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My Name is Gladiator

My Name is Gladiator

Aug 4, 2013

Welcome fellow wizards to the the Wonderful world of Aquila, where Zeus and the other Immortals welcome you to test your abilities against them. As you slowly make your way through the Garden of the Hesperides.. Who is that waving you over? That avian that summons you is none other than Aegle! She tells you about a notorious gladiator known as Dimachaerus who was trapped in the Pit of the Noxii by Zeus and his brothers. Now Zeus has looked upon you with interest from Mount Olympus and allows you to challenge this gladiator! Are you up to the Challenge?

To find The Pit of the Noxii you must travel to Mount Olympus.



Once you are inside Mount Olympus you can completely bypass all of the “main instance” quests in this dungeon and head down the stairs and straight to the Pit of the Noxii. (Note: the picture below is where you are under the main stage not on top of it.)




After you head into the Pit of the Noxii you will come face to face with Gladiator Dimachaerus.

The Battle

In this battle you will be facing the following:

Gladiator Dimachaerus; Rank 13 Balance Boss, 30,000 HP Starts with 13-14 Pips

Doomed Bones; Rank 12 Elite Ice, 3,800 HP Starts with 11-12 Pips



Known Cheats

While Gladiator Mimachaerus does not cheat, he does have a natual attack that puts on you a -75% weakness on the target.


A group should make sure that at least one (preferably more) team mambers are prepared to deal with his 75% weakness with a number of cleanse charms readily availabe in their sideboards. The hitter should be in the last position so that oher players can cleanse him the same turn as the hit, just in case of a natural attack. Other than that, his boss battle should be treated as any normal boss fight. The best way to tackle him is to stack at least 2 or more feints on the boss and blade up the hitter.

The minions in this fight can be quite annoying as they love to both shield and frost giant. If you wish to face just a fight with just one minion instead of three, send your tank (a wizard with high health a resist, designed to take most of the attacks) into the Pit of Noxii on their own for the first round, while the other players remain in the puzzle room. Once the battle has begun, the other players can enter the room and join the fight, but no further minions will join the battle.

This boss is very straight forward and by far is the easiest of the three side bosses in Aquila.

After you defeat the boss and return to Aegle she will reward you with some nice experience and the Supreme Gladiator Badge.

Gladiator Dimachaerus drops some fantastic reagents (vine, braided vine, amber, turquoise, amber dust and merle’s whiskers to name a few), as well as the Enchanted Armament pet and the Alpha and Omega ring!


One ring to rule them all….

Mercenaries for Hire is accepting farming requests for Aquila, so feel free to  request help farming him for his ring and other fantastic drops!