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My Pain is My Gain

My Pain is My Gain

Oct 12, 2014

Hey Everyone!

The Avalon B.O.X. portion of our farming event is nearing and we have a contest for you!

As much as we hope that we’re successful while farming, oftentimes the bosses aren’t as generous as we would like them to be. That’s why we want you to take a screenshot of the WORST drops you receive while farming in the Avalon B.O.X. at our event!


1. To enter, comment on this post with “My Pain is My Gain,” and attach a screenshot of the worst drop you receive in the Avalon B.O.X.
2. Only one entry per person. You may take multiple screenshots, but only comment once and submit ONE screenshot.
2. Do not post until the Avalon B.O.X. event is completely over. (Unless you won’t be around at the end)
4. Each screenshot must contain you chatting something in both a chat bubble AND the chat box. (That way we know the drops did indeed come from that fight.)


ALL valid entries will receive a fog staff, and both of our tapestries (Tomb of the Nameless and Celestia Base Camp).

1st-Spiral Cup Gauntlet, one pet of choice
2nd-Night Garden, one pet of choice
3rd-Meadows at Dusk, one pet of choice
4th-Meadows at Dusk, one pet of choice
5th-Halloween Pack #2 (7 Chocolate Pet Snacks, 5,000 Crowns), one pet of choice
6th-Halloween Pack #2 (7 Chocolate Pet Snacks, 5,000 Crowns), one pet of choice
7th-Halloween Pack #2 (7 Chocolate Pet Snacks, 5,000 Crowns), one pet of choice
8th-Halloween Pack #3 (7 Chocolate Pet Snacks), one pet of choice
9th-Halloween Pack #3 (7 Chocolate Pet Snacks), one pet of choice
10th-Halloween Pack #3 (7 Chocolate Pet Snacks), one pet of choice

Pet Code Options:

Arcane Helpers
Betta Fish
Bumble Bee
Night Hawk
Polar Bear Cub
Shaolin Monkey
Snake in a Basket
Trojan Horse

Note: The top finishers will get first priority when choosing their pet. Because of this, you may not get your first choice pet.

This contest starts as soon as the Avalon B.O.X. event ends (10 PM Eastern) and will run until noon (12 PM eastern) on Monday, October 13th.

Please be patient with us in the judging process and sending out the codes.

  • diego12345

    Aww I’m not in Avalon and I really want a fog staff will you guys have future giveaways/contests for fog staffs?

    • mercs101

      You can check out our Freeze Frame contest at or stay tuned for future contests if you can’t participate in this one.

  • fred

    how do i attach a image onto here?

    • mercs101

      When you start to type a comment to the post there is a tiny picture on the bottom left of the box. Click that to upload an image.

  • fred

    how do i attach a image here?

  • Jeremy Anim

    Is this the last contest of the day

    • mercs101

      Yes it is, good luck.

  • KANE

    I won’t be around tomorrow so can I post a picture now?

    • mercs101

      Yes, we just didn’t want you to post an image and then get a *worse* drop and wish you had waited. When you are sure that your image is your final answer, you can submit.

  • Chris DeathHeart

    Where do we submit the pictures because I won’t be on tomorrow to submit.

    • mercs101

      In a comment to this blog post, just like you did to ask the question, but hit the tiny picture on the bottom left beneath your text to “Upload Image”

  • Elizabeth GoldenThistle

    Is it OK that I posted during the event?

    • mercs101

      Yes, you are just limited to one entry, even if you get something worse later.

  • Alex Nichols

    Quick Question, Am I being declined? cause I posted the first time without the gain quote and then I redid that, but that was not shown either, so if my post with the picture not showing in the comments is it being declined? or is it being submitted but not shown? just wondering cause I have school tomorrow and wont be on my computer to submit the picture

    • mercs101

      Entries will be approved after the contest starts, we did get it and you will be included.

  • kaiwitehfruit

    I have a few questions o: What if you’re muted, BUT took a screenshot of the drops while it was floating above your wizard’s head still (like how it shows right after the battle is over)?

