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Nothing but a Hound Dog

Nothing but a Hound Dog

Oct 30, 2013

The end of Khrysalis Part 1 brings you to the Central Keep, to recover the Star Crystal! This crystal will eventually help guide you across the sea to Arachna, where you will continue your fight for life and freedom. The crystal is guarded by some of Morganthe’s goons however, so you will have to fight your way to get there! After recovering all the parts of the key to access the tower and saving some allies along the way, you’re free to enter Central Keep!

*Only 4 players can be in the main tower surrounding Central Keep at a time before a new area opens. This means that if you want to go in with a full group of specific people, even one random person in the tower will prevent you from being able to meet up at the sigils in the same area. If you want to run this with a full group of friends, be sure to meet on a slow/perfect realm so that you’re less likely to run into problems.*

Central Keep is located in the tower in the middle of Fort Rachias, here.


Two of your allies stay behind to help keep the portal to the tower open so that you can later escape, but the newly rescued Magalia Spiritcaller decides to stick with you in your fight.

The first floor is 2 Leaf Shields (4,450 HP, Life) and 2 Black Shields (4,650 HP, Balance).  Treat this as any normal mob fight, and take them out with bladed group attacks.

Picture 2013-10-29 11-37-02

The second floor has you against 4 balance mobs, 3 Thousand Black Boots and 1 Scorpion Grotesque who have  4,500 HP and 3,375 HP respectively. The grotesque has a message for you, however.


You can battle in this fight using normal mob tactics as well.

Picture 2013-10-29 15-59-24

Surprisingly, you’re already at Morganthe and her goon, Ghost Dog. The two of them have some dialogue for you before you begin your fight with Ghost Dog.




He was one of the first to help Morganthe in her mission, and now he is here to rip you apart and defeat you. Ghost Dog has 15,700 HP and is Death; as a pleasant surprise, he does not cheat at all! YET. You can treat this as a normal boss fight.. for now ;). Choose a good hammer and set them up to take out the boss in one attack. Being a death boss, Ghost Hound will often use drain spells, so you’ll want to make sure to kill with with one large hit, or he may begin healing off damage. Also, be aware that he DOES have trained feint in his arsenal…. so you’ll want to put those trained feints up late in the battle because of the first in/last out rule. (For more on the first in/last out rule, please check out How to Get Buffed.)



After you defeat him, Morganthe orders him to rise up again, pumping Shadow Magic into him to reincarnate him and make him more powerful. This magically gives him cheats in the process.





The second fight of Ghost Dog is MUCH harder than the first, as he now has 27,200 HP, 11,500 HP more than the first fight. He also can use Shadow Magic, and has a few cheats you need to look out for.

Picture 2013-10-29 16-15-37


First off, he will interrupt  at the start of round 2 to place a Death DoT on a random person which last for 4 rounds, approximately 350 base damage per tick. He will shout “Feel The Poetry Of War!“, though the timing of this cry may be a round to early or too late at times.


After those rounds are up, as an interrupt at the start of round 5, he will use a death version of detonate, which can do a VAST amount of damage (up to 5000 base damage) and shout “The Way of the Samoorai is found in death!“.



It is a MUST that you either have a life wizard with Triage, or get some TC triages for this fight. He will repeat this pattern in a 5 round cycle, casting this DoT on the second round (ie, round 2, 7, 12, etc), and will detonate at the start of the 5th round.

He will also summons minions while shouting “Devote your body and soul to your master!” These minions will appear inactive in in the battle during round 2 and will actively join the fight in round 3. You should get two storm minions (5060 health) and one fire minions (3550 health).



Finally, Ghost Dog HATES shields. If any player casts a shield (including absorbs and therefore rebirth), Ghost Dog will cast shatter on the person who played it while shouting, “Be Resolved From the Beginning!


 Thankfully, he casts shatter on the person who PLAYED the shield, not the person on whom in was placed. This means that while you can’t shield yourself, you CAN shield others. *Note: We are unsure of this is a bug, but Ghost Dog currently sees AoE traps such as windstorm and mass prism as a part of this cheat. If you cast a mass prism, he will shatter you.*

Cosmetic side note: You may notice that when Ghost Dog #2 uses Shadow Shrike, he takes on a different form than normal. This is because he’s a different type of creature than you. If you’d like to try it out, buy a transformation from the Crowns Shop (they’re available for gold) and then try out the various shadows to see the different forms!

In the end, despite there being a lot of cheats to contend with, the fight is fairly straightforward. Treat it as a regular boss fight and set up a good hammer for a one hit kill on all the enemies, except:

  1. Don’t bother with shields. Focus on setting your hammer up and killing quickly instead.
  2. PACK TRIAGE. Make sure you life wizard sticks plenty in their deck, and at least one other person should have some triage in their sideboard just in case. It is of utmost important that you triage that DoT off as soon as you can.


Here’s a video of some of our mercs and F2M101 taking on Ghost Dogs 1 & 2!


After you defeat Ghost Dog v 2.0, quickly grab the Lunar Crystal before Morganthe decides to do more to you. In the commons, Merle tells you a well-deserved congratulations, but to watch out, as Morganthe becomes more powerful the more she feels trapped. And with that, you are done with Part 1 of Khrysalis and get the Harbringer of Light badge.  If you’d like some help with the dungeon when Khrysalis goes live, feel free to post a request in our Difficult Instance Areas thread on Wizard101 Central!