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Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Oct 30, 2012

Ponce de Gibbon will have you doing his dirty work for a while. He seems to be enemies with nearly everything else in SaltMeadow Swamp, and if you want to get that Rattlestick from him, you’re going to have to do his bidding. Not that following his orders will get you anywhere – once he runs out tasks to demand of you, he decided that you’ll need to defeat him anyway.

Ponce de Gibbon’s instance is located on the ship on SaltMeadow Swamp.

Oo, Monquistan skiff! My inner Pirate approves.

Once you’ve gained access to his dungeon, be warned! This is not a monkey that likes to follow the rules.

Ponce de Gibbon’s cheats

Please be aware of the boss’ (and his minion’s) health and school. Note that storm will be particularly effective in this fight. If you have three or more wizards in the fight, you will encounter a fight with 3 minions.

This boss can be a nasty piece of work, but his cheats are easily handled IF you get your timing right. Here is an explanation of what you can expect each round during this fight. First we’ll go through all of the cheats, and then we’ll explain how to work around them.

Round One: Normal round. We sometimes call this a “freebie” round before you get a free round with no cheats. Alternately, some mercs call it a “trick” round, because it tricks you into believing that you might just be facing a normal fight. 😉

Round Two: First, We Must Cloud the Mind. At the start of round two, Ponce de Gibbon will interrupt to place a stun shield on one player, along with the phrase “Mind Weakened.”

This is the start of a large number of cheats, and it’s also your clue as to how to beat him. He is calling you weak – in order to defeat him, you must show him how strong you are. Please note that this stun shield does not actually function as a way to stop stuns – you are still completely stunnable, and the boss likes to take advantage of this.

Round Three: Normal round – or so it would seem. In reality, this round is your final window of opportunity to get rid of those stun shields before Ponce de Gibbon REALLY gets angry.

Round Four: Beguiled!

If you have not removed the stun shields from your team, every member of your team will be beguiled. This means a few things – first, the enemies cannot hurt you during this turn. Second – you can’t hurt them. You cannot use single target attacks. You can use a group attack, but don’t attack!  Your spell won’t actually attack… but your pips WILL be used. The best thing to do is shield up (death shield if possible), or put up a school specific blade. As a side benefit, on the following turn you’ll be able to see what the enemies have planned.

At the end of this round, he concludes that maybe having you on his side isn’t the greatest idea.

Round Five – Sacrifice. At the start of this round, Ponce de Gibbon gets a little annoyed that you’re still trying to fight him.

He will force each player to perform a sacrifice – literally. Each player will act as they have chosen to perform the spell ‘sacrifice’ on themselves to give health to Ponce. This means that not only will you be hurt (and this cheat sacrifice seems to be twice as strong as a regular sacrifice in both hit and heal), but you will heal the boss. In addition, it will use up any balance blades or death blades on yourself at the time.

The forced Sacrifice on a death wizard, who had deathblades and balance blades on at the time.


The forced sacrifice on a storm wizard who had been hit with efreet and had no balanceblades on at the time.

This round can HURT, so be prepared. After this, however, his first cheat cycle is over.

Round Six: Interrupt at start of turn to remove all stun shields, start the cycle again. This turn is the new cycle’s equivalent of turn one.

Under this pattern, here is a more simple breakdown of the first ten rounds:

Round One: Freebie Normal Round.
Round Two: Mind Weakened
Round Three: Normal Round, end of the window of opportunity.
Round Four: Beguiled
Round Five: Sacrifice
Round Six: Removal of stun shields, otherwise normal round
Round Seven: Mind Weakened
Round Eight: Normal Round, end of the window of opportunity.
Round Nine: Beguiled
Round Ten: Sacrifice.

You may want to count the rounds out in game so that everyone is aware of exactly which round you are on and what they can expect.

Cheating the Cheater

There are two ways to stop Ponce’s cheats, though one is much more effective than the other.

1. The Cut Off (not preferred)

One round one, you can have a player cast a melt (ice dispel) on the boss. This will dispel his ‘mind weakened’ spell, which also cuts off his whole line of cheats, right from the beginning. We don’t prefer this method simply because it takes away someone’s pips unnecessarily, and if the player responsible for the melt happens to get stunned on the first round, you’ll be in trouble.

2. The Heavy Hammers (preferred)

This method addresses Ponce de Gibbon’s cheats in the way HE would like – by showing your team’s strength. To stop his cheats, one player must hit someone (even just a minion) on Ponce’s side during rounds two or three. Even a wand hit will do. Once you’ve hit, you won’t have to worry about the cheats until your mind is weakened again on Turn 7.

However, those minions hit HARD, and you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible. For this reason, we recommend that to both stop Ponce’s cheats AND get rid of the minions, you use a mad rush strategy during the first two rounds of the fight. This means that every player should blade up on the first turn, and use a colossal AoE on the second turn. With all players working together, you should be able to finish off the minions by the end of round two. (Fire players can focus a hit on the boss instead and life players can heal or hit just the boss.)

Once the minions are gone, you have until the end of round eight to set up for a big hit on Ponce. Buff up and take him out in whatever way seems best to you. HOWEVER, make sure you continue to count out the rounds as you go! If you get to turn eight and are not yet ready to kill, hit him anyway to avoid the sacrifice/beguile combo. You can finish him off later, make sure to protect yourself. However, you have a number of rounds before this time to set up for a big hit – ideally, you should be able to take out the boss before the end of turn Eight. This can be quite a straightforward and fun fight – the Monquistans have some super fun animations and reactions to being hit.

In the end, this fight is nothing but a lot of monkey business.
Enjoy showing him that you’re not as weak as he seems to think you are!

 If you’d like some help, feel free to ask for help on our Wizard101 Central forum.

  • Sharif lewis

    Yea he cheated a lot when i beat him but i used backdraft full power pips then bladed and colossal my efreet and he was dead and when i beat him he got mad at me LOL.