    • mercs101

      You can say any menu chat phrase and that will count, as long as we can still see the chat bubble by your wizard and you have the text box open.

  • Scarlet Summer

    My pain is my gain, thanks Mercs :)
    Mist wood and cattail, just what I needed

  • October Breeze

    My Pain is My Gain

  • mezzoflage

    My pain is my gain

  • Nameless3401

    Hope I get a good prize

  • kaiwitehfruit

    “:D Maybe I’ll get a Sonic Spri-

    My pain is my gain :)

  • Nameless3401

    My picture wouldn’t load before so i’m resubmitting it
    Hope i get a good prize

  • Nathaniel GD

    Nothing from the maestro :/ My Pain is My Gain

  • catlegs

    Not sure if I did this right or not, lol
    My pain is my gain ._.

  • Nathaniel GD

    My Pain is My Gain

  • Nathaniel GD

    SO I am the only one that posted from the boss… Hopefully Mercs will see that lol

  • Calamity PixieShade

    My Pain is My Gain – 113 gold

  • Michael ThunderPants

    My Pain Is My Gain! (Thanks for the fun today, Mercs!)

  • stormy12

    My Pain is My Gain

  • KANE

    My pain is my gain

  • nate aranda

    My Pain Is My Gain. good luck to everyone else.

  • Kristen Heart

    My Pain, Is My Gain. ^^ <3

  • Vanessa Stormriver

    I’m sorry I didn’t say anything before the drop, but since gold always comes before any other drops and I said something that appears in the chatbox after it, I’m hoping that you can see that I only got 110 gold! I wasn’t thinking about the contest really until I realized that I had just gotten my worst drop ever!

  • Ethan Frosthammer

    my pain is my gain

    really… red mandrake and a spell deck to the one school i dont have -_-

  • fred

    my pain is my gain

  • Mary

    My Pain is My Gain

  • Galen Frostthief

    MY PAIN IS MY GAIN- Mist Wood-Stone Block- 98gold
    sorry :( I don’t know why its small

  • Mitchel

    Well that”s just great..My pain is my gain 😛

  • Galen Frostthief

    My Pain is MY Gain

  • Chris

    Anyway this was a great halloween and this avent was awesome!

    Well i’m finished 6 more to go!!! VVVV

  • ThatLonelyWiz


  • Joeythewizard

    my pain is my gain

  • Valdus RavenCatcher

    My Pain is My Gain,

  • Galen Frostthief


  • James DragonCatcher

    My Pain is My Gain

  • Kevin BattleSword

    Forgot to post My Pain is My Gain to this lol, gl everyone! 😀

  • Flint the wiz1

    My Pain is My Gain

  • mercs101

    Thank you everyone who entered! Entries that followed all the rules and posted before 12pm Eastern time will be considered for the top prizes. All entries before 12pm Eastern time will receive at least a fog staff within the next couple of days.

  • mercs101

    Good news! We’ve got the top 10 winners selected and, as you may have noticed, prize codes are in the process of being sent out. We’ll post the winners after we contact them so they are sure to be first to know.

  • mercs101

    Congratulations to our winners!

    Calamity Pixieshade

    nate arnada

    James Dragoncatcher

    Galen Frostthief



    Ethan Frosthammer

    Nathaniel GD

    Kevin Battlesword

    Flint the wiz1

  • RoboTeddy

    When is the next contest for a fog staff? i recently came across this website and i was just wondering.

    • mercs101

      We haven’t decided yet! Keep your eyes peeled :)

  • ShadowFSU

    Hey Mercs101 :) Last year you guys did a fog staff egg design contest around April, would you guys happen to be doing that again? I would love to win one.

    • Katherine Light

      We have some plans for contests this Spring! Make sure you check out our post about the Fansite Festival as well.

  • Marcus

    can i get a fog staff I didnt enter the contest because I was too late but I would do anything for and to me it seems like this website gives them out by the hundreds either way I am just asking