storm: Tempest, Myth: Frog; Life and Death: strategies to follow) and 3 school blades. I like to keep in my side deck a maximum number of Monstrous tcs, which you can usually find in the Bazaar; if not, they are available in the ZF library or the CL Archivist. That way, you usually rip through anything in your path.

      For life and death, since you do not have an aoe, you are still stuck with kill off each one at a time. So, 4 school blades or so, 2 centaurs/wraiths/skeletal pirates/seraphs/ etc. And again, a maximum number of Monstrous tcs in your side deck. A little slower, but still will blast through.

      I would also put in a fairy or two, just in case you need a heal and a reshuffle, just in case you missed. Good luck!

  • SixSchoolChar

    what if you just have two people as a team?

    • mercs101

      Two people is often more than often for this to work, unless one of them is the same school as the mobs. In that case, the person who is the same school as the mobs can be most helpful by buffing up the other player instead. Hope that helps!