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Nooby nooby noob contest!

Nooby nooby noob contest!

Sep 26, 2013



How nooby can you be? We are so nooby we forgot to mention our contest here!

  • christina

    in the top left corner says, “shop”

  • christina

    In the top left corner

  • Corwin Hawkbane

    i didnt have a mount until after i was done with dragonspyre, i also had no concept of how treasure cards worked. dont judge me

  • Destiny

    There are no rules or dates for this contest?

    • Scarlet

      You were supposed to click on the link?

  • http://Wizard101 Donna DragonDreamer

    I can’t remember where any thing is. My friend hasn’t played in over a year and can still tell me where stuff is. So that is what I do, ask him.

  • Antonio

    In the top left corner 😀